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Moral Event Horizon / Sonic the Hedgehog

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  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Drago Wolf is hated by nearly every fan of the comic, and with good reason; turning traitor and joining Robotnik? Not nearly as bad as browbeating your abused girlfriend into killing the leader of the resistance and framing the titular character for it.
      • To make her an even more sympathetic character, she had no idea what she was doing when she nearly killed Sally. Drago gave her a Sonic mask (to make Sonic look like the hero) that had circuitry in the eyes that turned everyone in view into a duplicate of Snively, Robotnik's right hand. So, to recap: he bullied her into committing murder (even of a villain), gave her a mask that made her confuse her leader with her supposed target, and causes Sonic to be framed on the side. Yeah, Drago's a bastard.
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    • Robotnik himself—or rather "Eggman." He'd been spending most of his time since his return trying to re-establish himself as a credible arch-villain. Then along comes his Egg Grapes—a set of devices that drain the life force of Mobians to power his machinery. The process is fatal. Eggman re-killed off the echidna race with 'em. Charmy Bee was in one for less than a minute and his brain is still a bit scrambled. When the Grapes were introduced, his sidekick/robotic daughter asked why he would do this when there were many methods of power production that were much more effective. His response was that none of the other methods were "as fun."
      • The same goes for the original Robotnik, the man who once called himself Julian Kintobor. The man attempts to take over an Overlander city and ends up being rescued by Mobians. His response? Initiate a coup, roboticize countless Mobians and hold the planet in a death grip for ten years. Before his death at the hands of Sonic himself, he crosses it one last time by setting Sonic up for the death of Sally and proceeds to wipe Knothole off the face of the map (both get better)
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    • Geoffery St. John. Grief-stricken by the death of his father, he learns of the trapped Ixis Naugus and starts conspiring in order to get revenge on those who lead to his father's death. When the rescued King Acorn asked St. John to recruit people for his Secret Service, he purposely recruited people with less-than-friendly reputations for the sole purpose of pinning the blame on them should his Batman Gambit fall apart and he be revealed. In short order, he double-crosses Sonic, gives Naugus one of the Chaos Emeralds, and helps initiate a coup that would indirectly lead to the destruction of the Freedom Fighters.
    • Thrash the Devil. The last of the normal Mobian-type Tasmanian Devils as all of the others have been killed off by time and are replaced by the mindless Devil Dogs they are today because of scientific experiments performed by the Echidnas. He enacts probably one of the worst cases of Disproportionate Retribution by exiling all echidnas except for Knuckles and Dr. Finitevus into another dimension, despite all of them, including Knuckles himself, having nothing to do with what happened to them. What's worse, Charmy's wife, Saffron, is caught in the crossfire and tossed in, too! It's made very clear to the reader throughout that Thrash doesn't care who he has to hurt or murder to do it, as long as he gets what he wants.
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    • (In Reality Thrash exiling Saffron and Julie-Su was more due to legal issue than story.) Somewhat downplayed that he does care for other people as long as their not echidnas unfortunately and Thrash (as well as Geoffrey) Moral Even Horizon was caused by being Well Intentioned Extremist rather than being evil.
    • Metal Sonic was a non-sentient robot for most of the series, but was finally given sentience in Sonic Universe #50. This very first issue of him having a personality has him murder Shard, one of the most heroic and likable characters in the comic. This is only after a fight that Metal Sonic started by threatening to murder a comatose hospital patient in his bed. Metal Sonic's only complaint about what he did in that issue was that he wasn't getting to kill Sonic.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Did you fail to collect all the Chaos Emeralds at the end of the Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2? If so, then Tails will be held prisoner indefinitely by Dr. Robotnik, where he will presumably be killed, or worse. Definitely not something we'd expect from the Robotnik we know from the games.
    • Robotnik's entire schtick is doing horrible things to the happy critters of the forest, that's why all the machines Sonic destroys pop, and then critters escape the wreckage. Capturing Tails is only worse because Robotnik does all that other stuff without having a personal vendetta against his victims; God only knows what he'd do to his nemesis' only living friend.
    • Tikal's father Pachacamac crosses it in Sonic Adventure. Through the flashbacks, we are told that he wanted to use the Master Emerald to turn his city into a utopia. To get it, he storms the Emerald shrine with his soldiers, slaughtering the Chao there and attacking Tikal when she tries to stop him. He ends up getting himself and his men killed by Chaos by doing this, but also corrupts Chaos, causing him to become bitter and filled with hatred towards all life. It's pretty heavily implied that he's actually doing all this to use the Master Emerald as a weapon and build a Great Echidna Empire.
    • After all the killing he is responsible for, Black Doom has the balls to proclaim himself a savior of humanity, intent on saving people from their own errors.
    • Mephiles commits horrible acts very often such as him attempting to cause pain and suffering on Elise to release Iblis by killing Sonic sadistically while doing an Evil Laugh. He goes far beyond the Moral Event Horizon when he decides to become Solaris and destroy space and time because he enjoys destruction.
    • In Sonic Lost World, the Deadly Six cross it when they activate Eggman's Extractor to drain the world completely of its energy, destroying it outright.

  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric may hype its titular villain as being on the irredeemable side of the line already, but it's the moment he responds to losing a game of Keep Away by taking control of Metal Sonic and using him to raze half of Slowpoke Isle that he makes it clear that all life besides himself is expendable to get what he wants. If that doesn't do it, demanding the Crystals from Sonic and his friends, and ordering his bots to shoot Sonic anyway when his demands are met, certainly will. To drive this last one home, Amy and the others turned the Crystals over, fully expecting him to shoot Sonic if they don't, and asked that he let Sonic go afterwards; that Lyric had his bots open fire anyway just for the sake of "unfinished business" shows that this snake is a total rat bastard.

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