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  • Jonas Wharton from lonelygirl15, an orphaned Lonely Rich Kid hero who appears shirtless regularly with little provocation.
  • Bladezz from The Guild, especially in the music video. In-universe, he's even a model.
  • The Nostalgia Critic will frequently get shirtless, is a Wholesome Crossdresser occasionally, be the Reluctant Fanservice Boy when he's made to by other people, has given blowjobs to joysticks and is the master of The Immodest Orgasm.
    • Doug's other character, Ask That Guy with the Glasses, is just as fun. A Depraved Omnisexual who'll "go down on anyone and anything", does porn movies, will give blowjobs to his pipe, doesn't think het incest is kinky enough and practically embodies Evil Is Sexy.
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    • There were three in Suburban Knights; Critic was dressed as Link, with a short tunic, no tights or pants, and the camera focusing heavily on his long, pale legs. Benzaie, who was dressed as Conan the Barbarian, was walking around constantly shirtless and wearing a leather skirt.
    • In his own videos and at cons, Doug Walker is the kind of guy who'll eagerly swirl his tongue around a lightsaber, striptease at panels, flirt with anyone who has a pulse, and regularly gets teased for his Oral Fixation.
  • Hero House has He-man, who is treated as this in-universe.
  • Exploitation video reviewer The Cine-Masochist is tall, muscular and handsome, wears tight fitting t shirts (and one time wore one made of MESH), wore heavy eyeliner on more than one occasion and most recently had a gratuitous shirtless scene as "Random Naked Serbian Indian", implying that he was completely nude.
  • Quinn from Demo Reel. Most of his scenes consisted of him in the background, half-dressed, showing off his muscled arms and snarking in an Irish accent.
    • Speaking of well-muscled, Tacoma was a fit black man with camera-focused long eyelashes, a ridiculous amount of flirting back with Donnie, and spent his his last couple of episodes in a Belle dress that demonstrated how nice his shoulders were.
    • Donnie DuPre. Wears a lot of t-shirts that show off his arms, gets objectified by Carl's camera to make a Male Gaze point, wears eyeliner and lipstick without making a fuss, asks for slash from the fandom, uses his best physical traits to get what he wants and the people who he hits on are mostly other men. Oh, and did we mention he's also a Fantine-level woobie sweetheart?
  • Killer from the fanfic Crossover Chaos gets turned into this after the first Time Skip in v1. Jamie from the same story also applies, and that overlaps with Silver Fox. Also overlaps with Author Appeal for both of them.
  • Carlos the Scientist from Welcome to Night Vale is an in-universe example; we never actually see him (because it's a sound-only series) but most characters who do see him generally treat him like a Living Aphrodisiac, most notably Cecil (who borders on being a Stalker with a Crush up until he and Carlos become an item) and Old Woman Josie (who gushes over Carlos' perfection along with Cecil).
    • Cecil Baldwin (the voice of in-universe Cecil Palmer) once suggested that Carlos would look something like a "Brazilian supermodel".
  • Anthony of Smosh gets way more shirtless scenes than Ian, and is often the one who crossdresses and wears tight skimpy outfits in most of the videos.
    • Around 2015, Shayne became the new Mr Fanservice, especially after Anthony's departure
  • Random Assault: Most photographs of Matt have him naked or topless at the very least.
  • Corin Deeth the III of Kakos Industries falls neatly into this category for his wonderfully deep voice alone though it's what he says and how he says it that has drawn in more than a few admires within and beyond the show. Even the official website describes him of "sounding dreamy".
  • Sun Wukong of RWBY. Monty has stated that only one word was used to describe Sun to the concept artists: ABS. Also, his pose on his valentine. When his team is introduced to the crowd at the tournament, someone can be seen holding up a placard of his chest, with a heart-shape surrounding his abs.
  • Blaine Gibson is Rooster Teeth's resident Hot Guy, as he never passes up the opportunity to show off his jacked body, including his official 2020 company portrait. In fact, before he was officially hired, he was known to the community as "The Hot Intern". His character in Eleven Little Roosters is obsessed with being one.
  • The React series have Tom, Labib, the original Jake, Shant, Ethan James, Kostas, and Eric, who are all very nice to look at and will occasionally turn up in vests or very short sleeved t-shirts. In a particular example, 90% of the comments on the Outlast series draw attention to Tom's good-looks.
  • Leonidas from Epic Rap Battles of History. Much like in the movie he was based on, he's a Tall, Dark, and Snarky muscular man who is a Walking Shirtless Scene. The same can be said for Shaka Zulu.
  • Many of the leads of Pretty Dudes, namely Sunji and Ellington, though Jay and the Hollywood Nerd Alexander have their moments depending on the episode.


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