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Left to right: SuA, Gahyeon, Siyeon, JiU, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong

Dream Catcher (Hangul: 드림캐쳐, also known as Dreamcatcher or DreamCatcher) is a seven member Korean Pop Music group that debuted in 2017. JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami had originally debuted in 2014 as MINX (Hangul: 밍스), but after the group failed to get any significant success, their company (Happy Face Entertainment) unofficially disbanded them and reformed the group into Dreamcatcher, adding Gahyeon and Handong. The group released their first single "Chase Me" on January 13, 2017, and immediately garnered lots of interest due to their Darker and Edgier concept, powerful and intricate dances.


  • JiU: Leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual
  • SuA: Main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist
  • Siyeon: Main vocalist
  • Handong: Vocalist
  • Yoohyeon: Lead vocalist
  • Dami: Main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
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  • Gahyeon: Vocalist, maknae

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  • Extended Plays:
    • Love Shake (2015) (as MINX)
    • Prequel (2017)
    • Escape The ERA (2018)
    • Alone in the City (2018)
    • The End of Nightmare (2019)
    • Raid of Dream (2019)
    • Dystopia: Lose Myself (2020)
    • Dystopia: Road to Utopia (2021)
  • Full albums:
    • Dystopia: The Tree of Language (2020)
  • Single Albums:
    • Why Did You Come To My Home? (2014) (as MINX)
    • Nightmare (2017)
    • Fall Asleep In The Mirror (2017)
  • Singles:
    • Why Did You Come To My Home? (2014) (as MINX)
    • Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (2014) (as MINX)
    • Love Shake (2015) (as MINX)
    • Chase Me (2017)
    • Good Night (2017)
    • Fly High (2017)
    • Full Moon (2018)
    • You And I (2018)
    • What (2018)
    • Over the Sky (2019)
    • PIRI (2019)
    • Deja Vu (2019) ("King's Raid" OST)
    • Scream (2020)
    • R.o.S.E Blue (2020) ("Girl Cafe Gun" OST)
    • BOCA (2020)
    • Odd Eye (2021)


Tropes related to Dreamcatcher:

