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Bond or BOND (formerly often typeset as bond in deference to the owners of the 007 trademark) is an Australian/British string quartet that specialises in classical crossover and synth-pop music. The quartet has sold over 4 million records.

The quartet currently consists of Tania Davis (first violin, formerly viola, from Sydney, Australia), Eos Counsell (second violin, from Cardiff, Wales), Elspeth Hanson (viola, from Upper Basildon, England) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cello, from Hull, England). Hanson replaced original band member Haylie Ecker (formerly first violin and from Perth, Australia), who left in 2008 to have a child.

BOND make onscreen appearances as themselves in Johnny English and XXX State Of The Union.



Studio Albums

  • Born (2000)
  • Shine (2002)
  • Atlanta Time (2003)
  • Classified (2004)
  • Play (2011)


  • Remixed (2003)
  • Explosive: The Best of Bond (2005)

Promotional records

  • Raymond Weil (2001)
  • Fab Field's Mix (2003)



Tropes related to BOND and their music:

  • Elegant Classical Musician: Look at the page image. BOND are not shy about the fact they mix sex appeal with their virtuosity, and have the 'record' for the being the most scantily clad guests to have ever appeared on the BBC religious programme Songs of Praise.
  • Letting the Air out of the Band: At one point on the track "Summer" (on the album Play), the electronic orchestral accompaniment slows, distorts and gradually dies away, leaving a haunting violin solo.
  • Nude-Colored Clothes: Downplayed during the Royal Albert Hall show. Haylie's outfit has nude-colored fabric down the sides, including in a lightning-bolt pattern down her legs. Tania's top has some strips of it around the sides and back as well.