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Moral Event Horizon / Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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  • Cad Bane, as fairly popular as he is, still crosses the line when he tortures a guy to death, on-screen no less.
  • Zygeerian Keeper Arguss wants to make sure Obi-Wan does not try to attempt anything against him, by dropping some Togrutan prisoners down a bottomless gorge. And then later, when the Republic has arrived to liberate the surviving slaves, he sets the system to dump the slaves into the abyss, and then smashes the panel to prevent Obi-Wan from saving them.
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  • Osi Sobek crosses this when he gleefully shoots a captured Clone Trooper in the face.
  • The Trandoshan Slavers, what with their capturing and hunting Jedi Padawans, as in, teenagers, for sport.
  • Pong Krell, when he cruelly tricks 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion Clone Troopers into killing each-other before Rex realizes that they're being duped. Worst of all, among the clones killed is Waxer.
  • Pre Vizsla crosses this when he callously murders an innocent teenage girl in front of her father and then orders his men to torch the whole village. Why did he do all of this you ask? Because that aforementioned father and his people had demanded that the Death Watch give them back those among them who they had taken as slaves
  • Darth Maul takes a running leap over this in the fourth season finale. While most would argue that Maul had already crossed it when he killed Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon is a Jedi, Maul is a Sith. Nothing personal there. What is personal, however, is murdering a bunch of innocent people, including children, just to lure Obi-Wan for the sole sake of revenge. He may have also crossed it by killing Duchess Satine in front of Obi-Wan just to utterly devastate him.

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