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Moral Event Horizon / Power Rangers

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I knew you were evil, but this?
Dayu to Master Xandred after he burns her harmonium, Power Rangers Samurai
  • Power Rangers in Space:
    • If abducting Zordon and draining him of his powers isn't enough for Dark Specter to cross it, then this sure is: Threatening to wipe out all life on Earth with a giant asteroid if the Rangers don't turn Karone back over, and even after she's brainwashed, he lets the asteroid continue on its course, anyway.
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    • Aside from being responsible for the Barillian Bug infestation that made KO-35 abandoned, Darkonda kidnapped Karone as a child and when confronted by Andros, he refers to it as one of his greatest accomplishments.
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy's Final Big Bad Trakeena crossed it when she attempted to attack Terra Venture with Stingwinger suicide bombers. And she targeted the escape pods, too. (The Dragon, a Noble Demon even more so than Diabolico, and who trained her, tried to stop her because his Morality Pet child friend was on one. She killed him, with him refusing to resist out of loyalty.)
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue's Queen Bansheera does truly horrible things. She crosses the line when Olympius, her son, ends up stuck in the local equivalent of Hell; she opts to leave him there for being useless enough to get stuck there in the first place, and seems to take perverse pleasure in doing it, too.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force:
    • Master Org crossed it before the story began when he killed Cole's parents. But if that's not enough, then he goes beyond the point of redemption during the story when he sends Onikage to manipulate Toxica into cutting her horn off, both knowing full well of her vulnerability without it, thereby leading Mandilok to use her as a human shield.
    • Mandilok crossed it for using Toxica as a shield from the Rangers' Jungle Blaster.
  • Power Rangers S.P.D.
    • Gruumm crossed it before the story began when he destroyed Cruger's home planet Sirius.
    • Broodwing crosses it betraying Gruumm over his refusal to pay him for arsenal that the monsters he hires can't afford themselves.
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: While Flurious is never a nice guy from the start, tricking his brother, who'd come on his hands and knees offering peace, into handing over the Corona Aurora with an offer of friendship, then killing him off in cold blood definitely pushes him over the line.
  • Power Rangers RPM:
    • The show's premise is Venjix DESTROYING 99% OF HUMANITY. Also when he gains control of all the hybrids he experimented and hid in Corinth there are children among them and they don't even look a year over ten. Everything Venjix does qualifies for this trope.
    • While not as bad as Venjix, Alphabet Soup crosses the line at some point when they (your choice):
      • keep super intelligent people, including children, imprisoned for their entire lives under the belief they're allergic to the sun
      • ALLOWED VENJIX TO ESCAPE by not letting Dr. K install the firewall to stop the virus from spreading
      • tried to 'murder Dr. K to cover up Venjix's origins.
  • Power Rangers Samurai:
    • In the episode "Trading Places" the Monster of the Week Switchbeast goes around city and turns innocent people into various objects. The point of this plan is that unsuspecting humans will get rid of those objects, unaware that there are human souls in them. This would have resulted in a lot of people being killed (including Rangers, Bulk and Spike) if Mike and Emily didn't defeat Switchbeast. That was the entire point of Switchbeast's plan: to have as many innocent people turned into objects and would have been disposed and destroyed by unsuspecting humans. Usually Nighloks want to make misery, but this time they wanted to kill innocent people.
    • Master Xandred, when he isn't drinking his "medicine" and yelling at people, crosses this whenever he:
    • Meanwhile, Serrator crossed it 200 years ago by making a Deal with the Devil with Dayu, turning Deker into a half Nighlok and taking his memories, not telling her that until she's already made the deal. The more the two of them suffer, until finally meeting their tragic ends, the more you'll consider Serrator the most heartless villain in the history of a show whose villains often pride themselves on how evil they are. If he didn't cross it then, he most certainly did with his endgame. He wanted to split open the earth, spilling the Netherworld onto Earth, likely causing untold death and destruction all for the sake of becoming powerful enough to rule both worlds. Even the other Nighloks considered it going too far (there was a risk that both worlds would be annihilated.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce:
    • Vrak crosses it by kidnapping Orion and draining his life force to reprogram the kidnapped Robo Knight so he can attack the Rangers.
      • He even talks smack about his own brother, to the chagrin of the Rangers.
    • Vekar and the Armada cross this two episodes in by attempting to bomb every single major city on Earth. Just imagine what the body count would've been for a second...
    • It goes even further when we learn that they successfully wiped out Orion's home planet. When Orion confronts Prince Vekar about it, he asks him if he wants his autograph.
    • While sending all of his forces to destroy Earth sounds a little generic, Emperor Mavro sure cemented it to the point of irredeemable territory by ignoring Levira's pleas to enlarge her when she's on the verge of destruction.
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge:
    • Heckyl crosses it twice in "When Evil Stirs." The first one was that (as claimed by Professor Strickler) he destroyed the latter's home planet. The second time occurs when he declares leadership over Sledge's prisoners. He offers to let any of the prisoners who don't want to fight the Rangers to go home. When one prisoner accepts the offer, he kills him and tells the other prisoners that it was a test in order to weed out potential traitors.
    • Singe crosses it in his first battle with the Rangers in "A Date with Danger," in which he attacks buildings in a populated area and even shot at an old woman who was in the area at the time of their battle.
    • Long ago, Badussa crossed it by destroying a "Kyoryuger Galaxy".
    • Arcanon crossed it by using the Dark Energem to create Doomwing so that the Silver Energem would be in evil hands.
    • Sledge crosses it when he steals the Dark Energem and uses it to kill Lord Arcanon.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel:
    • Galvanax crossed it prior to the main story when he kidnapped Brody and took him in as a slave for 10 years.
    • Madame Odius crossed it when she framed Ripcon for sending a robot with Aiden's memories to try and steal the Rangers' Power Stars, inciting Ripcon's death.
  • If attacking the Command Center and almost killing Zordon wasn't enough for the movie's Ivan Ooze, his sending the adults to commit suicide was definitely the moment he went beyond the pale.
  • The 2017 film version of Rita Repulsa crosses the line by drowning Billy. She wasn't kidding when she said she had "killed Rangers before".
  • Psycho Green/Trek of the Boom Studios comics crossed it when he betrayed and murdered his Ranger team to ally with Dark Specter.

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