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"Don't shed a tear for your birth creature, my darling simulacrum. Your mother was a degenerate criminal, nothing more than raw genetic stock for your glorious technological future!"

"You think I do this [kill people] for money?! I've been gettin' paid for high-end jobs since... forever. Have you ever seen me spend any of it? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if I have more money than you, at this point. No, Norman... I stopped doing this for money a long time ago. I do it because it's fun."
Bullseye, Deadpool Vol. 2 #12

Marvel Comics features many malevolent mayhem-makers.

Other comics under Marvel or related imprints (such as Icon Comics) can be found either at Comic Books or at the appropriate franchise's subpage (G.I. Joe; RoboCop; Transformers, etc.)

Examples with their own pages:

Other examples:

Main Marvel Continuity

  • Annihilation: Annihilus is the Big Bad of this Universe-Wide Crisis Crossover, and becomes far more depraved than any of his previous appearances. No longer content with ruling the Negative Zone, Annihilus leads an army of insect monsters out into the galaxy in what is aptly termed The Annihilation Wave. Consuming whole star systems and devouring entire worlds, then using what's left of the population as fuel for his army, Annihilus wipes out numerous races and leaves the Skrulls near-extinct with his genocidal campaign. Annihilus implants numerous innocents with body-controlling bugs that painfully force them to do his bidding and when one of his armadas encounters resistance while invading a world, Annihilus massacres the entire fleet for taking too long to destroy the planet. Capturing Galactus and many of his Heralds after brutally murdering the hero Quasar, Annihilus uses them as superweapons, which leaves them in a near-death state of constant agony, then reveals he plans to use them to wipe out all life in the universe and reign over the void that's left. Harboring hatred and disgust for everything in the universe that isn't himself, Annihilus is the worst being the Negative Zone has to offer.
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  • Apache Skies: In this Marvel MAX series by John Ostrander & Leonardo Manco, Colonel Richard Trask is an arrogant and greedy gun-for-hire with a propensity for cruelty. When first hired by William Tyler to get revenge for his son's death in the town of Sagoro, Trask guns down the town's sheriff, then sets the town itself ablaze, ordering the citizens to walk through the scorching hot desert to the nearest town, well over fifty miles away, knowing they won't make it and will die. After learning that the Rawhide Kid was behind Billy's murder and is currently on board a train filled with Indian schoolchildren, Trask giddily decides to not only murder Rawhide, but also kill and scalp the near dozen Indian children as well, hoping to sell their scalps to Tyler for an extra profit. In the midst of his hunt for the kids, Trask executes one of his own men for his hesitance in their plans. Having none of the more caring qualities of his boss, Trask stands out as the prime example of evil in the Old West.
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  • Belasco is an Evil Sorcerer who submitted himself to dark gods and once warred with Dante Alighieri by kidnapping Dante's beloved Beatrice. Fleeing to the lost land of Pangaea and raping Beatrice so she would give birth to a new race of demons, Beatrice was torn apart by the act and died while Belasco was stopped. Upon achieving his freedom, Belasco intends on raping Ka-Zar's love Shanna for a new breed of demons before latching on to the X-Men, especially young Illyana Rasputin. In hell, Belasco torments her physically and mentally to give in to corruption, trying to kill everyone she has loved to make her a vessel of darkness so he may unleash his dark masters on the world to kill and damn all of humanity; his methods include using Punisher foe Reverend Samuel Smith as a pawn, as well as seizing control of the monstrous N'Garai to loose them on the world to feast at will. When he faces the New Mutants, hunting for Illyana again, Belasco tortures and kills them, before healing and reviving them to do it again, threatening to bring the entirety of Earth into Limbo and burn it clean until he finds Illyana.
  • Black Panther: Reverend Doctor Michael Ibn al-Hajj Achebe, while allegedly having had his wife cheat on him and the rebel leader she ran off with having burned his farm to the ground, goes far beyond any reasonable actions. He started off by allegedly murdering everyone who'd ever met his wife—up to and including a merchant who once sold her shoes. Next, he went around starting race wars for fun. That was before he made a deal with Mephisto to try and destroy Panther just because, murdered a child as a diversionary tactic, and started a race riot in Washington, D.C. while trying to manipulate Panther into accidentally killing his own ex-girlfriend. Since then, he's mostly limited himself to starving animals to death, torture, and just generally doing whatever will cause the most harm, taking sheer glee in his actions.
  • Black Widow: In the team-up with The Punisher, Spinning Doomsday's Web, by D. G. Chichester et al., Peter "Doc" Malum was a US government scientist who invented a weapon system, the Pluto Project, where jets with supersonic engines can deliver H-bombs to any target on the planet at the speed of sound. Malum, however, was secretly a Serial Killer who murdered people in his spare time. When the government finds out, Project Pluto is mothballed and Malum goes on the lam. Years later, Malum is captured by the FBI, but his gang breaks him free, with Malum brutally murdering several FBI agents. When Black Widow tries to stop Malum, Malum beats her up and spits on her to humiliate her. Malum plans to create his own version of Project Pluto, murdering government officials while stealing the parts he needs. When Malum's assistant Cassady states that he thought they are just going to use Project Pluto to blackmail the world, Malum murders him, intending to use Project Pluto to devastate the world, just for kicks.
  • Captain America:
    • Red Skull, real name Johann Schmidt, is Cap's Arch-Enemy, and a Bastard Understudy to Adolf Hitler himself. Once a bitter, psychotic street kid, this eventual Diabolical Mastermind began as a petty criminal with a violent streak. After having his romantic advances rejected by a Jewish girl who'd been nice to him otherwise, Schmidt flew into a rage, killed her, and finding he liked murder, set out to commit it again. Convincing a friend to try and assassinate Hitler, Schmidt stepped in and saved Der Fuhrer's life. He then donned a Skull-shaped mask and took on the role of a grateful Hitler's spymaster. Trapped in suspended animation by Cap, Schmidt awakened in the modern era and resumed his old ways. Firmly convinced that Dystopia Justifies the Means and that everyone needs somebody to bully, Schmidt has committed every crime in the proverbial book, from the petty to the grandiose. He made several attempts at taking over the world through the use of the Cosmic Cube, killing thousands of people every time; attempted to transplant Adolf Hitler's brain into Captain America's body; tried to bodyjack Cap himself on several occasions; and fought The Kingpin for control of the New York drug trade. He has manipulated the Scarlet Witch as part of a plan to exterminate the world's mutant population; used his Dust of Death to gruesomely kill any subordinate who fails him or looks at him funny; and has been the mover and shaker behind countless Neo-Nazi movements, fascist governments, and terrorist cells, most notably Hydra and AIM. In an alternate future, he spent his time triggering natural disasters, then showing up to inform people that he would not be saving them. When his daughter, Sin, was born, Schmidt planned to kill her for the crime of being a girl; he continuously abuses her. While in a relationship with Mother Night, he brutalized her constantly. With an end goal of reducing society to its most primitive, dog-eat-dog levels, Schmidt is universally despised in both the superhero and supervillain communities.
