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  • Jaune Arc, Lord of Hunger: Pyrrha becomes one for Jaune as he is gradually corrupted by the Dark Side. Jaune's attachment to Pyrrha and desire to do right by her ends up being the only thing that keeps him from undergoing a full Face–Heel Turn and embracing his worst impulses.
  • In Starfox5's Harry Potter fanfic "Reformed, Returned, and Really Trying", Gellert Grindelwald tries to stay on the side of good, but his idea of ethics is largely "things Albus said to do."
    Unfortunately, none of the remains had been in a condition to be repurposed as Inferi - no, wait, Albus had been quite clear about how that wasn't acceptable.
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  • In Transformers Meta It's Personal Hound inwardly directly states that Bumblebee is this to Grimlock while he is contemplating their friendship.
  • A Crown of Stars:
    • In chapter 52 Shinji realized he was just like his father and he would also burn the world for the woman he loves. So that he asked Asuka keeping him from becoming a monster.
    • Shortly before Asuka had wished punishing a bloody dictator and rapist with extreme prejudice, but she held back because she thought that Shinji -who hates hurting people and killing- would have a trouble with punishing him too severely.
  • Fluttershy becomes this for Rainbow Dash in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, as Rainbow Dash in this continuity never became the Element of Loyalty, thus never forming the True Companions like in the main story. This also deconstructs this trope in that with just a Morality Chain and no one else, she is unable to extend that sympathy to other people or really relate to them.
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  • Thousand Shinji: In this story Shinji is a psychotic, arrogant, manipulative Jerkass with little empathy. Believe it or not, if his girlfriend Asuka, his surrogate -or so he thinks- sister Rei, his surrogate mother Misato, his friends Touji and Kensuke... he would be way, way worse. Before moving in Tokyo-3 he regarded people as tools to be used and discarded or morons. But after finding them Shinji begins to show love, empathy, tenderness, caring, pity... when he is around them, and he even tries to use his well-trained manipulative skills for the good.
  • In Voiceless the Third Hokage seems to be this for Naruto. In chapter 4 the narrator mentioned how he sometimes hated his trainer, Kakashi, and often thought about leaving the village because he didn't have many other attachments.
  • In A Cure for Love L becomes Light's Morality Chain. Even after Light regains his memories he shows more restraint as Kira than he did before (to the point that a fellow Knight Templar thinks he’s gone soft) and Light even considers L to be his "partner" in destroying another enemy. But then when L "betrays" Light by suggesting he should be committed; Light snaps, abandons any remaining moral constraints, and essentially takes over the world in an afternoon.
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  • In All You Need Is Love Naomi Misora realizes, to her horror, that she's the Morality Chain so she sticks around Light even while knowing he's a manipulative, narcissistic, mass-murderer because she knows he could be so much worse.
  • Another Death Note fanfic, And the Story Continues, poses Erin as this for Shinigami Umbra. He only pays much mind to what she says, and she's basically the reason he eventually defects to Near's side rather than continue to work with the new Kiras Kiyomi and Teru and do who knows what afterwards. Umbra may be drawn to her because of the past relationship they'd developed back when he used to be human.
  • Child of the Storm has Carol as Harry's in the sequel, after a horrific Trauma Conga Line at the hands of the Red Room which led to him briefly becoming the Dark Phoenix. While there are a lot of candidates for this role, and some initially know him better than she does, she has the advantage of an accidentally created Psychic Link with Harry. This means that she's a very good judge of his actual mood and tends to keep him grounded - either through kindness or Brutal Honesty. As he recovers, this role becomes less necessary (though her death is explicitly what would set him off again), but the likes of Peter Wisdom still see her as something like the Kid with the Leash.
    • Unusually, despite their long-running romantic tension, Love Redeems is firmly dismissed. As both agree, they both have far too many issues to date anyone - at best, it would be a horribly co-dependent relationship, with Harry using Carol as a Living Emotional Crutch. They instead opt to leave the door open for something when they're both (particularly Harry) more stable. Lo and behold, in chapter 46 of the sequel, after Harry definitively proves his ability to get through not one, but two major crises while comprehensively resisting the temptation to use his inner Phoenix, and Carol's got over most of her trust issues, they get a Relationship Upgrade.
  • In the Avatar fanfic by the same name as this trope, Zuko (and to some extent Ursa) is a morality chain for Azula. Striving to earn her mother's affection, she goes along with her promise to watch over Zuko. She is still a manipulative psychopath with little concept on base emotions like love and still out to capture the Avatar, but she shows genuine care and concern for not only her brother but her friends Ty Lee and Mai as well. You cannot help but to root for her in some scenes.
  • In Incarnation of Legends, Bell is this for Kojiro, who would normally simply look for opponents to amuse himself with. If not for Bell, Kojiro would have simply ignored Haruhime's plight as something that isn't his own business. But Bell's admiration of him instills in Kojiro a desire to prove himself worthy of it that even Ritsuka Fujimaru could not.
  • Inner Demons: In a way, Trixie serves as this to Queen!Twilight, as the former's Undying Loyalty brings out what little compassion and good is left in the latter. When Trixie dies, Queen!Twilight suffers a full-blown Villainous Breakdown and shifts from an Evil Overlord to an Omnicidal Maniac.
