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Really, though, she's more into the wings.

  • Parodied with Jake English in Homestuck. He is constantly wearing microshorts, all of his friends have a crush on him, his Page outfit consists of speedos and a hoodie, and he goes through a "stripper boyfriend" fashion phase... though any sexiness he might possess is nullified by Hussie's art style. Played straight in guest art, however.
    • He also has plenty of admirers both in and out of universe. The fact that he has many fetish fuel points (Adorkable, bisexual, surprisingly well-groomed for a boy who's lived on an isolated island his whole life, etc.) certainly helps.
  • In SwordCat Princess, MacKnight appears shirtless early and often, and then nude for a ritual he easily could have worn pants to.
  • Gilgamesh Wulfenbach of Girl Genius. Status as EBB: confirmed.
    • Just Gil? Tarvek isn't half bad himself. Hell, even Higgs is getting attention as of late. And Klaus has his groupies too. Let's just say that the Foglios know what their audience likes to see.
      • The first page of the Cinderella arc includes Gil and Tarvek debating their various EBB qualities. They seem pretty evenly matched, which might be why Cinderella!Agatha ends up with both princes.
    • Hell, even some of the Jägers have fangirls, with Maxim and Oggie having the most enthusiastic followings.
      • Maxim was originally an experiment to see if they could draw a Pretty Boy Jägermonster. They pretty much succeeded.
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  • Grrl Power is fairly open about the fact that most of the characters, male and female, are going to provide some fanservice at some point, and this is lampshaded in The Rant, and occasionally in the strip.
  • Name just about any male character from Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name and you will find a large female fanbase. The artist seems to have a special talent for drawing attractive men for every taste.
  • Slick Giovanni from Last Res0rt. Troubled past? Check. Former mafia don? Check. Looks good in harem gear? CHECK, PLEASE!
    • He's also naked on his mugshot.
  • Punch an' Pie, while not notably emphasizing the attractiveness of is female characters, gives us Aiden - the buff, nice hair sporting, tattooed Stoic.
  • Either Cale or Tavor from Looking for Group. While everyone agrees that Richard is badass enough to have everyone squealing, the fangirls tend to be split between the two elves. And while we may never get a shirtless picture of Richard, we do get this.
  • Most of the male cast of Friendly Hostility. In addition to quite a few male-on-male scenes, we have:
    • Fox, a goofy guy who gets occasional Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass moments and seems willing to do Anything That Moves...
    • Collin, an evil wannabe dictator who spent some time as a male model...
  • Many of the male characters from later in Emergency Exit... some examples here. And here. (Picture may contain spoilers.)
  • James Eglamore from Gunnerkrigg Court. Characters in-comic certainly think so, too.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, when Fructose Riboflavin feels like looking human, he always makes himself very handsome (in contrast to his real form as a shriveled old moth creature) in order to better manipulate others. It works well on Galatea.
  • Most of the male cast of Lackadaisy usually get shirtless scenes, and have plenty of fangirls in cat or human form, but Mordecai Heller in particular seems to have won the hearts of many fangirls.
  • Elan from The Order of the Stick is apparently this in-universe, although the stick-figure style makes it (virtually) impossible for readers.
    • 18 Charisma is not to be scoffed at.
  • Some of the guys in El Goonish Shive. Elliot's a big muscular hero who has almost every girl (and Justin) at the very least admitting that they find him attractive. Tedd, when he takes off his glasses, shocks everyone with his uncomfortably girlish good looks.
    • Invoked with the MV5 form, which was built from the ground up as a gratuitously sexy male transformation.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: The titular Dr. McNinja is found attractive by a lot of viewers anyway, but Chris Hastings made it even more intentional with this. As the Alt Text reads: "Lil' bit of fan service for you ladies out there."
  • Pretty much every male character from The Law of Purple. Even the ones who are still in middle school. Here are some examples.
  • Male characters (okay, most characters generally) in Ménage à 3 tend to be Hollywood Homely at worst, and most get topless or naked shots. The artist/co-writer's personal favorite male character — not specifically for this reason — seems to be Dillon, who eventually got his own comic, Sticky Dilly Buns, where he could get more screen time — some of it with his shirt off.
  • In Sinfest, the guys try this.
  • Hamlet Machine's Starfighter is pretty much full of this, from main characters Cain and Abel (codenames, not a horribly cruel and unusual coincidence) give a lot of this, considering the NSFW nature of the comic and Cain's hobby of jerking off in his Starfighter craft.
  • In UC, Naim, tends to lose his shirt a lot, much to the fans delight.
  • In Accursed Dragon, half-dragon Coven is seen as a monster by most people within the comic, but the fans appreciate all the times he loses his shirt, gets stripped to his underwear, or is forced into a bath.
  • Sandra on the Rocks: The character of Domenico is probably parodying the trope during his frequent shirtless or near-shirtless scenes — not that he'd admit any such thing, and he has a distinct effect on women within the comic regardless.
  • Wuffle takes this Up to Eleven. He doesn't so much bare his midriff as much as he bares a thigh and then some. To say that he's got his share of fangirls (and fanboys) would be an understatement.
  • The latest arc of Sequential Art finally grants us Leon, an anthropomorphized Expy of Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. He is an extremely cut and handsome lion-furry, and his introduction has him completely naked and chained up in the dungeon. When Scarlet meets him, she stares at him and momentarily forgets what she was doing. Even after breaking out of prison, he has yet to put on any clothes.
    • The arc is officially complete, the evil witch is banished, and spring has returned to the land of Narni-Narni-Nar-Nar. Leon has bestowed Scarlet with a title of nobility and has agreed to grant her one wish as reward for her help. What does she choose? For him to clean up the melted snow that had leaked into Scarlet's world, while she and her sisters watch. He's still completely naked.
  • Niels: Agent 300 provides this in-universe for Agent 250, often unintentionally due to 250's sexual fascination with Scottish men. 250 provides this for 300 and us when 300 is mentally debating why he elected to be in a committed relationship, and with a man no less. He is quickly reminded why when 250 appears wearing nothing but a towel, with extra attention paid by Humon to his muscles and numerous battle scars. In fact, it's pretty safe to say that any appearance of 250 shirtless qualifies.
  • Piras from Awaken is already a lean but muscular Pretty Boy, but the artist takes it Up to Eleven in bonus art; she's drawn Piras shirtless, in revealing outfits, in his underwear and completely naked on more than one occasion. Oh, and one of the aforementioned "revealing outfits" was literally just a shirt and some socks with garters. No pants or underwear.


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