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Eyehategod (also referred to as EHG) is an influential Sludge Metal band from New Orleans, Louisiana that formed in 1988. Very little is known about the band's early days, however, two demos (Garden Dwarf Woman Driver, and Lack of Almost Everything) were recorded. In 1992, they released their debut album In The Name of Suffering on a small French label (which dissolved after only 2,000 albums from EHG were printed), however, the band signed to Century Media, who re-released their debut album. With the release of their 1993 and 1996 albums ("Take as Needed for Pain" and "Dopesick", respectively), the band started to break out in the underground.


Despite only releasing four albums (and a bunch of EP's) in 25 years, the band is still active and successful, having toured with White Zombie, Pantera, and Corrosion of Conformity, among other acts.

Current members:

  • Mike Williams - Vocals
  • Jimmy Bower - Guitar
  • Brian Patton - Guitar
  • Gary Mader - Bass
  • Aaron Hill - Drums

Studio albums:

  • In The Name of Suffering, 1992
  • Take as Needed for Pain, 1993
  • Dopesick, 1996
  • Confederacy of Ruined Lives, 2000
  • Eyehategod, 2014
  • A History of Nomadic Behavior, 2021


Tropes that apply to this band:

  • Angrish: Mike Williams sometimes resorts to this; his lyrics never really mean anything to begin with, and there are times where he doesn't even bother with them and just shrieks and howls wordlessly if he thinks that it will suit the song.
  • Careful with That Axe: Mike Williams' vocals.
  • Contemptible Cover: The cover for Take as Needed for Pain contains pictures of a man with a prosthetic limb, a young girl in a state of undress, and a picture of "meth mouth".
  • Going Cold Turkey: How Mike managed to finally kick his drug habit altogether; while he had quit using heroin and was in a methadone program by the time Katrina hit, he was arrested shortly after that and was forced to go without drugs completely while in prison. Once he got out, he found that his addiction had faded completely.
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  • Metal Scream: Once again, Mike's vocals.
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Generally around 8-10 on the scale.
  • Refuge in Audacity:
    • Some of their lyrics and song titles fall under this - "Sisterfucker" being a notable example.
    • Their name itself qualifies.
  • Scary Music Harmless Musician The band members themselves were once drug addicts, and it shows - however people who have had the chance to hang out with the band have reported almost nothing but good things. That being said, if you're a promoter, do not shortchange them or rip them off unless you want them to take matters into their own hands, which may include smashing you over the head with a barstool or forcibly marching you to an ATM to withdraw the amount that you came up short on from your checking account.
  • Sludge Metal
  • Special Guest: Dale Crover, Phil Anselmo, and Randy Blythe have all served as live fill-ins.
  • Stage Names: Mike "IX" Williams.
  • The Unintelligible:
    • Mike's vocals. Go to any lyric site and try to look up this band's lyrics. Generally, less than half of their songs can be deciphered.
    • It helps that he published a few of the lyrics in his book.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: Mike's poetry and lyrics are definitely this.


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