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  • D&D 3e had Hennet the sorcerer, who ran around with his sinewy tattooed chest exposed.
    • Pathfinder continues Hennet's proud tradition with Sajan the monk and Seltyiel the magus, who both happily expose their toned abs at every opportunity.
  • Scion has Eric Donner right on the cover, a red-headed, muscular demigod with extensive tattoos. His pictures in the book (especially his character portrait) usually depict him as shirtless.
  • Most, if not all of the Primarchs of Warhammer 40,000 are described as being extremely handsome individuals, if you can get over the fact that they're about twice your height; Sanguinius and Fulgrim are especially, with both being described as beautiful to the point of severe distraction. Their father, the Emperor of Mankind, is supposed to be the embodiment of the perfect human- although to call him 'intimidating' could be putting it lightly... And he's very, very old. And above such things.
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  • Mutant Chronicles: The official art of Nick Michaels. A Tall, Dark, and Handsome man with long black hair and a pouty Troubled, but Cute expression, wearing a kilt, and a leather jacket with nothing beneath to better show off his rippling abs. Which fanservice buttons have we not pushed?


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