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  • Castlevania. When Ayami Kojima handled the character designs in most of the Metroidvania games in the series, suddenly every Belmont (except Julius and Christopher) became a top-grade Bishōnen. Special mention goes to Juste, Richter, and Simon in the Belmont bloodline.
  • Tekken has lots of them, with Jin Kazama and his rival Hwoarang being the notable forerunners of this trope. Other examples from the older generation are Kazuya Mishima, Lee Chaolan, and even Mr. Heihachi Mishima himself. Nowadays this trope still runs strong within the series, especially with character customization that strips the fighters down to just underwear and fundoshi (and in Lee's case, a 'speedo')!
  • Metal Gear:
    • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty had Raiden, and even stripped him naked near the end of the game. Word of God stated that Raiden was specifically added for this, because Hideo Kojima heard two teenage girls complaining about how military games always had you playing as ugly old men, and so decided to make the main character a sexy young man. Raiden was even intended to have visible panty lines under his suit, according to his character design art, though this got cut at some point.
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    • It's also fair to note that Snake's outfit, which is supposed to be the same as what he wore in the previous game, suddenly and inexplicably got very, very tight - particularly around the buttocks. Hideo Kojima was apparently adamant that Solid Snake had a nicer butt than Raiden, insisting it was 'something like' the idea of how male gamers would rather stare at the backside of a woman for hours, and gave the character modeler a hard time until they got it perfect. The character designer freely admitted that Raiden was to appeal to girls who liked handsome young Bishōnen, and Snake to girls who liked sexy older men. (By the way, Snake's body was modelled after Jean-Claude Van Damme, whose movies are known for featuring objectifying butt shots.)
    • Liquid Snake. Blond, British, wanders around shirtless in Alaska.
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    • Kazuhira Miller in Peace Walker. You get to take photos of him in his underwear and even have sex with him in one bonus mission in the game.
  • Though not very much, some characters in Guilty Gear count as this. Walking Shirtless Scene Anji looks almost tame compared to the likes of Sol and Johnny.
    • Axl Low also has a sizable fangirldom down to his incredibly ripped and massively built body (which like Anji gets a shirtless moment in his ending in the second game) and also his flowing blond locks, chiseled jaw and optimistic Nice Guy attitude.
  • Super Smash Bros.: Out of all the armor options they could use for his pallet swaps, only Shulk's swimsuit outfit was retained. Marth and Ike seem to get the more downplayed treatment occasionally, and there is a possible In-Universe example in Roy if screenshots are to be believed. And four other examples listed here, Link, Solid Snake, Little Mac, Ryu, have all appeared in the games.
  • Whithin BlazBlue the attractively designed, most biggest fanservice ploys in the game are Jin and Hazama. Jin is a tsundere bishounen with tight clothing and troubled past. A sexy pillowcase featuring him sold at twice the amount of Noel's and Rachel's pillowcases weeks before it was even designed. Hazama, the smooth criminal, is a very well dressed troll. He is the only character, male or female, who has a bath scene in game. Ragna and Kagura join the bandwagon with swimsuits in ther beach episode alongside Celica and Noel.
  • Albel Nox from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has an outfit that features a completely purple ensemble including a tight, belly-revealing shirt and a purple skirt. He also has an unlockable shirtless outfit (with sarashi!), an imprisonment scene, permanent shackles at his neck and wrists, and Panty Shots.
  • Tales of Vesperia: Yuri Lowell, anyone? His outfits had built in chest exposure. Some of his alternate outfits (especially in the Japanese PS3 version) involve showing a fair bit of skin, or have him in skin-tight outfits.
  • Luke from Tales of the Abyss, with his midriff baring shirt and ripped abs; (and seems to lose the shirt altogether in many of his alternate outfits).
  • Leon Magnus from Tales of Destiny is one, as a dark-haired woobie Bishounen. He attracts women all around (Lampshaded in skits, much to his dismay). There is official art of him in bondage. Prince Garr/Woodrow also serves one as in-universe example, attracting women all around (it seems to have to do with his "princely aura".)
  • Mass Effect: The game's enormous female following is largely due to the ability to play a female Shepard, but in case that wasn't enough incentive...