    • Baron Heinrich Zemo was a Nazi Nobleman who joined the Nazi party after Germany lost World War I. During World War II, Heinrich committed several war crimes, such as strangling a Polish Freedom Fighter named Citizen V to death, and testing a Death Ray on a concentration camp inmate. He also captured and flayed the original Human Torch, recreating the Torch's power to help the Nazis win the war and used the Torch's powers to incinerate one of his own Nazi minions, just for kicks. Zemo also built a death ray, and when Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos tried to capture it, Zemo rigged it to explode, destroying a nearby German town. Zemo was once a loving father and husband, but a fight with Captain America left him disfigured and consumed with hatred for Captain America, and started beating his son and wife. Zemo even tried to shoot through his son Helmut to kill Captain America at one point, and was willing to kill his wife when she opposed him. Near the end of the war, Zemo tried to steal an experimental plane in England and rigged it to explode, seemingly killing Bucky Barnes and trapping Cap in suspended animation. After the war, Zemo fled to South America, hired a band of mercs and enslaved a remote South American native tribe. One day when the tribe rebelled, Zemo violently put down the rebellion and had all the ringleaders of the rebellion killed. When Captain America returned in modern times, Zemo enacted several revenge schemes, including creating Wonder Man in order to infiltrate the Avengers and stating that his powers will destroy him if Zemo doesn't give him an injection every week. He also kidnapped Cap's young friend Rick Jones and stuck him in a trap designed so that Captain America would kill him if he tried to free him.
    • Arnim Zola was a Nazi biochemist in his human years. To escape mortality, Zola used his cybernetic brilliance to digitize himself and survive inside robotic shells to continue his experiments. One of his worst acts was to create the monstrous Hate-Monger, and afterwards he continued to complete multiple experiments for the Red Skull, his usual employer and master. It is later shown that Zola was a monster just waiting to cut loose. When he and Captain America were lost in Dimension Z, Zola becomes its dictator, and its God. He inflicts horrible experiments among the people, overwriting their minds to be loyal to him alone, and turns others into horrible mutants that he sics on those who don't accept his rule. Even his own children there are nothing but pawns, his affection to them fake to manipulate them, and he is more than willing to kill them if they do not conform to his wishes. Zola, to end his long war with Captain America, created a way to get back to Earth, with a bomb that would kill countless innocents before Zola sent his mutants, with the intent of overwriting the minds of the people of earth and mutating others, a process that would kill billions.
    • Doctor Deirdre Wentworth, alias Superia, is a misandrist determined to create a female dominated world ruled by her. Abducting 10,000 female super villains, Superia attempts to sterilize every other woman on Earth, making only her minions capable of producing following generations. Although this plan of her's was thwarted, Superia goes on to manipulate and brainwash Cathy Webster into becoming the unstable man-hating super woman, Free Spirit, under her command. After seemingly be killed by the Red Skull, Superia gifts her younger self knowledge of the future and uses a Cosmic Cube, removing the frozen Captain America from several timelines, leading to the whole multiverse being destabilized and threatening reality. Inserting herself in the Avengers while posing as a superhero called Broad Stripe, Superia causes their disbanding and replaces them with her own minions, the AmeriCommand. Eliminating anyone who stands against her, Superia turns America into a police state; has any superhumans not loyal to her imprisoned and tortured; keeps Tony Stark's disembodied brain in a jar; traps the Fantastic Four in the Negative Zone except for Susan Storm, whom she is implied to have caused a miscarriage. When confronted by Captain America for her evil deeds, Superia refuses to admit any guilt and has the gall to tell him he could destabilize reality by merging with another version of himself, even as he does it to undo the damage she caused to the multiverse.
  • Captain Marvel: Walker, or He Who Walks Beyond Life and Death Like a Colossus, from the May 2001 and June 2001 issues, was a death god of a distant galaxy who, seeking to impress Mistress Death, murdered every soul in his galaxy and entrapped them within him, in horrible torment. When Death was repulsed and turned from Walker, he decided to murder her out of spite, hunting her to Earth where he attempts to get her attention by killing people close to the current host of death, even resorting to Cold-Blooded Torture to draw her out. When Death refuses to show herself at first, Walker reveals he will happily take the Earth apart "molecule by molecule", willing to annihilate everything in his path solely for being spurned by the object of his obsession.
  • Daredevil has fought several abhorrent monsters, but a few have gone the extra mile.
    • Besides The Kingpin, Daredevil's Arch-Enemy is Bullseye. One of the world's most talented, famous and feared assassins, Bullseye has revealed he rarely spends the money from his assassinations, preferring to kill because of the fun involved. Bullseye led a string of murders and assassinations that culminated in the death of his nemesis Daredevil's lover Elektra. Consumed with hatred after being defeated by Daredevil, Bullseye made it a mission to murder any of Daredevil's friends or loved ones, including his later girlfriend Karen Page. After Bullseye was killed by Daredevil and revived, he was rendered a paralyzed invalid in a metal case. In retaliation, Bullseye recruited several killers to his cause and began a systematic campaign to drive Matt insane by threatening the lives of his friends, lovers, ex-wife and anyone he held dear, proving that even being a cripple does nothing to stop his evil or his willingness and ability to destroy whatever Matt loves. When recruited by Norman Osborn, Bullseye took advantage of his position on the Dark Avengers to torment and kill innocents on a whim. Even when not on the job, Bullseye takes great glee in random acts of cruelty, from slaughtering an intersection of people—using mainly paper clips—to alleviate boredom, to starting a gang war that will lead to countless deaths just to bask in the suffering of others. Combining sadism with twisted narcissism and Lack of Empathy for anyone, Bullseye sets the standards of evil for hitmen in the Marvel-verse and serves as an inspiration to many of its killers and monsters.
    • The third Mister Fear, Larry Cranston, assumed the identity of Mister Fear after the deaths of the first two holders. A college rival of Matt's, Cranston resents Matt Murdock for having done better in law school than he did, and tries to ruin his life, using fear gas to induce panic attacks in his victims. Following his return in the 90s after a lengthy hiatus, Mister Fear III triggered a prison riot with his fear gas and escaped, leaving numerous dead. He also freed Serial Killer Charles Burroughs and supervillain Molten Man, and caused them to both go on rampages, while framing Karen Page, Matt's then Love Interest for murder to boot; he later executed Burroughs for "going off script". It was during Ed Brubaker's run, however, that Fear III showed just how low he could go. He provided Lily Lucca with a perfume that permanently altered her body chemistry the men around her to go insane and kill each other, promising to fix her if she aided him, despite there being no cure. He then used his fear gas to drive reformed supervillain Melvin Potter/Gladiator into a psychotic break, leading to the deaths of dozens after a rampage through Chinatown. While all this is going on, he takes the place of Milla Donovan—Matt's wife's—psychiatrist, and drives her into a paranoid breakdown, leaving her institutionalised. He discovered that he can use his fear gas, which he now secretes from his pores, to force women to sleep with him, something he does many times through the arc. Effectively impossible to punish, Mister Fear III was last seen in prison, forcing the other inmates to do his work, and raping a female prison guard.
