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Crystal Kay Williams (born February 26, 1986), known professionally as Crystal Kay, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, actress, and radio host. She first came onto the scene at the young age of 13.

She is well-known for singing the third ending theme to the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist series, "Motherland".

Crystal Kay is often considered to be a pioneer in interracial acts in Japan, debuting in 1999 when R&B began to take off, and paved the way for other mixed-race artists in Japan.


Crystal Kay provides examples of:

  • Hypocrite: "What We Do". She admits that she's been creeping around behind her man's back, but in the rap section, claims she wants a man who doesn't cheat, and that she'll "shut him down" if she "catch his ass creepin' round".
  • Military Brat: Her father is a sailor in the United States Navy.
  • Surprisingly Good English: She is fluent in both Japanese and English.


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