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  • It can be generally stated that most comic book heroes are this. Skin-tight clothing on muscled bodies? Hell yeah!
  • Dick Grayson. There's a reason why he always ends up parading around shirtless or in his underwear, and his tendency to get tied up... often while shirtless or in his underwear. It's because Nightwing makes female Bat-fans. He also tends to suffer extensive Clothing Damage and gratuitous shots of his lovingly rendered ass (such as the one viewable to the right).
    • Especially in Grayson in which he becomes a sexy spy. Characters in-universe refer to his good looks & physique often. One recurring Anti-Villain, because of perception-scrambling implants obscuring Dick's face, is able to identify him solely by his ass.
    • All the male Robins. You've got Jason, who has a dark and troubled past and a tendancy to wear leather jackets. Tim, a dork with his tendency to ponder his next move and life situation in gratuitous shower scenes. Even Damian has his fangirls.
  • Superman himself isn't immune to this treatment, even if it's rarely focused on. By sheer dint of his looks and Heroic Build, and his general adorableness and Nice Guy personality, the Man of Steel has been subjected to his share of Shirtless Scenes. The New 52 had his first panel in one issue benchpressing the equivalent of the Earth's weight. In nothing but his boxers. It also extends to the actors cast to play him in just about every live action adaptation.
    • Then there's the Kon-El Superboy, specifically designed to be a younger hotter Superman visually with bad boy imagery included by way of his leather jacket, shades and earring to go with his upbeat too cool for school Fun Personified personality.
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  • The Spirit. Although there may be an entirely plausible, plot-related reason for why he's Bound and Gagged so damn much... and undressed... in consecutive splash pages. Or maybe not.
  • Witchblade has Ian Nottingham. Often drawn shirtless due to fannish demand. (Not that Kenneth Irons was half bad, but he spent less time half naked.) And we shouldn't forget The Darkness' Jackie Estacado, either... although he does have a slight impediment for estrogen fun.
  • X-Men:
    • Gambit (especially in the '90s): The dark, brooding and mysterious guy with a horrible past and a dark secret, a cool gimmick, a trenchcoat... and the playful nature of playing basketball shirtless. Or showing his magnificent butt to the 'camera' (i.e. boathouse scene or the arrival in the Onslaught-aftermath issue of Uncanny X-Men).
    • Before Gambit, Longshot played similar role, both in his own mini-series and as a member of the X-Men. The main differences are that he didn't have a longcoat (though his leather clothes certainly were meant to invoke '80s cool, just like Gambit's clothes invoked '90s cool), and instead of being a brooding yet loveable rogue he was a naive (due to being an amnesiac alien from another dimension) yet loveable rogue. He was also co-created by a female writer.
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    • Sunspot from the New Mutants. A handsome, flirtatious Latino who constantly finds himself without a shirt and showing off his muscled physique. One X-Force cover had him shirtless and in chains, which is not the only time that's happened to him.
    • Colossus being tall, handsome and muscular. His costumes, to show off his armoured form, usually don't cover much. When he was resurrected in Astonishing X-Men he spent the first 3 issues of his reappearance wearing nothing but a pair of tight red boxer shorts.
  • Savant, from Birds of Prey, was designed to be a hot one shot villain but became popular.
  • Captain America: James "Bucky" Barnes becomes thoroughly baited when he makes his comeback as the Winter Soldier. Steve Rogers (the Captain himself) can qualify as well.
  • For the furries out there we have The Astounding Wolf-Man, who often suffers clothing damage and frequently ends up shirtless.
  • Empowered's boyfriend ThugBoy. Lessee... Half German/Italian, half Japanese (for the all-important manga eyes and long, silky black hair), blessed in the lunchbox, really buff, more likely to be shirtless than not, more likely to be trouserless than not, more of a Dark and Troubled Past than a third of the other examples, a prime example of Love Redeems... and loves his Cool Shades.
  • Most, if not all of the male elves in ElfQuest. When Wendy Pini did a pinup calendar (for 1998), half the plates showed guys. The one of Strongbow was reused for a cover later.