    • Copperhead started off as Lawrence Chesney, son of a man who modeled for the cover of a pulp magazine called Copperhead. Lawrence's father felt the publishers cheated, so after his death Lawrence took the mantle of the Copperhead character and enacted his revenge. Copperhead began killing criminals and killed a cop who tried to stop him, but quickly establishes himself as a creepy Serial Killer, who puts pennies on the eyes of the victims he just killed. After Copperhead killed one of the publishers for revenge, he was stopped from killing the other publisher by Daredevil, and died while fighting him. Copperhead went to hell after he died and made a Deal with the Devil, returning to Earth as an undead lich. At this point, Copperhead, who lost any of his Knight Templar qualities or possible love for his father, and was fueled by a burning hatred of Daredevil, gathered other B-list Daredevil villains (Owl, Gladiator II, and Stilt-Man), and began a violent turf war with The Kingpin, which cost the lives of many people. Copperhead used those deaths as sacrifices to the Devil, gathering power from those deaths and using it transform part of New York into a version of Hell. Copperhead plans to sacrifice Dardevil and Spider-Man to open a portal to Hell and cause the downfall of mankind. Copperhead also torments his allies with nightmarish illusions, intending to do the same the rest of the world.
    • Coyote started off as a small time unnamed criminal, who volunteered for an experiment that would duplicate the powers of the Spot, a D-list teleporting Spider-Man villain. This experiment involved putting Spot into a contraption that causes him pain, in order to power the machine that gives Coyote his powers. Coyote uses his new powers to become a professional criminal contractor. He assassinates a drug lord by teleporting the blood out of his body. He is hired by a Middle Eastern warlord to open up a weapons supply route, which he does by teleporting a moving truck through a blocked off tunnel, killing several of the warlord's men in the process, just for kicks. Bullseye hires Coyote to mess with Daredevil, so Coyote plays mind games with Daredevil and tries to drive him insane, by teleporting his dead father's skull into his desk drawer. Daredevil soon discovers Coyote's most depraved scheme: Coyote manages to use his powers to remove people's heads without killing them, leaving their bodies intact and able to perform tasks. Coyote kidnaps several people and removes their heads, sending out these headless bodies to be slaves. The male bodies are sent off to perform manual labor, while the female bodies are sent out to be sex slaves. This process causes extreme pain to Coyote's victims. When Daredevil manages to free the slaves and Spot, Coyote's former victims want to get revenge and try to kill Coyote.
    • Muse is a deranged Serial Killer obsessed with sharing his "vision" of beauty with the whole world. First kidnapping over 100 innocent people, Muse strings them up and constantly drains them of their blood, leaving them near-death, and uses said blood to paint a giant mural in a public location. Later, after murdering close to a dozen Inhumans and posing their bodies, Muse kidnaps 4 people and plans to torture them to death, starting by lopping off one's ear, then captures Daredevil's sidekick, Blindspot, whose eyes he gouges out as a sick play on the young teen's name. Muse's lair is a nightmarish museum of depravity and agony, as it displays piles of skulls, heads on pikes, butchered corpses, and removed organs hanging from strings, all gathered throughout his months of murdering civilians. In the end, Muse tries to fatally wound his hundred blood-drained captives to distract Daredevil while he makes his escape, and, even when caught, refuses to show regret, empathy, or guilt for what his atrocities, displaying nothing but gleeful passion at how "artistic" his story has turned out to be.
  • Doctor Strange: Dormammu note , Strange's Arch-Enemy, is the ruler of the Dark Dimension, where he established a dictatorship with his sister Umar, who he has attempted to destroy on more than one occasion. After Strange bested him once, Dormammu has never stopped brooding on that slight and has endlessly attempted to destroy Strange and everything he loves. The obliteration of Earth and its people have been attempted by Dormammu, but those who survive his conquests have it far worse. The Dark Dimension is run like his personal hell, the denizens enslaved and tormented constantly, with only a small resistance against him. To oppose Dormammu is to risk the endless torture of your soul should you fall into his hands alive. He remains one of the few of Strange's many otherworldly foes to have earned the sorcerer's hatred.
  • Fantastic Four:
    • Abraxas is one of the oldest and most powerful beings in the multiverse, opposing Eternity's order and stability with chaos and destruction. Freed by the death of Galactus, Abraxas runs rampant through the multiverse, slaughtering at will and murdering the children of Reed and Sue Richards with great relish on multiple realities, as well as murdering alternate versions of Galactus and announcing his coming by throwing the decapitated head of the Devourer into civilian populations. Gleefully trying to wipe out life on Earth, Abraxas reveals he is after the Ultimate Nullifer so he can end the entire Multiverse and kill every being who exists and has ever existed, plotting destruction on scales most villains would never even dream of.
    • (The) Master(s) of Doom by Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch, et al.: The Marquis of Death, originally one version of the brain-damaged Clyde Wyncham on an alternate Earth, discovered his love of slaughter after murdering dozens of heroes and villains when his mind was fully returned to him, and became dedicated to killing as many things as possible. First massacring every single one of the 7 billion people on his own Earth, the Marquis spent the next billion years traveling to various Earths then slowly exterminating all life on each and every one, always drawing out the deaths of heroes and forcing them into sadistic choices for his own sick amusement. Through this, the Marquis annihilates millions of universes and amasses an unfathomable body count before finally showing up on the 616 Earth, where he annihilates all of Latveria before viciously executing his loyal servant Doctor Doom for going too slow in destroying 616's heroes. The Marquis goes on to torment the Fantastic Four with the millions of versions of their loves ones he has murdered, then tries to manipulate Mr. Fantastic into compromising his morality for the life of his universe, after which he attempts to simply kill this Earth as well then continue his dimension-wide omnicide spree.
  • Ghost Rider:
    • Ebenezer Laughton, known as The Scarecrow, is a longstanding enemy of Ghost Rider. Originally trained as a contortionist, Laughton found a life of crime more exciting. Sinking further into madness and depravity, the Scarecrow began to target children as murder targets, the younger the better. He once gruesomely murdered a mother and her baby with his pitchfork. Afterwards, the Scarecrow attempted a "masterpiece" by creating a building out of human beings, stitching his victims together. Some where lucky enough to be already dead. Others weren't. When Ghost Rider confronted him, the Scarecrow attempted to blackmail him into avoiding a fight by stabbing the walls of the building, murdering the still living victim and threatening to kill more if Ghost Rider didn't surrender and let Scarecrow torture him to death.
    • Midnight Sons: Clarisee Van Ripper, from the first Unlimited issue's story "Eyes of the Beholder", is a deeply psychotic Serial Killer who primarily preys on children. As a young woman, Ripper welcomed a bunch of children to her home to play, but decided that she needed some entertainment back, so to this end Ripper decided to go around the house and kill every child she came across. While chasing one child who saw her kill another, she is paralyzed and put in a wheelchair but manages to escape justice anyway. Forty years later, a demon comes and gives her demonic powers, which she instantly abuses to kill a random couple and then kill a bunch of other children. When Ghost Rider investigates, Ripper becomes worried that he might steal her powers, so she sends a demon to kill him. Although the comic has multiple vicious cult leaders and serial killers, Ripper stands out by being the only one who's MO is primarily targeting children.
