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Freelance Whales is an American indie rock band consisting of Judah Dadone, Chuck Criss, Jacob Hyman, Kevin Read, Hayley Jane Batt, Timothy Cronin, and until April 2013, Doris Cellar. They have two albums out so far.

  1. Weathervanes, 2009
  2. Diluvia, 2012

  • Baroque Pop: Their first album more so than their second.
  • Dream Pop
  • Looped Lyrics: Many songs repeat one or more parts quite a few times.
  • Step Up to the Microphone: Doris Cellar is featured much more prominently on their second album, getting to be the lead singer of the single “Spitting Image”, as well as singing back-up much more clearly than before on several other tracks. Too bad she left the band soon after.
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  • Uncommon Time: Their single “Enzymes” (not featured on either of the albums) is in 5/4 time.
  • "When I'm Gone" Song: The lyrics to “Generator ^ First Floor” read from the point-of-view of someone talking about their death as well as an elaborate set of funeral instructions.
    Don't fix my smile, life is long enough
    We will put this flesh into the ground again
  • Word Salad Lyrics: Pick a song. Any song. Chances are there will be at least one line that sound pretty and fits with the overall feeling, but taken out of context... well. According to the main lyricist, Judah Dadone, many of the lyrics are inspired by dreams and childhood memories.

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