  • Steelgrip Starkey and the All-Purpose Power Tool: Inevitably done with Steelgrip Starkey, given that he spends almost all his time wearing a red short-sleeved shirt that shows off his muscled arms and washboard abs. Justified in that one reason he was selected was because he matched the archetype of a hard-working American hero.
  • Asterix The Gaul gives us Tragicomix, who is blonde, handsome, and never wears a shirt so as to allow viewers to see his very nicely built chest.
  • Booster Gold was made for this trope. Tall, blonde, muscular, pretty, form-fitting outfit that gets shredded a lot, and a great ass. His character development from money-grubbing media whore to tragic genuine hero doesn't hurt either.
  • While Sin City is mostly known for its women, Frank Miller adds plenty of Male Frontal Nudity from all of its male protagonists (with the exception of Marv). Dwight was even shirtless for the entire Big Fat Kill miniseries.
  • In the Den series, Den and any other male human becomes this upon arrival in Neverwhere, naked, muscled and hung, albeit bald.
  • Tony Stark could have very well made his fortune by getting a nickel for every time he ends up naked, tied up, brainwashed, imperiled, or otherwise put into situations that give the fangirls squee-fodder. There is at least one blog solely dedicated to all the times the various incarnations of Tony end up at least half-nude, and it's quite large.
  • Coming along in the wake of Tom Hiddleston's popularity in the Marvel Films, Loki got a very Hiddleston-esque makeover and became one in his new solo series, Loki: Agent of Asgard. The people in charge, knowing where their bread was buttered, had him naked in the shower on the second page. (All this is in sharp contrast to his rather Gonk-ish appearance in the early days of The Mighty Thor.)
  • In Warlord of Mars most Martians men could count (with the exception of the Green People) since just like their females, they are half-naked space hunks adorned in the male equivalent to Chainmail Bikini. John Carter stands among them due to also appearing completely naked at certain points, albeit with Hand-or-Object Underwear and Barbie Doll Anatomy.
  • Namor McKenzie aka Sub-Mariner has spent most of his publication history running around in nothing more than swimming trunks (and sometimes NOTHING), showing off his Heroic Build. He's dressed up some since then but he still likes to show off his arms and chest.
  • Of the Flashes, Wally is usually the one who gets the most female attention, and for good reason.
  • Thorgal has a lot of Shirtless Scenes where he shows his Carpet of Virility. In particular, he spent almost the entirety of City of the Lost God and The Sun-sword wearing just briefs.
  • In Lanfeust, the title character is a pretty muscular red haired boy but, oddly enough, his nemesis Thanos also qualifies. He can teleport instantly to any location he memorized but always ends up naked!
  • Steve Trevor's depictions have varied over the years and continuities, but Wonder Woman's boyfriend and oft husband is always a good looking military man who is respectful of women. In Wonder Woman (Rebirth) he's a noted hunk who ends up frequently shirtless, and in The Legend of Wonder Woman (2016) he's a humble Ace Pilot with significant clothing damage in his first few appearances and whose beautiful eyes and gentlemanly ways are commented on by many characters.
  • In Wonder Woman (1987) Hermes is a smiley hunk who essentially wears a skirt to hide his privates, which frequently does little to nothing to hide his derriere.
  • In Spider-Man 2099, a woman (who does have a boyfriend) straight up says that Miguel O'Hara (in his suit) has the tightest ass she's ever seen. Even the villains comment on his attractiveness. For the record he's a 6'2" (that's 1.89 meters) half-Mexican with a Perma-Stubble, lean and muscled physique, and red eyes, and a bit of a Home Nudist.
  • Daredevil has the reputation of being "the greatest himbo to have ever worn tights" and is indeed a huge Chick Magnet. Red-headed lean hunk, and you could even argue those milky eyes give him a strange allure.
  • X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Two kinds in this from the comics: half-naked attractive male pilots, and referencing a large usenet group's "Vote Wedge/Tycho For President" meme.


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