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He warned you!
Ferre Grignard (fair-RAY grin-YAR) was a Belgian skiffle/blues musician of the 60s and 70s. He's known for his depressing lyrics and unique style of blues/psychedelia.


  • Ring, Ring, I've Got to Sing (1966)
  • Captain Disaster (1968)
  • Ferre Grignard (1972)
  • I Warned You (1978)


  • Darker and Edgier: Side 2 of I Warned You. Side 1 is mainly Ferre's . When you flip the album over the 1st song is a Negro folk cover, the 2nd is an eccentric acoustic piece about snorting cocaine. Dying Bed is VERY dark. The 4th track is a cover of a song about a slave train. Smoozy Punky Baby has a very dark groove. It's about a musician who grew up in a single parent family. He meets a woman but we don't find out what happens to them. I warned you in general is pretty dark compared to the 1st three.
  • New Sound Album. Then there's the singles, the "Lost Tracks" compilation and the gigs
    • Ring, Ring is skiffle, rock 'n roll and folk
    • Captain Disaster is psychedelic and ballads
    • Ferre Grignard is highly produced and minimal blues
    • I Warned You is unproduced, heavy blues

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