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Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is, as you can tell, the soundtrack of the 2015 blockbuster Furious 7. The album features a wide variety of artists, playing primarily Hip-Hop, EDM, urban pop, and latin music. The soundtrack was made to provide the perfect urban dance party.note 

The album debuted at at #12 on Billboard 200, but following the success of the movie, shot up to #1 on the chart. Its biggest success however, was that it produced "See You Again", by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth. The song became one of the biggest hits of 2015, shooting up to the top of the charts in a heartbeat, and dethroning Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk!" after 14 weeks, leading to its own length 12 week long chart-topper. The song eclipsed the movie itself, which is no small feat considering Furious 7 made 1.5 billion dollars. "Ride Out" and "Go Hard or Go Home" were also popular, but obviously not to the same extent.



  1. "Ride Out", performed by Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, YG, and Rich Homie Quan
  2. "Off-Set", performed by T.I. and Young Thug
  3. "How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)", performed by Sevyn Streeter
  4. "Get Low", performed by Dillon Francis and DJ Snake
  5. "Go Hard or Go Home", performed by Wiz Khalifa and Iggy Azalea
  6. "My Angel", performed by Prince Royce
  7. "See You Again", performed by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth
  8. "Payback", performed by Juicy J, Kevin Gates, Future, and Sage the Gemini
  9. "Blast Off", performed by David Guetta and Kaz James
  10. "Six Days (Remix)", performed by DJ Shadow featuring Mos Def
  11. "Ay Vamos (Remix)", performed by J Balvin featuring French Montana and Nicky Jam
  12. "G.D.F.R. (Noodles Remix)", performed by Flo Rida featuring Sage the Gemini and Lookas
  13. "Turn Down for What", performed by DJ Snake and Lil Jon
  14. "Meneo", performed by Fito Blanko
  15. "I Will Return", performed by Skylar Grey
  16. "Whip", performed by Famous to Most (bonus track)

All songs, with the exception of "Whip", make an appearance in the film.

It's been a long day without you my friend, and I'll tell you all about when I trope you again

  • Advertised Extra: Iggy Azalea in "Go Hard or Go Home". It's equally credited to her and Wiz Khalifa, but Wiz does almost the entire song while Iggy only contributes a verse. Also, Rich Homie Quan in "Ride Out", who only does the intro despite having equal credit to the others.
  • All-Star Cast: The album features a variety of huge stars from rap, latin, and EDM genres, mixed with some lesser-knowns.
  • Badass Driver: Several songs, such as "Ride Out", "How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)", and "Go Hard or Go Home", portray one. As to be expected, considering the movie the soundtrack is based on.
  • Boastful Rap: All the songs with rap apart from "See You Again", as to be expected.
  • Celebrity Elegy: "See You Again" is is dedicated to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident during production of the movie. It plays over the In Memoriam montage for Walker at the end of the movie.
  • Foreign Language Theme: "Meneo" and "Ay Vamos" are in Spanish.
  • Genre Roulette: A variety of different genres come together on this soundtrack, and they all fit pretty well.
    • Party hip-hop: "Ride Out", "Off-Set", "Go Hard or Go Home"
    • Hardcore hip-hop: "Payback"
    • Urban pop: "How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)"
    • EDM/Trap: "Get Low", "Blast Off" "G.D.F.R.", "Turn Down for What"
    • Reggaeton: "Ay Vamos"
    • Latin pop: "My Angel", "Meneo"
    • Soft pop: "See You Again", "I Will Return"
    • Trip-hop/trance: "Six Days"
    • Snap: "Whip"
  • Intercourse with You: "How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)" has hints of this, as the title would suggest.
  • Mood Whiplash: "My Angel", an EDM latin pop song, is followed by "See You Again", a piano ballad to an actor that died, and then "Payback", a Hardcore Hip Hop song.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: "Whip" by Famous to Most (easily the least well-known artist on the soundtrack) is the last song and doesn't appear in the movie.
  • Ode to Intoxication: "Ay Vamos" references smoking marijuana.
  • Repurposed Pop Song: "Get Low", "Blast Off", "Six Days", "Ay Vamos", "G.D.F.R.", "Turn Down For What", and "Whip" were the only songs not made for the movie.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: "Payback" is about Deckard Shaw's quest for revenge against the heroes of the story.
  • Surprisingly Gentle Song: "See You Again", in-between all the urban rap and twerk-tasic EDM, is a soft piano ballad that plays tribute to the late Paul Walker. It sounds nothing like the rest of the album, and was the biggest hit. "I Will Return" by Skylar Grey is also a soft piano ballad, but it wasn't released as a single.
  • Unexpected Character: Compared to all the stars on the soundtrack, Charlie Puth was probably the least well known above only Famous to Most and Lookas, with only one single to his name before the album was released. Him being selected to sing the chorus of "See You Again" proved well in making it a massive hit.
  • Villain Song: "Payback", being from the perspective of Deckard Shaw, is the only one about the villain on the soundtrack.
  • A Wild Rapper Appears!: "See You Again" has this feel, being a piano ballad almost suited to adult contemporary apart from the rap verses.