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There is another famous musician named Die in Visual Kei - if you are looking for the ex hide with Spread Beaver keyboardist he is listed as Daijiro Nozawa. This page is about the Dir en grey rhythm guitarist.

Daisuke Andou, known by his stage name Die, is a Japanese Heavy Metal musician and songwriter, best known as the rhythm guitarist (and occasional lead guitarist) of Dir en grey. Unusually for a rhythm guitarist (who generally gets far less notice than the lead or even the bassist), he became immediately recognized as one of the most famous members of Dir en grey primarily via Memetic Mutation and the like.


Die provides examples of:

  • Ascended Fanboy: Almost in competition with Kaoru in the "who's a better hide expy" contest.
  • The Big Guy: Is this to Dir en grey, being the tallest and most "masculine" member of the band, even in their heaviest Visual Kei phases.
  • Follow the Leader: A huge fan of hide and wanted to be like him (see above).
  • Groupie Brigade: Is nigh-famous for having an active one both in Japan and in the US, and more than a few US fans of Dir en grey have claimed to have had sexual encounters with him at some point or another. He once dated, among others, someone from Yoshiki's US entourage and an internet fangirl who went into modeling for him. Among many others.
  • Guyliner
  • Older Than They Look: Very much so, though he's likely the oldest looking member of Dir en Grey.
  • One-Word Title
  • Stage Names: He goes exclusively by "Die." No, it's not pronounced "dee-eh".
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  • Visual Kei: He has, along with the rest of the band, went post-visual since the release of Marrow Of A Bone, though he has been experimenting with VK once again (as seen in the "Shot In One Take" PVs for "Rinkaku" and "Kiri to Mayu" where he is seen with dark red hair).

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