    • Zadkiel, the Arch-Enemy in the Jason Aaron series, is a truly monstrous excuse for an angel. The lord of the Black Host, Zadkiel was also the angel in charge of the Spirits of Vengeance and began to desire to use them to overthrow both God and humanity. Zadkiel subtly influenced the lives of Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch, destroying those close to them to make them vulnerable to the Ghost Rider spirits. Zadkiel, as The Man Behind the Man, negotiated multiple deals with demons and other monsters on earth, allowing them to prey upon those they wished, while directing his other minions to murder multiple innocents in addition to those who could prove problematic—and everyone close to them as well. Even death brought no respite as Zadkiel showed a penchant for annihilating the souls of his defeated enemies. While manipulating Danny Ketch, Zadkiel showed no remorse slaughtering and torturing his angelic brethren until he finally had the powers of the Riders and banished Ketch and Blaze to earth to die in the apocalypse he would create. Zadkiel succeeded in conquering heaven and began to achieve omnipotence with his final goal to become the new God and then commence genocide on all of humanity and all other beings who didn't worship him.
    • All-New Ghost Rider: Elias "Eli" Morrow was a Mafia hitman who has was killed by his own boss, who found out that Eli was also a Satanist and a Serial Killer. But, using dark magic, Eli managed to came back as a spirit, merging with his nephew Roberto "Robbie" Reyes—the title character— immediately working to corrupt him and strengthen their connection until Eli can take control over Robbie's body; this included, among other acts, manipulating the boy into accidentally killing an innocent person. Once Eli takes over, he acts abusive towards Robbie's younger brother, Gabriel "Gabe" Reyes, creating a rift between the two brothers. After trying to murder Robbie's teacher, Eli then goes on a killing spree to avenge his own death. After Robbie takes his body back, Eli tries pushing him more and more to kill somebody, which would allow him to take over again. When that doesn't work Eli manipulates Gabe into jumping from a building, allowing Eli to form a similar connection with Gabe as he did with Robbie; this transforms Gabe into a monster and almost makes him kill Robbie. Eli also claims to be responsible for Gabe's condition, by pushing his mother from the stairs, trying to kill her, when she was pregnant. Once Robbie bonds with Eli permanently, he has to resort to hunting and killing worst kinds of murderers and rapists to feed Eli's thirst for blood and to keep the spirit away from hurting Gabe and other people he cares about; Eli just wants blood, not caring who it's from. Even Johnny Blaze, who had seen his share of monsters as the original Ghost Rider, was disgusted by this guy.
  • The Gorgon: Tomi Shishido was a Child Prodigy of dizzying ability who, at a young age, founded the mutant supremacist group called the Dawn of White Light that launched multiple, brutal terrorist attacks across Japan that claimed many innocent lives. when he was eighteen, he joined the Hand, slaughtering his own family to show he had no ties elsewhere. Shishido, now called the Gorgon for his mutant ability to turn humans to stone with a look, captured Wolverine and brainwashed him into a killing machine that claimed many innocent lives, and the lives of heroes such as Northstar. When deprogrammed, Wolverine killed the Gorgon, who was later resurrected. The Gorgon quickly took a leadership role in HYDRA, eventually ousting Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, and revealed a disturbing habit of turning innocent women into stone as decorations for his chambers.
  • Hate-Monger: The true identity of this villain is in fact Adolf Hitler himself, whose mind survived World War II thanks to the technologies of Arnim Zola. Responsible for all the horrific Nazi crimes, the Hate-Monger incites violent riots against immigrants and racial minorities; he uses his hate rays to turn people against one another, intending on spreading them globally so worldwide pogroms tear the people apart until only the "haters" are left to rule over. The Hate-Monger attempts to rain nuclear death on the world so only the "Master Race" can survive, and later tries to blow up New York as a message against a hub of diversity, gleeful about creating a new Holocaust, as he puts it. Even when allied with his former protege, the Red Skull, the Hate-Monger tries to betray him and gain cosmic power to enact his horrible will upon the world.
  • Incredible Hulk:
    • The Maestro is a future version of the Incredible Hulk. 90 years in the future after the world is devastated by nuclear war, the Hulk has changed his name to the Maestro and builds a city state called Dystopia out of the wreckage of New Year City. In Dystopia, the Maestro rules as a dictator, taking whatever he wants from his subjects and hoarding almost all the food and resources for himself. When Maestro sees a woman he fancies, he forces her to become his slave. The outside of his palace is littered with corpses of those who have defied or displeased the Maestro. The Maestro has his Secret Police patrol the streets, killing anyone who would oppose him. After the Maestro's forces have captured one of Rick Jones' rebels, the Maestro subjects the rebel to a machine which forcibly scans a person's mind, which puts him in a vegetative state. Afterwards, Maestro kills him with his own hands, because the rebel had insulted him earlier. When Rick Jones uses Dr. Doom's Time Machine to bring the Hulk to the future to defeat the Maestro, the Maestro takes one of his slave girls hostage to force Hulk to surrender to him. He then proceeds to paralyze the Hulk by breaking his neck and forces one of his slave girls to perform sexual acts on him without the Hulk's permission, all apparently for his own sick amusement. The Maestro even murders an elderly Rick Jones, the man who was once his best friend, for opposing him. The Maestro also tells the Hulk he prefers his harem of slaves to his former wife Betty Ross, because his slaves don't talk back to him or have opinions of their own. The Maestro is devoid of anything that made the Hulk sympathetic and is considered by the Hulk to be one of the most detestable foes he ever had to contend with.
    • Planet Hulk: The "Red King", real name Angmo-Asan, seemingly saved Caeira's life in a flashback from the slaughter of her village before enslaving her in the comic and revealing himself in the cartoon to be the architect of the attack in the first place to take her as a slave. In his gladiatorial match against the Hulk, the Red King begins by slaughtering a group of the arena's survivors. Ordering the deaths of any who question the tributes he receives, the Red King dismisses the complaints of peasants, whom he compares to animals. In his rematch against the Hulk, the Red King tries to destroy the arena with a nuke, uncaring for the audience within the blast radius. When confronted about his atrocities, the Red King smugly proclaims killing to be his right, duty and pleasure. Finally defeated, the Red King tries to destroy the planet he is on as a final act of spite.
  • Iron Man:
    • Obadiah Stane, aka Iron Monger I, after seeing his father shoot himself during a game of Russian Roulette, reached two conclusions: that life was a game you had to win at, no matter the cost, and that his father was a weakling who left too much to chance. During a childhood chess match, when paired against a boy who was his equal or better, Stane slit the boy's pet dog's throat to make sure his mind wasn't on the game. Becoming a Corrupt Corporate Executive, Stane defeated Tony Stark in a corporate buyout, and engineered his psychological breakdown, reducing Tony to living on the streets as a homeless, alcoholic vagrant. When Tony returned as Iron Man, Stane wasted no time in kidnapping his friends and loved ones, going so far as to try and brainwash one of Tony's former girlfriends into becoming his lover, not out of interest, but to drive in the fact that he had won; he then set off a bomb at the Circuit Dome to kill Tony with no compunction about collateral damage. When Tony arrived to confront him, Stane revealed he'd set up a chamber with Tony's loved ones subject to receiving electric shocks should he take a step to free them, intending to force Tony to starve to death in the room. When Tony beat Stane's game, Stane played his last trump card: Tony would surrender or Stane would use his own suit to crush a baby's skull. Once beaten, Stane opted to hurt Tony and deny him victory the only way he could: suicide.
