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  • The song "Boss Death" by Valshe features a Sword and Sorcerer pair who have grown apathetic toward their status as heroes. At one point, the lyrics mention them using a sword that can cut mountains to peel apples and a spell that can boil away the world's oceans to light a furnace.
  • In "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Everything You Know is Wrong", the narrator is offered the chance to travel through time to any point in history...and chooses the previous Thursday night, in order to pay his phone bill on time.
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  • In "Who Wants to Join Our Superhero Team? (Right Now, It's Just Me & Jim)" by The Gothsicles, the leader can shoot energy beams from his finger, which he used to remove tattoos.
  • According to the music video for "Mr. Mischief Night" by They Might Be Giants, the eponymous character has uncanny abilities of camouflage... which he uses to pull off Toilet Paper Pranks (hence the name "Mr. Mischief Night").
  • In Paul Shapera's song "Eli Miller and the Black Rock", the titular black rock is a Clingy MacGuffin that's been in Eli's family for centuries. Every night, whoever currently possesses the rock is whisked away to a faerie party where they dance and revel, but the strain of doing so night after night causes most owners to die by the age of twenty-five. Eli, though, figures out that while he can't permanently get rid of the rock, he can loan it out for the night, and there are people who are willing to pay good money for the experience.

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