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  • Ghouls from Hellsing. Mindless, infinitely disposable, and created en masse by inexperienced vampires.
  • Mazinger Z: Baron Ashura's Iron Masks and Count Brocken's Iron Cross. They were mindless, obedient cyborgs Dr. Hell created using corpses. The former ones vaguely resembled an ancient Greek soldier whereas the later ones look like modern soldiers. Knowing who are their commanders, it is pretty logical.
  • The Galactor Troopers from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman qualify as Mooks.
  • One Piece:
    • The typical low rank Marines. Luffy can defeat hundreds at once, and their role is just typically to showcase the abilities of a certain character (and freak out about how crazy he is,) then continue the attack so that they can get mowed down some more. True to form, they are frequently endless, for all intents and purposes.
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    • Don Krieg's armada is an earlier example. With 50 ships and 5000 men, East Blue calls it an invasion force. The Grand Line? Target practice.
    • This gets played for laughs in the Straw Hat crew. Zoro has once dubbed Sanji "Pirate A". Sanji did not take his mook status well.
    • An interesting occasion comes up in the climax of the Enies Lobby arc, in which two hundred Marine Captains are sent after the Straw Hats. The Straw Hats are initially concerned about this, as that's the rank Smoker was when they last saw him. Fortunately, it turns out that Smoker's Cowboy Cop tendencies kept him at a rank far lower than what suited his skills, and the rest of the Captains weren't nearly that strong.
    • By the time a pirate hits the New World, an army of mooks is pretty much useless. Thanks to the ability "Conquerer's Haki" (which Luffy has), one can impose their will on someone, and, if their will is weak enough, knock them out. Luffy used this ability in the Fishman Island arc to knock out 50,000 mooks in one blast — and the only reason he didn't knock out the other 50,000 is because his crew needed someone to fight.
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  • Guts personally slaughters all of Lord Adon's men in Berserk (1997) after he and Casca are chased into an enclosed area in a forest, away from the site of the battle between the band of the hawk and the larger enemy force. One after another they charge him, barely distinguishable from each other and are cut down.
  • Pick any Gundam show. Chances are, there's gonna be a notable Mook from it. For just a few examples...
  • When some Ryozanpaku masters in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple tell Kenichi that he is not as good a fighter as he ought to be because he didn't defeat his last opponent fast enough, Shigure, who nurtures some sisterly feelings towards Kenichi, tries to defend him by telling them that the opponent threw too many mooks at him. This provokes the following responses from them:
    Sakaki: (laughing) There's no need to count trash... I once took out a master who had over 100 underlings.
    Ma Kensei: I once slipped through 1000 soldiers and only took out the commander.
    Apachai: I once completely annihilated all my enemies and allies.
  • Terrorists, cartel goons, Nazis, mercenaries, yakuza punks, and other no-name bad guys tend to die in droves whenever the crew of the Lagoon Company or one of the many other badasses of Black Lagoon swings into action.
    • Balalaika's Vysotniki are Elite Mooks. Most of them are nameless. They have no faces and personalities to remember, and have no storyline role apart from "Balalaika's muscle." Nonetheless, most of the above-mentioned badasses in the show recognize attacking them as nothing short of suicide, not the very least because Balalaika herself has a policy of coming down like the Wrath of God upon those who dare to hurt or kill them.
  • Fist of the North Star has mooks by the truckload, every one of them a cruel despoiler of the innocent. When Kenshiro shows up, their life expectancy usually drops to zero in quite messy fashion.
  • Zombies generally have a soft spot for being mooks. In the fifth movie of ''The Garden of Sinners'', it gets even worse than that. Simply put? Ryougi Shiki is a human wheat thresher.
  • Anyone below lieutenant rank in Bleach's Soul Society arc, and any arrancar other than the Espada in the arrancar arc. The Espadas' direct subordinates are Elite Mooks.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Every witch that we see the labyrinth of has minions. Said minions utterly fail to be any kind of threat, and secondary material indicates most of them weren't really designed for combat anyway.
    • The only threat every familiar poses, is that when left alone outside a barrier long enough, they turn into exact copies of the witch that was originally their boss.
  • Fairy Tail: Appear later in the series courtesy of the Sorting Algorithm of Evil being somewhat inverted: the early threats simply don't have enough manpower to field armies of Faceless Goons - unlike the Baram Alliance dark guilds and the kingdom of Edolas. As a result, mooks are treated as a reasonably credible threat and may sometimes overpower the heroes through sheer numbers.
  • Sgt. Frog: All the members of the Shurara Corps aside from Shurara himself.
  • Ranma ½: It's a running gag to discover that the various disguised underlings of Tatewaki and Kodachi are actually the faculty of Furinkan High School. When questioned about this by the protagonists, they invariably claim that Principal Kuno threatened with giving them the boot if they didn't participate the scatterbrained schemes of his children.
  • Appear irregularly in the Pretty Cure series:
    • The Sunackeys/Snackeys of the Desert Apostles from Heart Catch Pretty Cure are the first mooks to appears in the series. They are revealed to be living sand housed in a full body suit, making them literal punching bags for the heroines to wail on.
    • The Choarks of the Phantom Empire from HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!!. Jumbo-sized Choarks called Saiarks are the Monster of the Week of the season.
    • The Nottoreis from Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure are noteworthy because, unlike pretty much every other enemy organization on this series, the Notraiders eschew summoning monsters in lieu of employing armies of mooks to attack the heroines.


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