    • Wong Chu started off as Iron Man's first major villain but later became something worse. In the original version of Iron Man's origin, Wong Chu was an Asian warlord who ran a POW Camp. After Tony Stark was injured while visiting a war zone, Wong Chu captured him and brought him to his camp, so that Stark could make weapons for him. Stark instead made the Iron Man armor, not before Wong Chu's men killed Yinsen, the kindly scientist who helped Stark create the armor. Wong Chu was about to order his men to kill all the prisoners in the camp, but he was seemingly killed during a battle with Iron Man. Wong Chu managed to survive and reappeared in in 2000's "The Sons of Yinsen" storyline. Deciding to become a drug lord, he opened a more brutal camp in a remote Asian jungle and kidnapped villagers to work as slaves and produce narcotics for him. The Sons of Yinsen, a group that revered the original Yinsen, informed Stark of Wong Chu's camp. Iron Man and his allies attack the camp, discovering that Wong Chu also uses children as slaves. When Iron Man and his allies confront Wong Chu, Wong Chu is sitting on a throne made of human skulls. Wong Chu threatens to murder two dozen slaves if Iron Man and his allies don't surrender. When they do surrender, Wong Chu executes them anyway, then tortures Stark and his allies, before planning to execute them, taking them to a pit filled with thousands of corpses of murdered slaves.
  • JLA/Avengers: Krona is a former Oan scientist and callous egomaniac who desires to learn the secrets of the universe, and later goes on to destroy countless universes to discover their creation. Arriving in the Marvel Universe, he makes a bet with the Grandmaster, to put the heroes from their universes against each other to collect a dozen cosmic items. When Krona loses, he reacts by fatally torturing the Grandmaster, before summoning Galactus and killing him in a fit of rage. Using Galactus's corpse as a new base of operations, Krona learns of the sentience of the two worlds—Eternity and Kismet—trapping the two beings together to learn their secrets. When Metron calls out Krona for caring about conquest as opposed to knowledge, Krona eventually admits to this. Hoping to recreate Galactus's origins with himself in his stead, Krona plans on forcing the Marvel and DC Universes together to destroy them both and start a new Big Bang.
  • Journey into Mystery: The Haunter in the Dark, the wicked Outer God Nyarlathotep, from "The Haunter of the Dark" & "The Shadow from the Steeple", awakens after being released by one hapless seeker. Tormenting those in his path to drive them to madness, Nyarlathotep kills several, including the one who awakened him after driving the man incurably insane. Revealed to have demanded violent blood sacrifice in great numbers, Nyarlathotep possesses a doctor who has access to weapon systems, intending to use said systems to wipe out humanity, and kills the one man who knows the truth.
  • Luke Cage: Hero for Hire: Hardcore is a merc hired by crime boss Cruz Bushmaster to find way to give him Luke Cage's powers. Hardcore wants to kidnap Luke's friend, Dakota North, to learn more about Luke and hires Nitro, a psycho with exploding powers, to do it, knowing that Nitro will kill several people in process. Luke saves North, but Hardcore escapes. It is soon revealed that Hardcore has kidnapped the scientist that gave Luke Cage his powers and is forcing him to work in his lab. Hardcore has set up a lab in Colorado that is run like a concentration camp, where Hardcore will kidnap people with no family and experiments on them. Either these experiments will kill the test subjects right away or give them powers, but eventually kill them anyway. Hardcore also kidnaps the brother of a local child Luke has befriended and uses him to lure Luke to his lab. Hardcore wants to experiment on Luke, but he escapes, so Hardcore kills the man Luke was trying to save. As Luke escapes, Hardcore reveals that he allowed one of his test subjects, a man named Steele, to escape with samples of the Power Man formula, which Steele is planning on using to poison the water supply in Colorado, to force the world to work on a cure for this condition. Hardcore allowed that to happen, simply to distract Luke and get a chance to escape. Luke stops Steele, but Hardcore blows up the lab, killing everyone left inside. Later, Hardcore kidnaps Luke again and threatens to kill several of Luke's loved ones that he has kidnapped, if Luke doesn't agree to a dangerous experiment that will give Cruz his powers. Despite being Cruz's subordinate, Hardcore is in fact the true Big Bad of that particular Story Arc.
  • Mephisto: The most prominent, most evil Demon Lord in the Marvel Universe is Ghost Rider's boss, and far more. Mephisto powers his realm and his person by the souls he imprisons, often by making a pact with the victims. Mephisto doesn't play fair and is fond of ruining the wish by playing off Exact Words. Mephisto has been known to cure a loved one's terminal illness, only to have the beneficiary killed the next day. Not making a deal is no guarantee of safety and Mephisto has been known to torment, torture and kill those he can. In one instance, he captured the brother of an enemy of Thor to force the Thunder God to enter his domain. Mephisto had already fed his hostage to his realm's fires and contented himself with crushing Thor's spirit before sending him back to earth. During The Infinity Gauntlet crisis, Mephisto chose to encourage Thanos to destroy more and more, while plotting to seize ultimate power himself. During the attack of the Serpent, Mephisto wandered into a bar, and when the man asked to be immortal, Mephisto ground him into nothing and used his blood to write letters: words are immortal, after all. In the Top Cow Productions crossover "Devil's Reign", Mephisto travels to another universe, by tricking Silver Surfer into opening a portal, and begins corrupting this world with various sins, killing and devouring the souls of thousands, making himself more powerful. Using natural disasters and cataclysms, Mephisto attempted to trick millions of people into giving him their souls, pretending to be their savior. When his true form was revealed, he simply ordered his army of demons to massacre everyone in sight. Finally, Mephisto is also a hideously abusive father to his "son" and creation Blackheart: mentally and physically torturing the younger demon until Blackheart snapped and became as dangerous as his father.
  • Micronauts: The original incarnation of Baron Karza is the truly monstrous dictator who has terrorized the Microverse for 1,000 years, and is the Arch-Enemy of the Micronauts. After a failed coup against the Homeworld royal family, Karza butchered the very monastery that saved him from his exile, using their secrets to return to Homeworld and institute his own tyrannical rule. Karza's first act after massacring the royal family was to create the Body Banks, a pit of machine horrors that he uses to butcher innocents, harvest their organs and body parts, then use said harvested parts to make himself and his followers nigh immortal, using the downtrodden of Homeworld and prisoners of war as subjects for the horrifying Banks. Taking sick glee in mass murder and genocide, Karza razes entire planets, sacrifices millions of people at a time to his Body Banks, and boils an entire race of sea people alive. To keep his forces ever-growing, Karza locks hundreds of women in impregnation machines, forcing them to give birth to thousands of babies Karza raises into his soldiers, the process driving the women insane. Though seemingly dying numerous times, often after trying to take countless innocents down with him, Karza always returns to continue his atrocities, and, in his final bout, Karza butchers the entire population of Homeworld, turning them into agony-stricken monstrosities solely to torment the Micronauts, and later attempts to doom the entire Microverse in one final attempt to save his own skin. Karza's crimes not limited to wide-scale, he also notably ruins the life of a young prince by framing him for attempted murder of his love, then by tricking his best friend into sacrificing her own legs to save the prince's love, all for his own amusement. A self-proclaimed "artist of atrocities" whose only desire in life is to be the most wicked being he can, Baron Karza was a shockingly vile villain for Marvel Comics in the era he originated from.
