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  • Yes, yes, I know your bladder's about to explode/you're kinda hungry/you NEED more fun/there are many puddles in this room—I am trying to fix it—MUST you tell me every five seconds, and slow down the process of fixing it by cancelling all of your lined up commands, with your annoying simlish whining?
  • Even worse is that they sometimes will stop doing the thing that will satisfy their need in order to complain if you happen to tell them to do it right as they decide to do so, also cancelling the action you had planned. This includes getting out of bed to complain about being tired, stopping eating in order to complain about being hungry, and getting off the toilet in order to wet themselves.
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  • The worst is that "music" that plays whenever a Sim gets really pissed or something. You know, the "guy screaming into a trumpet sound"...BADADADADUMBADADADADUM WAH WAH WAH WAH.
  • The expansion pack that added hobbies made them worse. The constant phone spam telling your Sims to subscribe to hobby magazines is worse than cold-callers in real life, and worst of all when all your Sims are out of the house and can't answer it. Several fan-made mods have been created specifically to address this problem.
  • The University expansion adds in the School cheer interaction for student sims. If you are planning to live alone, you won't be alone since University added Mascots and Cheerleaders... who ALWAYS do this action upon entering the lot. Fortunately there are many mods that disable them... or you can just use the debug tools and make them commit suicide.
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  • The first Sims uses stock Baby crying sounds. Gets annoying quick.
  • In MySims Kingdom, a couple of characters, Poppy and Sapphire, sound like they're having panic attacks until you complete their tasks. This can be very unnerving while you're trying to perform them. Trevor, however, is in a class of his own. He overacts, says "Vadeesh" (something like "thank you"?) and a second later, the cycle starts over (though probably a different bit of acting)! Soon, you never want to hear the word "vadeesh" again...
  • Sims 3 adds the absolute worst though: a loud musical jingle with an angelic choir every time the active Sim fulfills a promised Wish, even if it's something as mundane as doing the dishes.
  • When the toddler wants to get out of the crib from TS3! 'Rah Rah Rah! Naaaah! Naaaah!'
  • Sims 4 managed to make the babies' crying worse! More annoyingly, sometimes they will begin crying again just ten sim minutes later, and only one interaction can quiet them if they're not hungry or smelly. To make matters worse, it’s so annoying in-universe that other Sims will refuse to sleep if they’re next to a crying baby, so the player pretty much has to fix whatever’s wrong immediately unless they want to deal with work/school performance dropping for the baby’s parents and siblings.

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