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-Captain Murphy, in most of his songs.
who the fuck is you, man?

Captain Murphy is the rapping Alter-Ego Acting of underground beatsmith, IDM, and experimental electronic music producer (and erstwhile [adult swim] bumper-music composer) Flying Lotus, real name Steven Ellison (born October 7, 1983).

The Captain is clearly bent on making a mythology for himself, his songs are unashamedly strange, and many (especially "The Ritual") deal implicitly or overtly with cults and cult leaders, and each has been accompanied by an animated clip to go along with the song (except "Shake Weight", which used an edited version of a pre-existing video by another band).

On November 15th, 2012, Captain Murphy released DuΔlity, a combination mixtape and film collage (the tape's music is set to the collage), it deals, again, pretty explicitly with cults. Soon after it dropped, Lotus and Murphy were outed as the same person, ending widespread speculation as to the Captain's identity.



  • DuΔlity — mixtape/film collage
  • DuΔlity Deluxe Edition — The mixtape divided into tracks, along with a bonus track (his version of TNGHT's "Shake Weight")

Tropes that apply to Captain Murphy

  • Animated Music Video: "Video" might be a stretch, but each song he's put out so far has been accompanied by a short, animated clip.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: As an overlooked clue to Captain Murphy's true identity, his signature Evil Laugh can be heard several times through Flying Lotus's "Cosmogramma".
  • Eldritch Abomination: A video released by Adult Swim implies he has become this.
  • Evil Laugh: One sampled from somewhere has shown up on every song he's yet released. One of Mark Hamill's (as The Joker) gets sampled on "Killing Joke" as well.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: And how. He uses a pitch-shifter to change the pitch of his voice up and down, but it's usually deep enough to qualify for this. Sometimes the inverse is used as well.
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  • Faux-To Guide: DuΔlity is partly about how to become a cult leader. Disturbingly, it seems to be sampled from a real how-to on the same subject.
  • Motormouth: Parodied in "Mighty Morphin' Foreskin", he sounds like he's going to launch into a fairly standard fast-rap verse, but it quickly degenerates into gibberish.
  • Once an Episode: His laugh, see Evil Laugh above.
  • Sampling: Constantly. Some sources include The Simpsons, Street Fighter, and a documentary on cult leaders. And that's just "Mighty Morphin' Foreskin".
  • Secret Identity: He's Flying Lotus. Confirmed as of November 29th, 2012.
  • Virgin Sacrifice: The end of "The Ritual".

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