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  • Both lampshaded and played straight at the same time in this Old Spice commercial on Isaiah "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" Mustafa.
  • The entire purpose of the Netflix commercial Show, Don't Tell. Judging by the reaction to it on the internet, it's very effective.
  • This Breast Cancer awareness ad specifically says, "If women are more likely to watch a video featuring a hot guy..."
  • Johann in the Gevalia Coffee ads.
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  • Kraft had a series of commercials for their salad dressings that featured actor Anderson Davis. He would talk seductively about cooking, the camera focused routinely on his biceps and butt, and he almost never makes it through a single commercial without losing all his clothes from the waist up (and possibly down; unfortunately, we never get to see). The commercials have all been included on one Youtube video for our convenience:
  • Hefty trash bags took John Cena's Mr. Fanservice status from his professional wrestling career and ran with it.
  • One ad campaign for Diet Coke featured a group of female office workers eagerly anticipating "break time," wherein they would flock to a window overlooking a construction site and watch as, in slow motion, a hunky, sweaty construction worker would go on break, peeling off his shirt and drinking his Diet Coke, apparently oblivious to all the spectators Eating the Eye Candy above him.
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  • Model-turned actor Evan Evagora (who portrayed Elnor on Star Trek: Picard) was once bare-chested for a 2018 Australian commercial.


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