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  • RiffTrax:
  • The appropriately-named Nightmares the Clown from the "Beyond Belief" segment of Thrilling Adventure Hour, a parody of Pennywise. He's rather annoyed by the fact that Sadie finds clowns hilarious and giggles constantly whenever she sees him. Frank Doyle has repeatedly battled Nightmares, first encountering him when he was a child and he and his friends investigated several dead and missing children.
    Peter: Looks like we solved the mystery at least.
    Nighmares: That's right boys, you did it! You really did it! You solved the mystery and found me! You young boys went and tracked down the fellow who's been murdering young boys all these years! Do you young boys have a sense of irony yet? Probably not, you're from Maine. But my, how'd you be laughing if you did!
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  • Thomas in The Wandering Inn becomes one after "earning" the conditions [Horrific Laughter] and [Lesser Insanity].
  • "Clowns: Satan's idea of what's funny" poster
  • Here's a particularly scary example of a monster clown jack-in-the-box, just scroll a bit down to see it (but be warned, it is very unnerving). Click if you dare: [1]
  • Just a fair warning: This may keep you up tonight.
  • There's a viral comment being spread on YouTube warning, "a clown will kill u at 3:00 A.M. tomorrow morning if u dont pass this 2 10 vids [sic]."
  • Behold Baby Ronald McDonald.
  • The Cheezburger Network's newest website, Clown Fails, is nothing but this.
  • Tom Foolery of the Global Guardians PBEM Universe. Scary makeup, spine-chilling laugh, weaponized toys, and an urge to see the whole world go down in flames. He is the setting's Captain Ersatz of The Joker.
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  • Subject Beef certainly fits. Seanbaby speculates on the cause-effect relationship of wearing clown makeup and killing people. All we can say for sure is that it's there, one way or another.
  • "Nightmare Clown" by Richard Svensson.
  • The Jester, ringmaster of Le Cirque d'Abberations in The Tale Of The Exile, is one of these. He has a magically-induced deformity that gives him a permanent Slasher Smile and a tendency to mutilate others as a form of art.
  • The SCP Foundation has SCP-993, the "Bobble the Clown" show. Once the program starts, everyone in the room over the age of ten passes out, while children under the age of ten report that an animated clown gives how-tos on cannibalism, arson, and a number of other horrifying things; further, the children who watch a show will regularly perform whatever actions Bobble instructed them in until their memories of the show are removed with Easy Amnesia. Worse, whoever is creating the show (and there's a certain amount of evidence that the show itself is a sapient entity that creates and broadcasts itself) appears to be aware that the SCP Foundation has found a way to intercept and block its transmission, as the two most recent episodes are Bobble Hates Younote  and *EXPLETIVE* YOU *EXPLETIVE* YOU *EXPLETIVE* YOUnote 
  • That Guy with the Glasses featured a video with Doug Walker doing a pretty damn good impression of Heath Ledger's Joker practicing his origin story. An attempt to spin this off into a series called "Melvin, Brother of the Joker" was not nearly as well received, and the character became The Scrappy among fans. Walker has engaged in a fair amount of Self-Deprecation about this, and Melvin was killed by other TGWTG contributors during one of the donation drives.
    • The Spoony Experiment features Noah playing "Chuckles the Fucking Jester", a character from the Ultima series. Spoony finds him creepy, screaming when he enters the room. He is also relentlessly obnoxious, making bad jokes and beating Noah with a rubber chicken for not playing "The Game" correctly. After Spoony's robot blasts him with a laser beam, Chuckles flees, and a mysterious figure points out his ability to cause great fear, giving him a Yellow Lantern ring.
    • Diamanda Hagan, who is a female Joker and enjoys slaying her minions when bored.
    • Linkara, on the other hand, is fed up with the negative portrayal of clowns in the media, and introduced Boffo the Clown (who is friendly, dignified and polite) as a deliberate subversion of this trope.
    • Another Cinema Snob Movie features an entire museum full of these, each complete with their own hideous backstory. And they're cannibals to boot. It turns out they're not willingly monster clowns - Bally Joe has enslaved them with special collars, invented all their backstories and is forcing them to eat human meat. Once free of his control, the "clowns" quickly turn on him.
  • Zigzagged and darkly Played for Laughs in the psychicpebbles short "Clown Robbery", where a bank is held up by a clown who, (other than trying to "rob" the place, with a balloon-animal gun) otherwise appears to be basically a normal clown doing normal clown behavior, complete with relying on the same safe, tired old Pie in the Face and squirting flower gags. Everyone else still reacts in absolute horror and panic anyways...until the clown accidentally shoots the teller in the head for real, and then looks down in horror and shock at his "gun". Then everyone starts cheering and applauding him.
  • Skippy's List has examples:
    65. There are no evil clowns living under my bed.
  • The Fear Mythos gives us the Jester, a masked psychopath who serves the Wooden Girl. He sees himself as an artist who has mastered comedy, and views comedy as being anything unexpected. So if you were, say, walking your dog on a pleasant summer day, he might pop out of a bush and blow your brains out just For the Evulz. The fact that the Jester is one of the few humans who serves the Wooden Girl willingly (as opposed to being unable to control his own body like the majority of her servants) just makes him even more horrific. This creepypasta gives a pretty clear indication of how utterly insane he is.
  • Jay Insano of the New Villain Order. Originally he even spoke in Mark Hamill voice clips.
  • Chuckles from Worm, a Serial Killer with Super Speed.
  • There's a video out there of unsuspecting passersby turning a corner in a parking garage just in time to see a Monster Clown pulverize a man's head with a sledgehammer- and then run after them.
  • Hilariously subverted and turned on its head in this 4chan post. You almost feel sorry for the poor bastards.
  • The Youtube user known as Peckcella Von Peter (once featured on Cute Fuzzy Weasel's series Feeding The Trolls) straddles the line between this and Villainous Harlequin. While a Youtube troll in a jester mask talking about how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sucks sounds harmless enough, the mask itself is a bit disturbing and something about Peckcella's mannerisms seems just disturbingly off.
  • Mortasheen combines this with Mons and has a classification of creatures (Specifically the Joker class) based on this concept. Some of them are very weird. Like the eye-chicken-ventriloquist Opticaper, the straitjacket-snake-clown Insanititter and whatever Madcap is.
  • JonTron hilariously subverted the trope in his The Howling Halloween episode. Jon enters his creepy, cobwebbed house and starts to read from a haunted book, but is interrupted by the demented laughter of a clown in his room. He reacts by casually murdering it.
    JonTron: (laughs it off) Oh, thank God. It's just a clown. (pulls out a pistol and shoots the clown dead)
  • In the Seeso series of My Brother, My Brother and Me, Griffin tries to get some local teens to give up their phones by giving them to the Clown Box: a chained-up box with a picture of a clown on it in the middle of the woods.Inside is apparently a clown, who gives gifts in exchange for phones.When it doesn't receive a phone, it becomes enraged, escapes, and kills Griffin, his brothers, and the teens.
  • The Creepypasta character Laughing Jack certainly fits this trope.
  • The villains from Hector's World are a group of clowns called the Info Gang.


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