    • Most of the male love interests will display some degree of Mr. Fanservice, but Thane takes the cake: the assassin seeking redemption with a deep raspy voice, a taste for leather, and a tendency to show off a good portion of his pecs (mind you, that's to help stave off a terminal disease, but still). He was specifically designed by the creators to provide a male counterpart to the asari.
    • It's worth noting that Kaidan's chest in 3 has as much pixel definition as most main character's FACES.
    • James Vega takes up the mantle in the third game. He's not a romance option, but the game doesn't mind letting players admire his body, in and out of universe.
  • Legacy of Kain is chock full of this. All but one of the main male vampires spend most of their time at least partially topless. Kain spends two whole games walking shirtless and we never actually see Janos Audron with a real shirt on.
  • Vagrant Story has Ashley in his assless battleshorts, muscle-revealing shirtfront, and improbable red hair, or the shirtless Sydney with his barely-hanging-on pants and dramatic buttcape.
  • Amiti in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a Bishounen Warrior Prince whose introductory storyline is spent wearing more jewelry than clothing.
  • Devil May Cry with Dante, courtesy of his shirtless younger self just stepping out of the shower in the first scene of the third game and remaining shirtless throughout. It runs in the family: see his older twin Vergil and nephew Nero. V from the fifth game also counts, being the only male character to appear completely naked at one point, given he's Vergil's Soul Jar it's fitting.
  • And if there was any doubt that Akihiko is and always has been Mr. Fanservice, this is what he looks like in Persona 4: Arena.
  • The main character from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne spends 98% of the time shirtless. It's practically a shirtless game. The only time the Demi-Fiend wears a shirt is in the prologue (the first 30-60 minutes of a ~50 hour game), before there's any actual gameplay. He's pretty buff, too.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Link, whenever he's a teen, is usually a handsome Bishōnen with pretty Innocent Blue Eyes. As shown in the page image, he even gets a Shirtless Scene in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an even bigger example than previous Links. He is a Long-Haired Pretty Boy who wears a ponytail and has a softer, more feminine looking face than usual. He starts the game shirtless and you can technically play the game with him only wearing boxers if you want (though it would be challenging). At E3 2016 many jokes were made by Nintendo's Treehouse crew about how attractive Link is (especially shirtless). He's a huge Chick Magnet in-game as well.
    • To boot, Breath of the Wild offers the possibility of changing outfits, with some of them (namely, the Gerudo outfits, both male and female, and the Barbarian Armor) show quite a lot of skin, while, as mentioned above, going completely shirtless is also entirely possible.
      • As if it wasn't blatant enough, certain accessories and weapons erase the need for some of the outfit's elemental boosts, so you can theoretically have Link walk through the snow in only his underwear.
    • Also in Breath of the Wild is Prince Sidon, who is a Zora that doesn't wear any form of clothing other than a belt and other accessories, is quite muscular, and is darn tall. Whenever Sidon appears, you'll be seeing his built body quite often. Heck, the very first time you see him (if you follow the story in the correct order) he's dripping wet
  • Little Mac from Punch-Out!! was never this originally but when he was redesigned in Wii version and further enhanced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, you bet your ass he became this to the fangirls and fanboys. Mac is so handsome and ripped, fans have likened him to a JoJo character and shipped him with everyone from Samus to Link.
  • Starting from Soulcalibur IV, the Soul Series has every male character in can have their armor broken during battle and fight shirtless. You can even strip all the male characters down to just underwear, fundoshi and thongs in the Character Customization menu!
  • Sengoku Basara gives us Sanada Yukimura. Able to effortlessly go from Moe puppyblob to Hot-Blooded kickassery at the drop of a hat. And don't even get us started on those abs...
  • The Prince of Persia manages to lose more and more of his upper-body clothes over the course of the first game, until he's completely shirtless.
  • Star Fox seems to have invoked this as of late with its predominantly male cast, to its fanbase's glee. The most obvious example is Wolf.
  • Resident Evil:
  • Kaim from Lost Odyssey has very formfitting armour, with a nice sliver of flesh that shows off his hips and lower back. Not to mention the scene when he awakes after losing his memories, and is shirtless.
  • Onmyōji has a fair share, but the grand prize goes to Yasha whose all outfits are revealing to some degree, most infamously his default Awakened form which embodies the Theiss Titillation Theory to the T.
    • Not even protagonist Seimei is spared when the first thing anyone mentions about his summer firework festival skin is the fact his chest is visible.