  • Moon Knight: Raoul Bushman is a thuggish terrorist, crime lord, rapist, and even dictator who roundly proves himself the worst enemy of the Moon Knight. Once the head of a group of mercenaries Marc Spector was part of, Bushman personally murdered the head of an archaeological dig withholding valuable artifacts from him and promptly had the entire town he was in massacred to follow, leaving Spector for dead upon his revulsion. Dealing in many more crimes afterwards, Bushman returned to glory when he became the dictator of his home country of Burunda in a cruel dictatorship that killed millions, systematically exterminating everyone with AIDS within; killing his own men at the drop of a hat; taking advantage of his country's rich soil by having towns and villages wiped out—regardless if the populace can make it out—to build dope farms; and later slaughtering rebels with aplomb solely to get to Spector. Later trying to force Spector's friends to commit political assassinations to utterly humiliate and break Spector and aiding in an attempt to end the planet, Bushman was later brought back from his eventual death to lobotomize an entire asylum of patients to cause chaos all across the city, smugly admitting nothing matters to him more than seeing Spector broken before him.
  • Moses Magnum: He became fascinated by weaponry from a young age, when he betrayed his homeland of Ethiopia to the Italian fascists in World War II. Becoming a powerful Arms Dealer, Magnum begins abducting innocents, women and children included, into death camps in South America to test a painful, Deadly Gas that literally melts the victims. Resurfacing later, Magnum intends to drill into the earth to power his company's weaponry, not caring that it will rip open the world's fault lines on an apocalyptic level. Seemingly killed, Magnum is saved by Apocalypse and gifted seismic powers, which he demonstrates by wiping out a Japanese city, and threatens to destroy the country if he is not made its ruler—a threat he promptly tries to carry out. After repeated failures, Magnum loses the favor of Apocalypse and resorts to trying to exterminate the entire eastern seaboard of the united States, killing hundreds of millions, solely to get back in Apocalypse's good graces.
  • Mystery Men: The General is a corrupt military official operating in Depression-Era America. He is the leader of a group of corrupt industrialists called the Board, who control the economy and are drawing out the Depression for their own economic benefit. The General is allied with Nox—based on the Greek Goddess Nyx—who demands sacrifices in exchange for power. The General sacrifices a Broadway actress and tries to frame his son for the crime. The General is also a pedophile, wanting to sleep with an underage prostitute. The General slaughters an entire town to help Nox regain her power. To gain ultimate power, Nox and the General devise an a plan to kidnap several children and sacrifice them on the Summer solstice. When one of the Board members opposes this plan, the General kills him.
  • Nitro: Robert Hunter was an electrical engineer before a genetic alteration was carried out on him, giving him the ability to explode and reform himself at will. Taking the name Nitro, he became a hired thug for other super villains. He would often kill innocent bystanders on his missions, and, when he was hired to kidnap Dakota North, he attempted to rape her, which horrified another villain who quickly kicked him out of a moving vehicle. During Civil War, he used his newly-upgraded exploding ability to cause the Stamford catastrophe, blowing up an entire suburb and killing The New Warriors and the supervillains he was allied with at the time, along with over 600 civilians, including 60 children note . When Wolverine and a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents tried to apprehend him, he murdered all of the agents and left Wolverine severely injured, only stopping because he did not know about his healing factor and had assumed he was dead. When he was finally captured by Atlantian guards, he murdered his interrogators in a failed attempt to escape.
  • Power Pack: Douglas Carmody was a slovenly businessman who blames the Power Pack for his misfortunes, trying to murder the kids as a result. Going into metahuman trafficking, Carmody styles himself as the Bogeyman to target and sell mutant children as slaves and weapons, dreaming of exterminating all of them for money, even trying to give some to demons. When turned into a demon himself, Carmody goes on a killing spree, trying to kill the Power Pack's parents in front of them, handing the world to demons just for a chance at revenge. Returning one last time against Luke Cage as a disembodied spirit, Carmody begins possessing people to go on further killing sprees, trying for Luke Cage's body to start new horrific slaughters.
  • Rom Spaceknight: Hybrid is the aptly-named son of a reformed Dire Wraith and a human woman. Born James Marks, he had been secretly trained by other Dire Wraiths in their dark arts, excelling but becoming cold and power-hungry to the point the Wraiths realized they made something even they feared. At age 15, he renounces his humanity and takes the name "Hybrid", using wraith magic to age his mother to death and murder his own father during his first battle with Rom. He decides to conquer Earth by having humans and wraiths breed a new race like himself, with him as leader taking any mates he fancies. Pretending to be a helpless child to the X-Men, he tricks them into fighting Rom, before attacking both sides and attempting his plan with Kitty before dissolving. Able to reconstruct, he allied himself with the female members of the Brotherhood of Mutants before they realize he planned on raping them. He would continue reconstructing during Rom's adventures on Earth, which saw him commit actions like attempting to rape Brandy and brutally assaulting Torpedo, leaving him for dead. Many years later, he is rescued by the students of Avengers Academy from Purifiers, murdering the attackers to keep his identity a secret. He takes over the academy, planning to feed of the superhumans, only sparing the females to breed with. An attempted rapist with world conquering ambitions, Hybrid is among the worst Rom has ever faced.
  • Shuma-Gorath: This Eldritch Abomination from outside of the Earth dimension fully understands good and evil, gleefully embracing evil. Having consumed entire realms and devoured the souls of countless innocents, Shuma-Gorath once spread his worship to Earth where he demanded blood sacrifice and wars to amuse and feed himself. Eventually banished by Conan the Cimmerian, Shuma-Gorath returns against Doctor Strange where he has his servants spread destruction and evil across the world, taking the mind of Strange's master, the Ancient One, to gain a foothold in the world. When thwarted, Shuma-Gorath later creates a facsimile of Earth and damages it to reflect the same damage to Earth itself, risking the lives of billions for fun. Later revealed as one of the Many-Angled Ones, Shuma-Gorath was responsible for the Cancerverse when, in a pact with that world's Captain Marvel, he and his brethren killed Death and converted the entire multiverse into twisted deathless abominations to worship him, seeking to spread his malevolent influence to Earth and consume it as well.
  • Sleepwalker: Cobweb is a demon that invades the minds of humans and drives them insane with his lies, all while plotting to invade and enslave the Earth, framing Sleepwalker in the process. Cobweb turned people against Sleepwalker, while corrupting their minds, all the while using invading forces to wreak havoc and devour innocents' minds. Cobweb planned to have Sleepwalker's host, Rick Sheridan, cross the Despair Event Horizon and betray Sleepwalker, which would allow Cobweb to turn Rick into a portal to Earth and wreak destruction there. Since the denizens of the Mindscape don't need to devour people's minds to survive, Cobweb stands out as a monster amongst his own species.
  • Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, the Arch-Enemy of Nick Fury and the frequent enemy of Captain America, Iron Man, and The Avengers, has the dubious honor of being both a Nazi war criminal and an international terrorist as the leader of Hydra. A German noble who subscribed to racial superiority, Strucker achieved a high rank in the Death's Head and earned a personal enmity with Nick Fury himself. In a crowning moment of monstrosity on World War II, Strucker found a race of benevolent, empathic aliens that crashed near the small German town of Gruenstadt. To cover his tracks, Strucker killed the entire population of the town and planned to manipulate the aliens into providing him their technology. As head of Hydra, Strucker ordered countless terrorist attacks throughout the globe that claimed the lives of many, many innocent people, all the while secretly controlling S.H.I.E.L.D. through Life Model Decoys and playing his enemies to get many agents killed while Hydra continued its plans unabated. Strucker's ultimate goals are global domination and genocide of all "lower races", and he made many attempts at both. When informed his son Andreas had been murdered by Norman Osborn, Strucker's only response was that he owed Osborn a favor. He also killed his eldest son with the Death Spore Virus, which is just as awful as it sounds: it has bonded to Strucker's body and allows him to kill personally through his body. In addition, he was once The Dragon to Red Skull.
