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"Into the flood again…"

Dirt is the second album by famed Alternative Metal/Grunge band Alice in Chains. (Although it’s much better known then their first.) It was released on September 29, 1992, and recorded from April-July of the same year.

Dirt is considered one of the most seminal albums of Grunge era, as well as one of the greatest Alternative Metal, as well as occasionally Doom Metal albums of all time. It currently holds the 2nd slot on Rate Your Music’s top-rated Grunge albums, as well as #26 on Rolling Stone’s greatest metal albums of all time.



  1. "Them Bones" (2:30)
  2. "Dam That River" (3:09)
  3. "Rain When I Die" (6:01)
  4. "Down In A Hole" (5:38)
  5. "Sickman" (5:29)
  6. "Rooster" (6:15)
  7. "Junkhead" (5:09)
  8. "Dirt" (5:16)
  9. "Godsmack" (3:56)
  10. "Dream Sequence/Iron Gland" (0:43) feat. Tom Araya
  11. "Hate To Feel" (5:15)
  12. "Angry Chair" (4:48)
  13. "Would?" (3:28)

Principal Members:

  • Jerry Cantrell: guitars, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Sean Kinney: drums
  • Layne Staley: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Mike Starr: bass


I! I! I believe them Tropes are me...

  • Concept Album: The album can be interpreted as one, with the first half depicting the reasons people are drawn to drug use (Depression, a feeling of meaninglessness and PTSD from war.) and the second half describing the effects drugs have on people and how they only make it worse.
  • Dated History: "Rooster" repeats the assertion that Vietnam vets were spat on after returning from the war. Studies published since the release of the album have concluded that very little evidence supports that Vietnam veterans were spat upon by anti-war protestors. Although isolated incidents of his happening are possible, no evidence has ever emerged to support the myth.
  • Doom Metal: Many songs on the album qualify as such, with the slow tempos, Epic Riffs and depressing lyrics.
  • Downer Ending: Would? is musically softer then the other songs, but just as dark lyrically, implying the nameless drug addict the album seems to be about (Obviously Layne himself.) will never recover from his drug addiction, which was sadly true.
  • Drugs Are Bad: Over half of the songs in some way are this.
  • Evil Laugh: “Iron Gland”.
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Gets pretty damn high up for a Grunge band, and it’s amongst the heaviest Alternative Metal has gotten.
    • 5: Down In A Hole
    • 6: Would?, Rooster, Rain When I Die
    • 7: Dam That River, Junkhead, Dirt, Angry Chair (latter two are borderline 8)
    • 8: Them Bones, Sickman, Godsmack, Hate To Feel (Borderline 9.)
    • 9: Iron Gland, Although it’s barely a song (borderline 10.)

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