    • And then there is humanoid Orochi who is Evil Is Sexy played dead straight.
  • Final Fantasy loves its handsome fellas. Let's see - partial list;
  • Street Fighter:
    • THE original Mr. Fanservice in fighting games is Ryu. Tall, Dark, and Handsome? Check. Heroic Build? Check. Badass inside the battlefield and a mix of Socially Awkward Hero and Nice Guy outside? Check. Goes barefoot? Check. Friends of both genders that he can be ship teased with once in a while? Check. The fifth game upped it even more with one of their DLC costumes: "Hot Ryu" has Messy Hair, quite the bare chest, the mother of Heroic Build, and a Badass Beard which screams nothing but fanservice. Fangirls, fanboys and LGBT+ fans have gone gaga over him, and they can't be blamed.
    • Vega is a Bishōnen whose ridiculously muscly and in the SFV can pull off the frilly shirt. Unfortunately, he's a Ax-Crazy narcissist which spoils some of his sex appeal.
    • There's also Charlie Nash, who originally appeared in the Alpha games. He came back in V looking like Frankenstein's monster but sporting a vest that displays his firmly toned chest, the abs remained untouched.
    • Urien and Gill are also notable walking glasses of fanservice for players to drink in. Impeccable bodies only rivaled by Greek gods, wearing nothing but thongs...
  • Darkstalkers
  • World of Warcraft:
    • The male Blood Elf player character could qualify as this, appearing in the game at about the same time Blizzard began to realize they had a significant female playerbase. At the very least, his original model was pretty enough that the male fans set up a howling outcry until the developers bulked up his muscles. He still has much more delicate facial features and much more fabulous hair options than any of the other male models. And, by extension, male Void Elves as well.
    • Wrathion's upgraded humanoid form as of Battle for Azeroth seems to have been specifically designed to appeal to players who prefer men. Sultry looks? Enticing voice? Charming, sassy attitude? This dragon ticks all the boxes.
  • The King of Fighters envelopes some fanservice elements in their male characters for its fans. The one who set the example in regards to this trope is Iori Yagami: Deep and sensual voice? Check. Bad boy attitude? Check. Hell-Bent for Leather? Check.
  • The Suikoden games all have a pair of combination attacks ("Pretty Boy(s)" and "Fancy Lad(s)") where that game's collection of Bishōnen gang up to attack the enemy. Needless to say, there's usually at least one who qualifies for this trope.
  • Almost all of the guys in the Arland trilogy are impossibly pretty, but Sterk takes the cake. He can be seen half undressed, naked in a hot spring, or being attacked by a giant octopus.
  • While very few of the male characters in Mortal Kombat seem to be able to find a shirt, there's Johnny Cage, with his literally constant bare-chestedness.
    • Liu Kang as well, since he's more often than not bare-chested and has pretty handsome features as well.
  • So much attention has been focused on the Sorceress and Amazon of Dragon's Crown that it's easy to overlook the Knight and Dwarf's ridiculous muscles, coupled with the Knight's pretty-boy face and the Dwarf's outfit rivaling the Amazon's for Stripperiffic.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates cater more openly to people of both genders who like fanservice, so both games have very handsome men who were openly designed to make fangirls swoon. Awakening has Prince Chrom, Gaius and Owain as the most obvious examples, especially if one goes by their DLC pictures; Fates adds guys like the Male Avatar, Jakob, the Nohrian princes Xander and Leo, the Hoshidan princes Ryoma and Takumi, the Nohrian outlaw Niles, the Nohrian Dark Mage Odin who turns out to be the aforementioned Owain under a Secret Identity, etc.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes has several men go shirtless on occasion. Wild Card antagonist Bruno loses his shirt in his damaged artwork, and the summer variations of Frederick, Gaius, Innes, Leo, Takumi, and Xander and the hot spring variation of Ryoma all go completely bare-chested.
  • Undertale's Mettaton is not only as attractive as the game's pixellated sprite-based art style allows for when he's in his pretty, gracefully-posing EX form, he revels in the fact that he's viewed as this in-universe; apparently, he's released twenty-seven movies each "consisting mostly of a single four-hour shot of rose petals showering [his] reclining body" and visited Undyne's house just so he could lie seductively on her piano while feeding himself grapes. Apparently this started with most of the Underground knowing him as a big talking monitor with arms on a unicycle wheel — and he implies on the Kill 'Em All path that he considers the rectangle form the more attractive one. Seems confidence really does go a long way in making someone seem hotter.
