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  • The Joes in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra are this, which is weird considering the whole "Real American Heroes" thing from the original cartoon and comics. Heavy Duty is British, Breaker is French and Snake Eyes is actually from Japan instead of just learning to be a ninja there. Hell, their base isn't even on American soil, it's in the Egyptian desert.
  • Sunshine (2007). The crew of Icarus II are American, Chinese and Japanese, as they were the countries most likely to have major space programs when the movie is set (in 2057). India and Brazil were also suggested, but it was decided to leave them out to avoid a too-disparate cast.
  • And the 1955 sci-fi movie Conquest of Space has a cast of exaggerated accents from all over the world on the first trip to Mars.
  • The Fall, for fairy tale purposes.
  • The Transformers Film Series has a partial example in NEST. While only American and British forces have any serious screentime in the film representing humanity alongside the Autobots, the prequel comics suggest the involvement of other nations, while the prequel novel features NEST agents from Israel, Russia and Japan. Michael Bay wanted Bundeswehr troops, but this was vetoed by the German government.
  • Street Fighter The Movie: the good guys this due to the fact its a UN-like task force employing people from over the world, with an American as the leader, with a (female) Brit, a Japanese and a Mexican-Native as lieutenants, and a Brazilian soldier as his best friends. Their numbers are bolstered by a thief duo made up of an American and a Japanese, and a reporter trio with a Chinese woman, a Hawaian and an African-American. At the end of the movie, a Russian on the side of the bad guys redeems himself by helping them escape.
  • A classic example would be Sahara (1943). Here we had an American tank crew (commanded by Humphrey Bogart) pick up: a bunch of British Soldiers (one upper-crust officer, one working class), one Aussie, one South African, one Sudanese (British Colonial), one Free Frenchman, and two prisoners (one very Nazi German pilot, one harmless Italian). These (Western) Allies in miniature then hole up at the only water source for 100 miles and try to play Alamo with a German battalion. Though in those days, it was more of a propaganda emphasis on Allied unity in the face of the Nazi threat.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 once had a movie called 12 To The Moon: It featured a Nigerian Muslim pilot (who exclaims "Praise Allah!" when landing the ship), as well as scientists from the USSR, France, Japan, and Turkey. Not to mention the Jewish guy who discovers his German comrade is the son of a notorious Nazi (they eventually become friends just in time to make a Heroic Sacrifice together). Of course, the mission is led by the hunky all-American beefcake guy, a fact that Mike and the 'bots are quick to lampoon. Still, considering this movie was made in 1954, it's actually a legitimately impressive stab at diversity, despite not being completely free from Unfortunate Implications.
  • In Pacific Rim, with the entire world in danger of being attacked by Kaiju, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps is formed by 21 nations across the Pacific Ocean to contain, control and eliminate the Kaiju. The four remaining active Jaegers are made from and piloted by people from various nations, including the United States, Japan, Russia, China, and Australia. France has also provided some of the science and Great Britain has provided pilots. Several of the top scientists are German or Chinese.
  • Elysium: Delacourt is French and the president of Elysium is Indian. Only three characters in Los Angeles are Caucasian (the White Male Lead [though with the name DaCosta and his español-hablando childhood, he could be a light-skinned hispanic], his unnamed supervisor and Carlyle), and there's a token black dude, but the rest are Latino, and Max is fluent in Spanish. The only East Asian we see is an Elysium biotechnician in one scene.
  • The Cleaners shown in Underworld: Evolution (and described in more detail in the novelization) are made up of soldiers from all over the world, including special forces and intelligence agencies (CIA, MI6, and Mossad are mentioned).
  • The titular Megaforce has members from the USA (one of which so much a proud Good Ol' Boy that he wears the Confederate Flag as a personalized patch), Japan, Mexico, Italy and other places-and all of the firepower it has (except for the stuff made in-house) "fell off the back of a truck" with the governments' blessings.
  • James Bond: SPECTRE, the titular Nebulous Evil Organisation that 007 fights with, is composed of a multinational team in its ruling panel. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, SPECTRE's head honcho and Bond's Arch-Enemy, is of Greco-Polish heritage in the original novels and in the earlier films, and is an Austrian in Spectre. Many of Blofeld's henchmen are of varying ideologies and nationalities, including Renegade Russians, French Jerks, Evil Brits, Far East Asian Terrorists, Dirty Communists, Those Wacky Nazis, Scary Black Men, The Mafia, etc. Now, while most of them don't get along due to conflicting opinions, but how has Blofeld has managed to keep the lid between them? He actually cares more about how much profits his Evil Plan will generate.
  • In The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015), the new U.N.C.L.E. ends up like this: there's an American, a Russian, a British and a German.
  • Not as diverse as others, but with two Americans, a Canadian, an Englishman, a Scotsman, a... Zanzibarian and Somewhere-In-Africa-But-Looks-Mildly-Arabian, Five Weeks in a Balloon took a stab at this.
  • K 2 Siren Of The Himalays: The main climbers are American, German and British.
  • Sinbad's crew in Sinbad of the Seven Seas has a Norse warrior, a Chinese martial artist, and a Turkish cook, among others.
  • Indiana Jones frequently finds himself in these:
    • In Raiders of the Lost Ark, he and fellow American Marion Ravenwood are joined by Egyptian digger Sallah.
    • In Temple of Doom, he and fellow American Willie Scott are joined by a Chinese youth known simply as Short Round.
    • Sallah returns to work with Indy in Last Crusade along with Indy's Scottish father and Englishman Marcus Brody. Interestingly, the villain team is also one of these with German Colonel Vogel, Austrian Elsa Schneider, and American Walter Donovan.
    • Marion returns in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with her (also) American son "Mutt" Williams only to be joined by their British friend Oxley. Mac, also British, would count if he weren't a traitor.
  • The team sent to stop General Ludendorff in Wonder Woman (2017) consists of an American pilot, a French-Moroccan Con Man, a Scottish sharpshooter, a Blackfoot smuggler, and a Greek/Amazon demigoddess.
  • Van Helsing has the Knights of the Holy Order, the monster-hunting organization which the titular character belongs to. Though located in the Vatican and run by Catholics, it has Muslim clerics, Jewish rabbis and Buddhist monks among their numbers working together to stop supernatural threats.

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