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Monster Clown / Professional Wrestling

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  • Coco Blanco, a clown with a fanged mask who later became a part of Los Payasos IWRG with the similar Cocochips, Cocolores, Coco Rojo and Coco Verde. Verde, Blanco and Rojo later wrestled for AAA, CMLL and Toryumon as Los Payasos Tricolor.
  • Doink the Clown in the WWF, until his face turn. Then it went downhill fast. Doink also gets point for the coolest entrance theme ever, which started with the first few bars of "Entrance of the Gladiators" (aka the Standard Snippet for clowns) before turning into a very bass-heavy, very evil piece dotted with Evil Laughter. Have a listen.
  • Los Payasos Diabolicos, a legacy group that has spread the fear of clown throughout many Mexican feds.
  • The ax happy Insane Clown Posse. And as of Juggalo Championship Wrestling's founding, they now run their own promotion, which is humorous, but in a very ironic way. (They basically mock everything that is wrong with it on commentary)
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  • An episode of SmackDown in April 2000 had the Mean Street Posse posing as a trio of circus clowns during a hardcore title match when they ambushed Crash Holly.
  • Dead Clown, Psycho Clown, Murder Clown and Monster Clown of AAA are most definitely not examples of this trope, not. Neither is mini clown!
  • Cabal, one half of Gateway Championship Wrestling's version of Nightbreed and a member of the Diabolic Khaos stable, combined this trope with The Giant. Think masked Kane as a clown.
  • Devil Pierrot #1 and Devil Pierrot #2 are a monster clown tag team of Fighting Opera HUSTLE fame.
  • Subverted by Sting in TNA during his 2011 war against the Immortal faction. Slathering over his trademark black lipstick with a grotesquely smeared red Glasgow Grin, playing pranks, and laughing and carrying on maniacally, he seemed to be a Monster Clown but was actually more of a Lovable Rogue playing mind games with the villains.
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  • A mass baby face example on the July 14, 2011 addition of TNA Impact when Fortune took up clown gear to take out Immortal for Sting.
  • Bray Wyatt could be considered a Monster Clown of a sort. His clothing is much too colorful for such an angsty individual, he has a bone-chilling Evil Laugh, many of his speech patterns seem to have been inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker, and he calls himself "the eater of worlds" - one of the titles Pennywise the Dancing Clown applies to himself in It. Add a dash of Mister Rogers and you get his 2019 gimmick as the Depraved Kids' Show Host of "Firefly Fun House", a run which ultimately culminated in Bray becoming the Fiend, the monstrous, golden-eyed demon pictured above.
  • In 2014, "The World Famous" Kana started wearing clown makeup and became a "consultant" for joshi fed REINA. Soon enough, she used her new authority, and money, to give herself a title belt and form a stable known as Piero-gun.
  • TNA's Menagerie stable is often flanked by two giant clown guards. The clown who actually wrestles, Crazy Steve is not an example of this trope however.


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