  • An Invoked Trope in Heir when Voldemort worries about what kind of monster he might become without Severus.
  • In the Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, heroine Vale holds onto the promise she made to her younger sister that she wouldn't sacrifice her morality in the arena, whenever she considers doing anything morally reprehensible (not that such a Shrinking Violet would probably start chopping her friends and allies to pieces, anyway, but her promise to Laurel ensures it). An even better example would be the way that Vale herself serves as a Morality Chain to Obsidian.
  • In Children of Time, Professor Moriarty tells Dr. Watson that Sherlock Holmes is "drowning" without his Watson. Heartbreakingly true.
  • In Kaleidoscope of Magic Hermione becomes the one thing keeping Harry gray-not-dark after Dumbledore and Algernon Croaker throw him into Azkaban and have him tortured to give him a superpower which only awakens in response to extreme misery.
  • In If Them's the Rules, a Time Travel fic where Harry raises young Tom Riddle. Tom is still a Sociopath but he behaves himself out of loyalty to Harry because Harry is the only person to ever show him kindness.
  • In Diaries of a Madman, Taya and Flo often act as this for Navarone, putting a damper on some of his more unethical behaviour.
  • In He Is Not One of Us Snape finds out that Harry is secretly studying the Dark Arts and advises him to keep some humanity in order to avoid their seductive aspects and Harry replies (referring to Hermione) "She's outside the door."
  • In Fate's Favourite, Harry serves as this for teenage Tom Riddle, who considers Harry to be his equal and his best friend (despite having that pesky moral code) and does not want to make him too upset.
  • In Mega Man Reawakened, Robert was this to Tron when he was human. When she finds out he's still alive, she turns good. Later it's reversed, with Tron helping to keep him on the straight and narrow.
  • Molly Weasley is this to Harry in the one-shot After The Final Battle. Harry easily admits to himself the only reason he doesn't kill Ron is because he knows it would devastate her and she's the only adult who's ever acted like a parent for him. Especially after seeing her boggart (which shows a person's greatest fears) is her family dead, which includes Harry.
  • In a series of stories written by WithoutHesitation, Beetlejuice is a complete monster who frequently and indiscriminately commits acts of extreme violence... except when Lydia is around, and only because he doesn't want her to view him in a negative light. Ironically, later in the series it's implied that his relationship with Lydia ultimately resulted in Beetlejuice murdering many, many more people than he would have if he'd never met her, all due to his aggressively possessive and protective behavior.
  • Zigzagged in Cultstuck. Karkat is Gamzee's moirail, and Gamzee sobers up, which makes him evil, so he can protect Karkat effectively. During Gamzee's POV chapters, his love for Karkat is basically the only thing keeping him coherent. The creepiness of this is not ignored.
  • Inverted in the Batman fanfic Macushla, where Stephanie Brown, due to a long series of events, becomes Damian's bodyguard and caretaker/Morality Pet. After Talia al Ghul has Stephanie killed or at least, that's what she tells Damian, Damian joins the Batclan to honor her memory.
  • In Hail Odysseus James Potter's shade heavily implies that a Slytherin Ginny Weasley serves this function for Harry.
  • In Serenity Tom Riddle snapped and became an Omnicidal Maniac after unintentionally killing Myrtle with the basilisk.
  • In The Bug Princess, Lady Delphine observes that Beetlejuice is unusually benign for a poltergeist. He admits that Lydia "holds the leash" and that it's for love of her that he's so well-behaved, though he adds that the longer they're apart, "the more mindless and chaotic" he's likely to be.
  • In Is Your Great-Aunt an AI? Harry Potter is the one thing which enables GLaDOS to preserve a sliver of humanity and morals.
  • Donquixote Rocinante considers his sister-in-law Evelyn Potter and nephew Atticus as this to his brother Doflamingo in The Emerald Rose. Doflamingo is still a sociopathic grade-A jerkass, but Rocinante really doesn't want to imagine how he would be without his wife's humanizing influence.
  • In Forgotten, Dracula is perfectly happy to let live humanity as long as his beloved wife is besides him. His servants are not happy about it and decide to kill Mina Hakuba - the latest reincarnation - and destroy her soul to ensure she would be unable to redeem Dracula again. Soma disagrees with it. Quite violently.
    • Alucard later begs Mina to teach Soma how to live without her, pointing how she could die from illness or old age and still Soma would fall into the darkness because of it. She promises she will.
  • Itachi becomes this to Sasuke in Son of the Sannin, always working hard to keep him from losing his path.
  • In Advice and Trust, Rei is the one thing keeping Kaworu from giving into his Angelic instincts and becoming Tabris. When she dies in a Heroic Sacrifice against Armisael, it's only thanks to a combination of his knowledge that she usually gets better in other timelines and a well timed pep talk from Mrs Horaki that keeps him from trying to start Third Impact right then and there.
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug fic Fox Rain Trixx acts as this to Lila, keeping her from her canonical descent into villainy by giving her the courage to not become a shut-in and fester on her anger and later warning her she was being manipulated by Papillon into mistrusting all her friends.
  • In A Monster's Marriage, Jaune is married to Cinder Fall. His genuine kindness actually rubs off on Cinder, making her slightly less of a controlling bitch. Even Mercury and Emerald find themselves feeling like normal people when interacting with Jaune.


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