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  • Everyone calls the names of all their special attacks. If it's a magic attack, they also have some kind of chant to go along with it, usually. This gets fairly annoying as the AI controlled teammates will probably constantly be using their specials. Also, the noises that monsters make when they get hit and when they die can become really annoying, especially since multiple monsters are often assigned the exact same sounds.
    • The best effect configuration for Genis is the one that stops him from fumbling a spell if he takes damage, especially because you'll never again have to hear, "Don't bother me!"
    • Tales of Hearts. Overeager AI + healers + voice cues on getting hit. "Kenka wa kore k-yabee! Kenka wa-yabee! Kenka wa kore kara da-yabee!" I know you really want to heal me, Hisui, but it's more productive if you run away from the bear mauling you first.
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    • And then there was Tales of Destinys brilliant idea of having the spell voice overs on the menu. So, if you decide to use a healing magic like, say, First Aid, on the menu, you'll have to tolerate a very loud "FAASUTO EIDO!!!-a". And if you have it used multiple times, you'll have a "FAASU-FAAASU-FAA-FAASUT-FAA-FAASU-FAASUTO EIDO!!!-a". And yes, the "-a" is there. Probably a recording error... that makes the thing more annoying.
    • The opening scene of Tales of Phantasia is an example of this trope taken to So Bad, It's Good levels.
      "Thoonder of the Godsch!"
    • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World: "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality."
    • While the Japanese battle voices are usually freaking awesome, there is one in Tales of Vesperia that is really annoying. There are enemy soldiers who seem to shout "baka" every time they are hit; using a multi-hitting Mystic Art/Hi-Ougi on them can drive your patience.
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    • Tales of Graces: That little glass-shattering noise that means you're going into Eleth Break. Bad enough in a regular fight...but if you're up against Emeraude or the Little Queen? Full-on Oh, Crap!.
    • Tales of Berseria:
      • Hey look a shooting star!. It's an innocuous enough line for a relatively good spell from party spell-caster Magilou. The Spell even stuns almost every enemy in the game if you string multiple in a row. The issue is - She says it every single time you cast the spell, and it's basically an instant cast. But don't worry, you'll also get to constantly hear her Mystic Arte Quote ("Rise... arise... Ascending... ANGEL!") soon after. I really hope you like her voice actor.
      • In general, the fact that each attack has one, and only one voice clip associated with it, and said voice clip plays every single time you use said attack means you're bound to run into this many times over the course of a playthrough.
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    • Tales of the Abyss:
      • Human enemies such as thieves or soldiers have a strange grunt that sounds like a duck quacking and plays whenever they are hit, possibly several times within a few seconds.
      • Mieu yells his name or FIRE! whenever you use his Mieu fire ability. Considering you have to use it in many puzzles, it gets annoying fast. He's also considered this in-universe by Luke.
      • Arietta's glass-shatteringly high and screechy voice, especially during the beginning of the game, when she attacks the Kaitzur Naval Point. Particularly annoying during the battle-dialogue when fighting her. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" How about you shut up, Arietta? (Luke and Jade seem to agree)
    • Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2
      • "MUTTON, FRESH MUTTON!" being yelled rather frequently in most market areas.
      • Elize saying "Sharing is caring!" frequently, when she is linked up with someone.
      • Of the non-vocal variety, Xillia 2 has the rather annoying, loud PING sound whenever the cursor goes to the next Allium Orb, which makes checking them out and equipping a new one an unpleasant experience.
    • When it comes to repetitiveness, none can forget how Tales of Legendia does it. Why don't you ask Senel over there... "HOO-HAH EAT THIS! HOO-HAH EAT THIS! HOO-HAH EAT THIS!" Um, get used to that...
    • Tales of Destiny 2: Elraine's "Orokana", unlike Barbatos's quotable taunts. She calmly says it as she pushes you away from her and destroys your combo. Especially if she sends you back right as you got back to her. Given what it means, she's definitely taunting you.
    • The DS version of Tales of Innocence had a lot of voice acting for a DS game. A lot! However, in order to make it all fit, the audio had to be compressed, resulting in some compression artifacts that sometimes make the voiced scenes sound "crackly". This may not have been as notable when played on DS hardware, but if played via an emulator or listened to through headphones, you definitely hear it. Emulator glitches can also aggravate this hardware, and sometimes they might even slow down the speech, utterly ruining dramatic scenes.
      • Special mention goes to a scene where Iria screams "NYEEEEEEEHEEEEEEH!". It would be a Funny Moment... if the compression artifacts didn't make that voice clip even more shrill than it already is!

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