  • Affectionate Nickname: SuA refers to Handong as "Dongdonggie" (other nicknames for her are (DongDong) or "Dongie"), while Dami's nickname is "Da-Dami" (or alternately "Pandami" or "Prince Dami").
    • JiU is known as the "Pink Princess", SuA is "Swa", Siyeon is "Singnie", Yoohyeon is "Namu" or "Tree" (due to her allegedly looking stiff no matter what she does) and Gahyeon is "Gahyeonie".
      • Handong has also called Yoohyeon her "Little Apple".
  • Bifauxnen: Handong used to be this in middle school, and her nickname in the group is "Gege", or "Big Brother" due to her tomboyish personality.
    • Dami is also considered this, even calling herself a "dancing prince" once.
  • Big Eater: JiU will make sure there are no leftovers after a meal.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: On-stage, they're highly skilled performers that can thrill any audience with amazing choreography and vocals. Off-stage, they're utter dorks who have a lot of weird moments, often getting their staff in on the action.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Oh so very much. From random screaming to downright naughty antics, expect them to get weird at every turn when not performing.
  • Cover Version: They've covered Maroon Five's "Lucky Strike", Seo Taiji & The Boys' "Regret of the Times", Winner's "Really Really", Bruno Mars' "Beautiful" and "Treasure", Alan Walker's "Faded", Camila Cabello's "Havana", "Remember Me" from Coco, Troublemaker's "Troublemaker", Little Mix's "Secret Love Song" and Girls' Generation's "Into The New World".
    • "Love Shake" was a cover of a previously-released B-side from senior label mates Dal Shabet.
  • Darker and Edgier: Look at their music video for "Love Shake". Now look at their video for "Chase Me".
    • Even better, check out this performance of "Fly High", complete with what looks like a mock-Satanic summoning ritual as an intro!
  • Deadpan Snarker: JiU and Handong in particular are very good with the quips.
  • Determinator: Handong injured her leg partway through the filming of "Good Night" but refused the offer of a body double, instead powering on through the rest of the shoot.
  • Fangirl: Both Handong and Dami cite Taeyeon of Girls' Generation as one of their inspirations - Dami even auditioned for Happy Face (and got in) with SNSD's song "Run Devil Run".
  • Giant Spider: The true form of the woman Yoohyeon is photographing in "You And I" - and it's implied she's in some way connected to the spider Yoohyeon killed in "Fly High", as she lashes out and knocks Yoohyeon to the ground.
  • Lighter and Softer: Their music video for "Lullaby", the b-side to their "Fall Asleep In The Mirror" EP.
  • Loose Lips: There have been some occasions where the members have spoiled information about their releases. Sometimes it's to intentionally tease the fans, but most of the time, it's by accident.
    • Yoohyeon is by far the biggest offender of this, such as when she spoiled part of the choreography for "PIRI", accidentally told fans that "BOCA" would feature backup dancers, and revealing the name of "Odd Eye" during the group's 4th anniversary VLive.
  • Lyrics/Video Mismatch: While the song lyrics contain some obsessive romance themes, their music videos are totally irrelevant and focus on paranormal events occurred on or initiated by the members.
  • Malaproper: Handong is a good source of these, as her Korean can be a bit shaky at times (although it's improving):
    JiU: What are you going to do about [me being sleepy]?
    Handong: Ah, what is it... I will fill!
    JiU: Did you say fill?! What?!
    Handong: Fill? Isn't that right?
    JiU: What were you trying to say?
    Manager: Did you mean "let you sleep"?
    JiU/Handong: AH! That makes more sense.
  • Mismatched Eyes: A major motif for the "Odd Eye" era, as the members have displayed having odd eyes in the promotional photos, stage performances, and the music video.
    • Siyeon also has one in "R.o.S.E Blue".
  • Mood Whiplash: During their "Seven Spirits" online concert, the members did solo performances that range from cute (like JiU's cover of IU's "Bbibbi"), to cool (Dami covering "Rainism" by Rain), to sexy (Siyeon's dangerously sexy cover of "Paradise Lost" by Gain), all dressed in various Halloween costumes like Woody and Cruella De Vil. And then SuA comes out dressed as Hellboy and performs "Maria" by Mamamoo's Hwasa and fans were floored.
  • Omniglot: Yoohyeon can speak English, Korean, Chinese and German.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Compared to some of the other members, Dami looks downright normal in comparison thanks to her restraint in some of the group's weirder antics.
    • Gahyeon can be this too when she's not snarking or yelling at the members, as she sometimes stays in the background whenever the chaos starts really ramping up.
  • Spiders Are Scary: One appears in "Fly High" and is killed by Yoohyeon in her (possible) Start of Darkness, and then a second, much larger one shows up in "You And I" and possibly returns the favour.
  • Surprisingly Good English: Every girl is at least conversational in English, which is quite surprising for an idol group.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Yoohyeon and Handong.
  • Wham Line
    • Dami's final line in "Fly High" is chilling when compared to her earlier lines in the song.
    *before the first and second chorus*
    Dami: It's like a big black hole in my heart, I'm trapped in the dream
    *before the end of the song*
    Dami: It's like a big black hole in my heart, I'm trapped in the nightmare
    • "BOCA" contains an incredibly powerful line that resonates with the song's message against online hate and how it can negatively affect people.
    SuA: Too many angels dying now, I'm gonna change your mind
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: In "Good Night", JiU has purple highlighted hair and Yoohyeon's hair is highlighted pink/red.
    • In "Fly High", JiU dyes her hair red, and Gahyeon has green tips. Handong's hair is dark in the front and blonde in the back.
    • In "You And I", Handong's hair is now highlighted pink, while Yoohyeon's is silver/grey.
    • In What, Yoohyeon kept her silvery-grey hair, Dami has greyish-purple hair, and Handong has bright orange hair.
    • In PIRI, JiU and Yoohyeon both have pinkish red hair, SuA's hair contains dark pinkish/purple highlights, and Siyeon is platinum blonde.
    • In Deja Vu, Yoohyeon goes back to dark silver hair, and JiU is blonde. Siyeon would take the trope literally for later promotions with a blue bob.
    • In Scream, JiU has purple hair, while Yoohyeon has blonde hair for the teasers and MV but goes back to silver for promotions.
    • In BOCA, Siyeon and Dami take the trope literally (albeit it's highlights in the former's case), and Gahyeon has pink hair.
    • In Odd Eye, Handong takes this trope literally, Gahyeon dyes her hair lavender, and JiU has pink highlights.

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