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  • So you're watching a McDonald's ad in Japan and... OH MY GOD RONALD MCDONALD IS STALKING YOU!!!note 
  • The US Postal Service used this in an ad: "Because we have to get that out of this house." "Come on it's not that ba-eeeaaah! Oh, yeah, that has to go."
  • In this E -Trade commercial with the talking baby, the baby says he rented a clown named Bobo, who we see standing in the background making balloon animals, before getting a scared look on his face and saying "And I really underestimated the creepiness." Subverted in that the clown doesn't actually do anything creepy other than just be there. Which may or may not be enough to be freaky for a clown.
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  • The KGB commercial with two moms looking for clowns for their kids' birthday parties. The one using KGB finds Benny the clown, a professional clown who cheerfully and successfully entertains the children. The second finds Biffo, a fat, hostile clown who scares all the children into running away and then randomly destroys the drink table.
  • A Motel 6 commercial features a guy not being able to sleep because of all the disturbing clown paraphernalia decorating the guest room he's staying in.
  • Krinkles the Clown, of Post's Sugar Rice Krinkles. Good Lord, where to begin? For one, the technology for filming and broadcasting in color was well established by then, but they made the decision to not just shoot everything in black and white, but paint up the set—including Krinkles himself—in black and white. And, to put it in perspective, this ad campaign was chosen after discarding the prior Asian stereotypes they were using.
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  • And then, there's this Wal-Mart advertisement. Those with coulrophobia, do not watch. (Though it's not entirely the poor bastard's fault.)
  • A Little Caesar's ad has two girls wandering in the woods. One of them mentions rumors that a deranged clown haunts the forest. As it turns out, they're right, but thankfully he has a liking for cheap pizza.
  • So... where do kung fu clowns fall in this trope?
  • Taco Bell's "Routine Republic" commercial has clowns as Gestapo officers.


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