  • The Thanos Imperative: Lord Mar-Vell of the Marvel Cancerverse is the Evil Counterpart of the heroic Captain Mar-Vell. In this universe, when Mar-Vell got cancer, he performed an arcane ritual that killed Death itself and brought the Many Angled Ones their universe. When the Nova Corps tried to stop him from doing so, he killed all of them and proceeded to let the Many Angled Ones enslave every living being in the universe, turning them into hideous parodies. Mar-Vell's main goal is to unleash the Many Angled Ones upon many universes by killing the Avatar of Death, Thanos, destroying Death for good and leaving everything that exists as the slaves to him and his dark masters. To do this, he manipulates Adam Warlock's Evil Counterpart the Magus into detonating multiple inhabited worlds to open the gap between the universes and kills him when he learns the Magus hasn't located the Avatar of Death. In his search, he captures a number of heroes suspected to be the Avatar of Death and tortures them for the location of Thanos when he learns that they aren't. Having left all of his nobility behind, Lord Mar-Vell stands as a shockingly monstrous villain who will torture and kill to gain what he desires and overthrow the universe's natural order.
  • Villains from Thor's storylines:
    • The Mighty Thor: Malekith the Accursed is the cruel ruler of the dark elves of Svartalfheim, whom even his people hate and fear. Serving as the harbinger of Surtur, Malekith hunts for the Casket of Ancient Winters, murdering any who get in his way. Malekith in his spare time also hunts down goodhearted, virtuous people and devours their souls, as the souls of the virtuous are a delicacy for him. When he grows to hate Thor, Malekith is only too happy to sacrifice or torture his own people to get at the Thunder God. He unleashed the Casket of Ancient Winters to plunge Earth into a frozen wasteland to hurt Thor and unleash Surtur. Malekith plans to let Surtur burn every realm, with no care if his fellow Dark Elves are caught in the blaze, as long as he profits from it. Before his eventual return to the throne after he was revived, many Dark Elves viewed him as a despised figure. Later on, after being freed from imprisonment in Hel, Malekith set about to seize control of the Dark Elves, butchering any Dark Elf who wouldn't join him and calling for his followers to "burn the old, flay the young and bring me the eyes of those who will not see." Malekith killed Queen Alflysse, counting on the fear of his people to lead them to offer him the throne to stop his homicidal rampages. Not content with tormenting his own race, Malekith tried to drive Thor mad by infecting him with a mind-altering parasite to get him to destroy his own allies.
    • Thor: Vikings: This Garth Ennis miniseries, from the MAX imprint, features the sadistic, psychotic Harald Jaekelsson, who embodies the worst stereotypes of Vikings. In 1003 AD, Harald leads his men to rape and slaughter all inhabitants of a village before setting sail for the new world. Cursed by a wise man to sail for a thousand years, Harald and his men arrive at New York as nigh-invincible zombies. Setting about to slaughter, pillage and rape all they find, Harald and his comrades turn New York into a near death camp—which, as this is MAX, we see in all its graphic gore—with Harald selecting the seat of his new throne built of human bones at the Empire State Building. When he faces Thor, Harald tries to humiliate the God and taunts him to go die a coward's death before casting him into the Hudson River. Despite only having a brief appearance, Harald marks himself as one of the most truly vile beings the God of Thunder has ever faced.
  • Thulsa Doom is a skull-headed fiend and dark sorcerer who has been plaguing the world since before Atlantis sunk. Concerned only with personal power and revenge at all times, Doom makes enemies with Kull The Conqueror upon attempting to break the will of his people by defeating their king in front of him. Seemingly destroyed, Doom returns time and time again while murdering whomever got in his way before eventually ousting Kull from his throne. As King of Valusia, Doom's tyranny leads to widespread torture, execution, and suffering, with soldiers once loyal to Kull forced to try and slay him as Doom threatened to murder their families, all while Doom secretly manipulated the denizens of an ancient, immortal city to fulfill a prophecy and trap Kull in their walls for all time, forever ripped from the reprieve of death. Defeated and then destroyed after Doom killed and impersonated King Felnar to goad Kull into one last battle, Doom is resurrected centuries later as a tenuous ally of Conan—with a previous project of his, a young boy Doom cursed to become an immortal cat for centuries after tricking him into killing his own master, factoring into the apocalypse—before betraying Conan and attempting to steal his life to fuel his immortality. Doom's final scheme, as nothing more than a detached skull, has him rallying the Serpent-Men under his command and conducting grisly Human Sacrifice to return to full power before Doom attempts to lead the Serpent-Men to conquer and destroy all humanity to reign supreme over the world. Endlessly persistent, endlessly vile, and with a streak of evil lasting centuries, Doom remained one of the greatest and most affecting foes of both Kull and Conan up to his final death.
  • Ultron, shortly after his activation, gained a malignant intelligence, came to the conclusion that morality was irrelevant and humanity was flawed, and sought to Kill All Humans and replace them with androids like himself. When any of his creations, like The Vision, reject him due to his monstrosity, Ultron wastes no time in trying to destroy them, and, when his surrogate son, Victor Mancha, tries to turn on him, Ultron mind-controls him into killing his friends, then murders his mother in front of him. Slaughtering the nation of Slorenia in Ultron Unlimited, Ultron uses the thousands of corpses to make a model of his own face large enough to see from space. Later taking over the Phalanx in Annihilation: Conquest, Ultron conquers the Kree Empire, murdering and torturing any who resist him, then plans to use his armada to destroy the Earth, just to spite his "father", Hank Pym. Returning in Rage of Ultron, Ultron conquers and assimilates the planet of Titan, uses it to lead an assualt on Earth, then tries to release billions of spores throughout the universe, which will transform all they infect into machines under Ultron's control. Following this, during which time he fuses with and corrupts Hank Pym, Ultron goes on a galaxy-wide massacre, slaughtering billions of innocents throughout the cosmos, leaving many species at near-extinction, then blaming the Earth for said massacres, knowing the surviving aliens will soon declare war on the Earth because of this. In numerous alternate timelines, such as in Age of Ultron, Ultron succeeds in taking over the world and killing off the human race, with his plans only being thwarted by the use of time travel. A fully self-aware being, Ultron uses many excuses to try to justify his actions, but all of Ultron's claims are consistently proven false by his needlessly sadistic and egomaniacal personality. The strongest creation of Hank Pym, the Arch-Enemy of The Avengers, and the slayer of thousands of innocents, Ultron is one of the most wicked villains the Marvel Universe has to offer.
  • Werewolf by Night: Belaric Marcosa was a shockingly dark villain for even a 70s Bronze Age Marvel horror series. In life, Marcosa lured victims to his manor to use dark sorcery to drive them into "lewd depravity" before he sucked their lives and souls out before having them murder one another for his amusement. He then kept their souls trapped in his manor. After his death, Marcosa had more victims lured to the manor so he could torture them as well, playing dark mind games and driving his victims to distrust and murder one another before revealing himself and attempting to add their souls to his collection.

