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Look familiar? Say no more, for this is Caroline Lufkin (born January 1, 1981)—younger sister of her much more popular Idol Singer sister, OLIVIA. While she may be a Lufkin, she has decided to take a different direction with her music and has since then, is working on as an independent Electronic/Ambient musician.

While she's not really as famous as her sister (like we said, she's an independent musician), she is probably most well-known for leaving a lucrative major label contract that could've guaranteed her stardom. Her first single - Where's My Love? - was released by an indie label on October 25, 2005. She's currently under the independent label of Temporary Residence Limited where she released most of her stuff there.

Selected Discography:


  • [2005.08.25] Where's My Love?
  • [2006.08.02] Sunrise


  • [2006.03.07] Murmurs
  • [2011.01.xx] Verdugo Hills

Provides examples of:

  • But Not Too Foreign: Remember, she is the sister of someone who is this. Her songs are however, predominantly English.
  • Spiritual Successor: Averted from being one for her sister. As mentioned above (and on OLIVIA's work page), she did not want to be a pop-star.
    • For some, she is seen as a younger and obscure version of Björk. A review of her Murmurs album noted how some tracks sound like there's visible influence of it.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: From the picture, you could see that she eerily does look like her sister.

Alternative Title(s): Caroline Lufkin


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