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Music / Arch Enemy (Band)
aka: Arch Enemy

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The current lineup. L-R: Jeff, Daniel, Alissa, Michael, Sharlee

Tear down the walls,
Wake up the world,
Ignorance is not bliss,
So fed up with second best,
Our time is here and now.
"We Will Rise"

Arch Enemy are a Swedish band whose primary genre is melodic death metal. Originally founded in 1996 as a supergroup by guitarist Michael Amott and vocalist Johan Liiva, the band released three albums; Black Earth, Stigmata and Burning Bridges.

In 2000, Liiva was asked to leave the band. His replacement turned out to be Angela Gossow, a German singer with a major case of Singing Voice Dissonance. Her first album with the band, 2001's Wages of Sin, was the band's breakthrough album. Chris Amott left again in 2012 and was replaced by Nick Cordle; additionally, in March 2014, Angela Gossow announced her departure and welcomed Alissa White-Gluz of The Agonist as her replacement. Around the end of 2014, Nick Cordle was fired for undisclosed reasons and was replaced by Jeff Loomis. In late 2023 Loomis parted ways with Arch Enemy and was replaced by Joey Concepcion.

    Discography and videography 


  • Black Earth (1996)
  • Stigmata (1998)
  • Burning Bridges (1999)
  • Wages of Sin (2001)
  • Anthems of Rebellion (2003)
  • Doomsday Machine (2005)
  • Rise of the Tyrant (2007)
  • The Root of All Evil (2009)
  • Khaos Legions (2011)
  • War Eternal (2014)
  • Will to Power (2017)
  • Deceivers (2022)

Music Videos:

Current Lineup:
  • Michael Amott − rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1996-present), keyboards (2005, 2007), bass (1996)
  • Daniel Erlandsson − drums (1996, 1998-present)
  • Sharlee D'Angelo − bass, backing vocals (1999-present)
  • Alissa White-Gluz: lead vocals (2014-present)
  • Joey Concepcion - lead guitar (2023-present)

Former band members:

  • Peter Wildoer − drums (1997)
  • Martin Bengtsson − bass (1997−1998)
  • Johan Liiva − lead vocals (1996-2000), bass (1996)
  • Fredrik Åkesson − lead guitar, backing vocals (2005-2007)
  • Christopher Amott − lead guitar, backing vocals (1996-2005, 2007-2012, 2014 {live only})
  • Angela Gossow − lead vocals (2000-2014)
  • Nick Cordle − lead guitar, backing vocals (2012-2014)
  • Jeff Loomis: lead guitar, backing vocals (2014-2023)

Under black flags we trope!

Alternative Title(s): Arch Enemy