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Devotchka (and all variants of capitalization thereupon) is a quartet, hailing from the music mecca of Denver, Colorado. They originally were a backing band for burlesque models, including Dita Von Teese, before they released a few albums of Slavic-influenced mariachi folk gypsy indie rock.

Their song "How it Ends" has been used in many a commercial and trailer, including those for Gears of War and Everything Is Illuminated. Anyone who has seen Little Miss Sunshine will recognize some of their music upon hearing it, and their songs have also been used in the Brazilian telenovela Meu Pedacinho de Chão. Despite this, they remain relatively underground.

They have added touring members, but the core of the band band is composed of:

  • Nick Urata (lead vocals, guitar, bouzouki, trumpet, piano, theremin)
  • Jeanie Schroder (sousaphone, upright bass)
  • Tom Hagerman (accordion, viola, piano, Melodica)
  • Shawn King (drums, percussion, trumpet, accordion, organ)

Lots of instrument switching ensues during live shows.

They provide examples of: