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Dice is a Detroit Gangsta Rapper whose lyrical subject matter includes drinking and acoholism, drug abuse and sex. Dice, however, is best known not for his music, but for his frequent problems with record labels. He started developing a Cult Following with his 1992 debut The 40 Made Me Do It, mostly thanks to touring with Ultramagnetic MCs, Ice Cube and Da Lench Mob.

Esham courted him for Reel Life Productions, giving Dice appearances on a Natas release and solo albums by Esham and Mastamind, and releasing Dice's second album The Neighborhoodshittalka, which is usually considered Dice's best. However, Reel Life Productions didn't properly pay him for the album, and he severed all ties with that label. Inbetween various lawsuits and diss tracks between Dice and Esham, Dice released two albums with another label, Fallen Angelz Entertainment, which he cofounded with local businessman and rapper Kawtion. Dice later sued Kawtion, saying that he was screwed out of ownership of the label and that Kawtion owed him money.


Another album, Drug Abuse, was released by Dice's new label, Big Head Records, but he apparently cooled things over with Fallen Angelz, as most of his albums, excluding Neighborhoodshittalka, have been released on iTunes by Fallen Angelz.

Partial discography

  • The 40 Made Me Do It (1992)
  • The Neighborhoodshittalka (1996)
  • Black Monday (2000)
  • Red Rain (2002)
  • Drug Abuse (2008)


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