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When the walls go down
And ruin sets in
Where's the tears?
Where's the mourning?
Where's the confessing?
Love of Christ,
Agony of God's heart
We have sinned...
—"When The Walls Go Down"

Evergrey is a Progressive Power Metal band from Sweden, established in 1995. Characterized by their dark lyrical themes, compressed (by prog standards) compositions, chugging riffs, and the instantly recognizable voice of frontman Tom S. Englund, Evergrey have gained themselves a loyal following since their emergence, although they are nowhere near as successful as some of their contemporaries.

Their first album The Dark Discovery was released to good reviews, but it was criticized by some for its poor sound quality. Thankfully, their sophomore release Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy fixed this problem, and every album since has had clear production. Their true breakthrough proved to be their third album In Search of Truth, a Concept Album about alien abductions, loosely based on Whitley Strieber's novel Communion.


Current members:

  • Tom Englund - vocals, guitar(1995-present)
  • Rikard Zander - keyboards, backing vocals(2002–present)
  • Johan Niemann - bass, backing vocals(2010–present)

The band and their music provide examples of:

  • Dark World: The priest analogy in When The World Goes Down.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Downplayed in the video for "Orbit": Floor Jansen was a few months pregnant with her and Hannes Van Dahl's first child. You can just see her baby bump if you look close enough.
  • Heavy Mithril - All their albums, at least up until Glorious Collision.
  • Creative Differences - Henrik Danhage Jari Kainulainen and Jonas Ekdahl together decided to leave Evergrey when they weren't getting along much. So they left so their friendship isn't jeapordized.
    • The same thing occurs, but on a slightly less calmer note, All but one of the new member recruited to record Glorious Collision leave not long after getting the album getting released. The reason? They didn't get along with Englund.


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