    Burgerpants: Why do people find him so attractive? He's literally just a freaking rectangle!
  • Odin Sphere has multiple male characters that exhibit handsome features and display some more fanservice-y qualities. Of particular note is Ingway, the Prince of Valentine and older twin brother to playable protagonist Velvet. Not only does he have the physical aspects of a Bishōnen, but his outfit features a mantle that has a tendency to flare out whenever he moves, exposing a tanned and chiseled physique. He's so handsome that Mercedes, his love interest, is left speechless when she sees his human form for the first time after breaking the frog curse that was cast on him.
  • Overwatch
    • Doomfist is tall, handsome, muscular, deep-voiced, and perpetually shirtless.
    • Hanzo wears a kimono which shows off the left side of his muscular torso and long dragon tattoo.
    • McCree has a Lifeguard skin, being shirtless and shows off his physique.
    • Genji's cybernetic body resembles form-fitting armor, and has a prominent butt that's conveniently not covered with armor plates.
    • Baptiste initially caught many players' attention with his sleeveless outfit and smooth, deep voice. On top of that, some of his in-game cosmetics reveal him to have a bit of a flirty side, including two sprays depicting him shirtless.
  • Touken Ranbu has gained a massive female (and gay male) fanbase thanks to this trope, what with many of the characters being full-on hunks and bishonen:
    • Kogitsunemaru is tall (despite his name meaning "little fox"), handsome, has long white hair with two spikes resembling fox ears and both his default outfits partly have his abs and chest on display, with one showing off his muscular arms in addition. He'll even offer to carry the player in his arms princess-style.
    • Tonbokiri of the yari group is pretty rugged and muscular in his own right, as his main outfit shows.
    • The same can also be said for Nenekirimaru and Nagasone.
  • While Dragon Age is said to have a few of these, with hot bod gazing and skimpy threads galore.
    • Fenris of Dragon Age II is one of the standout examples. A bisexual elf with white hair, green eyes, skin-tight black clothing and buckets of angst, what's not to like?
    • Cullen, by Inquisition, has become this (if you didn't consider him so in previous games). He gets Shirtless Scene in one cutscene, a few nude scenes, and even parodies this trope in a skit BioWare created in their Best Game of the Year nomination in a game awards show.
    • Dorian, another romance option for male Inquisitors is a very handsome man with a suave personality who also has an explicit, completely unobscured shot of his gorgeous ass in his romance shot.
  • The Dark Parables are brimming with this trope, since most of the major male characters have some of this going on. Brothers-in-law Prince James and Prince Ross are a couple of Hunks, while Jack (the beanstalk climber) bears a strong resemblance to Indiana Jones. The two young men in the bonus chapter of the seventh game are a pair of very Pretty Boys, and Eric, in the ninth game, is a Walking Shirtless Scene. Later games in the series feature the Moon Priest, who arguably looks more like a storybook Prince Charming than any other character yet introduced, and the newest installment gives us the Shadow God, who evokes Evil Is Sexy.
  • Red Dead Redemption II: Tall, rugged and broad-shouldered, with chiseled features and sun-kissed forearms, nice blue eyes and a pleasant Southern drawl, there is no denying that the tough-as-nails cowboy Arthur Morgan is a handsome man indeed. Many people from both genders both in-universe and out think he is attractive. The girls in his camp, including John Marston's wife, seem to have the hots for him. His ex also still has feelings for him. A male character even calls him a "pretty boy" (although he's more of a Hunk if anything) and a barber he can go to get his hair done is always complimenting him. And both male AND female players alike will spend most of their precious sweet time dressing Arthur up than doing anything else in the game. It doesn't help that he's literally modeled after a young Clint Eastwood and is compared to people like Chris Pine, Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth in appearance, especially if he is really well-groomed. Some players can even make him look like a western Leon Kennedy at times. And you can watch him bathe, for the low, low price of 25c, being rewarded to show off his bare chest. Even when clothed, there's an option to have him unbutton some of his shirt so you can still see some of his chest. And then he contracts TB and he loses all his looks in a matter of a few weeks.
  • The promotional campaign for the 1.0 release of Hades made no bones about Zagreus's, ahem, *character* being a major selling point of the game.


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