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You will know her name.

Alissa White-Gluz (born 31 July 1985) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who was formerly the singer of The Agonist, and is currently the lead singer for the Swedish Death Metal band Arch Enemy. She has also appeared as a guest alongside various acts including Kamelot, Delain, and Tarja Turunen.

Of Jewish heritage, she has based the lyrics of her songs "Born Dead, Buried Alive" and "First Day in Hell" on The Holocaust. She is a vegan and animal rights activist who has worked with PETA.

Her last name is pronounced to rhyme with "buzz".


The Agonist

Arch Enemy

Guest appearances

  • Never More Than Less, Relentless (2008) - "So Beautiful"
  • Synastry, Blind Eyes Bleed (2008) - "In Your Eyes"
  • (the) Plasmarifle, While You Were Sleeping the World Changed in an Instant (2008) - "From the Trail of Ashes"
  • Blackguard, Profugus Mortis (2009) - "The Sword"
  • Kamelot
  • Delain
    • The Human Contradiction (2014) - "The Tragedy of the Commons"
    • Moonbathers (2016) - "Hands of Gold"
  • Metal Allegiance
    • Metal Allegiance (2015) - "We Rock"
    • Fallen Heroes (2016) - "Life in the Fast Lane"
  • Karmaflow, The Muse and the Conductor (2015) - "the Muse"
  • Caliban, Gravity (2016) - "The Ocean's Heart"
  • And Then She Came, And Then She Came (2016) - "Five Billion Lies"
  • Tarja Turunen, The Shadow Self (2016) - "Demons in You"
  • Evesdroppers, Empty Vessel (2016) - "God's Ocean"
  • American Murder Song (2016) - as Lavinia Fisher
  • Aurelio Voltaire, Heart-Shaped Wound (2017) - "Leaves in the Stream"
  • Angra, ØMNI (2018) - "Black Widow's Web"
  • Dee Snider, For the Love of Metal (2018) - "Dead Hearts (Love Thy Neighbor)"
  • Soilwork, Verkligheten (2019) - "Stålfågel"
  • Mark Morton, Anesthetic (2019) - "The Truth Is Dead" (w/ Randy Blythe of Lamb of God)
  • Carnifex, World War X (2019) - "No Light Shall Save Us"

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