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"Don't mistake ALL for love or hate
It's not like any other mental state
It's the total extent, when nothing else remains
The utmost possible of possible gains
There'll be no selfishness, evil, or greed
ALL don't care about your race or creed
ALL is ALL you have to do
Cause anything else would be A.U."

ALL is an American punk band consisting currently of Chad Price(vocals), Stephen Edgerton(guitar), Karl Alvarez(bass), and Bill Stevenson(drums).

The band is fairly unique in that they are The Band Minus the Face. Formed after Milo Aukerman left the previous band Descendents in 1987, ALL continued to make similar "working class nerd" punk to the Descendents, working with 3 vocalists- but started taking a significant detour into the Alternative Rock and Ska Punk genres. Both bands have covered each others's songs live. However Descendents are more well known among mass audiences.

This band has examples of: