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Troy Lee Coleman III, professionally known as Cowboy Troy (born December 18, 1970) is an American country rapper. Cowboy Troy is one of the few Black American country music artists, as well as one of the most known performers in the Country Rap genre. It was his appearance on the Big & Rich track "Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)" that launched his career, and he released his breakthrough album Loco Motive in 2005.

He was also one of the hosts of Country music talent program, Nashville Star.


  • Beginner's Luck (2002)
  • Loco Motive (2005)
  • Black in the Saddle (2007)
  • Demolition Mission: Studio Blue Sessions (2009)
  • King of Clubs (2014)
  • Saloons on Neptune (2015)
  • Laugh With Me (2018)


Tropes present in his work:

  • A Wild Rapper Appears!: On Big & Rich's "Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)".
  • Badass Boast: "I Play Chicken with the Train" is full of these, including
    People say it's impossible, not probable, too radical
    But I already been on the CMA's; hell, Tim McGraw said he liked the change
    And he likes the way my hick-hop sounds
    And the way the crowd screams when I stomp the ground
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: "Rollin'" and "El Tejano" feature him rapping in Spanish, and he works some Chinese into "Wrap Around the World".
  • Mood Whiplash: The sad and downbeat "If You Don't Wanna Love Me" is followed immediately by a spoken interlude by Larry the Cable Guy, who does his trademark "Git-r-done!" and makes a Barbra Streisand joke before leading into the next song.
  • Title-Only Chorus: "I Play Chicken with the Train"