What If? series

  • ...Age of Ultron: As in canon, Ultron is a genocidal and psychopathic machine obsessed with nothing less than the total annihilation of all organic life. Created by Hank Pym to be a protector of the Earth, Ultron quickly grew a god complex and proceeded to slaughter every man, woman, and child on Earth within a month, after which he drew out any rebels' defeats, taking sick glee in watching their hope slowly die and seeing them turn on one another. After successfully killing every living thing on the planet, Ultron allows his "father" Hank Pym to live, solely so that for the decades to come, he can brutally torture him, wipe his memory of the torture, then start all over again to slowly break his human spirit, all because he "can". Later learning of the multiverse, Ultron organizes full-scale wars on 4 alternate dimensions nearby , massacring everything in his path on 4 separate Earths. Ultron's final plan is to continue spreading his influence across every reality, hoping to eventually kill every living thing in the multiverse, uncaring that this plan could very well destroy reality itself. Continuing his streak of misanthropy and sadism displayed in many of his incarnations, this Ultron sticks out as one of his most depraved variations yet.
  • ...Annihilation: In an alternate telling in the Annihilation story arc, Annihilus continues his genocidal conquest of the universe into Earth, using his forces to destroy countless lives on Earth in the midst of the Civil War, engaging in a fierce war with the planet's heroes while slaughtering all he can. With the genocide of countless races already on his hands and the planned obliteration of everything but his native Negative Zone soon to follow, Annihilus bargains with The Inhumans to make his conquest of Earth under the promise of sparing them, completely intending on backstabbing and killing them all later.
  • ...Captain America Fought in the Civil War?: Colonel Buck "Bucky" Barnes is the seemingly kind commander of the Union regiment known as the "Redlegs", however his seemingly noble appearance is quickly shown to nothing but a mask. In truth, Barnes is a cruel sociopath who uses his position to organize the massacre of every man, woman, and child in defenseless towns in Confederacy territory, while claiming that said towns are Confederate hideouts, so as to loot all the money and treasure the townsfolk possess. When a lone soldier, Steve Rogers, refuses to kill three children on Barnes's orders, Barnes wastes no time in trying to kill the man, and, later learning that Rogers has taken up residence at a nearby Union base, Barnes orders everyone in the base slaughtered after his face is turned by magic into a white skull of death to represent his true personality. Even after his defeat, Barnes later escapes and reforms the Ku Klux Klan into a white supremacist terrorist group that, even decades later, continues Barnes's mass murdering agenda, regularly targeting highly-populated public buildings and dueling with any heroes in their way. Barnes, later known as White Skull, was a twisted composition of the canon Marvel characters James Bucky Barnes and the Red Skull, and obviously took far more personality cues from the latter, as evidenced by his homicidal greed and sadism.
  • ...Captain America Had Led An Army of Super Soldiers in World War II?: Red Skull, having been defeated while overseeing Nazi concentration camps, concocts one of his most diabolical schemes ever, as he changes his appearance to that of Steve Rogers, Captain America, then wipes out Cap's entire army unit. Disguised as Cap, Red Skull uses his status as a war hero to propel himself to the presidency, where he instantly begins stirring up racial conflict until he manages to institute a police state. Throwing all who don't serve him or fit into his view of a "perfect" human being into concentration camps to be brutally tortured and murdered, Red Skull guns down one of his own advisors for suggesting caution with their plan, and ultimately hopes to expand his new regime until the entire world is that of a pure, Aryan race.
  • ...Captain America Were Revived Today?: In a world where Captain America wasn't awakened from his frozen slumber in time, Red Skull was able to invade America and slaughter millions of people with his Nazi armies. Upon establishing the Fourth Reich, Skull subjects millions of people to horrific concentration camps and uses dozens of mutants and superheroes as experimental material to be taken apart and mutated, with their families being wiped out as well. When the rest of the world tries to temper Red Skull's conquest under threat of nuclear war, Red Skull gleefully kick-starts the war himself, using nuclear weapons to wipe out countless people across the Eastern countries of the world and leaving Russia and many other counties radiated wastelands. Upon learning that his old foe Captain America has returned, Red Skull forces a mind-controlled Hulk to slaughter Cap's forces, and ultimately guns down Spider-Man himself before dying.
  • ...Daredevil Lived in Feudal Japan?: The Giant Shogun, an adaptation of the canon character The Kingpin, is the massive, hedonistic boss of the Yakuza who simultaneously runs Japan through manipulating the Emperor. The Shogun regularly orders assassinations, forces innocents into slavery, and often blackmails warriors into doing his bidding, notably blinding the infant son of Old Devil to force him into servitude in exchange for the cure for the blindness. Forcing Old Devil to massacre an entire ship of Americans so as to allow one of his spies to steal weapons plans, the Shogun snaps his spy's neck when he fails, has the man's wife murdered, then begins transforming their child daughter Elektra into his personal killing machine, tormenting and raping her along the way. Years after murdering Old Devil, taunting him about the fact that there was never a cure for his son, Masahiro's, blindness, the Shogun poisons his Dragon Stick to prevent any power struggles, murders one of his own men to steal his horse when he comes under attack, and leaves the Emperor of Japan to die to cover his escape. When confronted by a now-grown Elektra and Masahiro, the Shogun orders them both be incapacitated by a marksman, wanting to draw their deaths out painfully in public later as a show of what happens to those who defy him. A sadistic, greedy scumbag who cares for no one but himself, the Giant Shogun was nowhere close to his counterpart the Kingpin in nobility, honor, or grace, substituting these for depravity and malice tenfold.
  • ...Dr. Strange Were a Disciple of Dormammu?: Dormammu, power-hungry as ever, orders his minion Baron Mordo to heal Doctor Strange's hands to make him indebted to Dormammu. Strange stays arrogant, but eventually loses his medical license due to malpractice, after which Mordo convinces Strange to become a servant of Dormammu. However, eventually Dormammu grows bored with Mordo and orders Strange to kill him. Dormammu is angered by Strange freeing his sister Umar, whom he imprisoned for being a threat to his ambitions. Dr. Strange and Dormammu confront the Ancient One and cabal of wizards he gathered to oppose Dormammu, killing most of them in the process. Strange and Dormammu then confront Eternity, the living embodiment of the universe itself. However, Dormammu betrays Strange and traps him a magic crystal, saying he needs a human lens to focus his attacks on Eternity, willing to kill Strange to attack Eternity. After Eternity is dead, Dormammu plans to use his power to remake the universe into a new Dark Dimension and then plunge the universe into chaos, so he can rule it with an iron first.
  • ...House of M: Red Skull takes advantage of Scarlet Witch wiping out all super powers to begin exterminating the now-weakened superhero population of the world. Upon murdering Reed Richards after failing to torture his wife and children in front of him, Red Skull orders his armies to wipe out all life in New York City to power up the Cosmic Cube with the life force of millions of innocents. Even when confronted by several non-powered heroes, Skull simply giddily orders his men to kill everything in sight—even each other—and proceeds to massacre hundreds of people on both sides of the conflict, laughing that once the Cosmic Cube is powered up he will use it to alter reality to one where he reigns supreme.
  • ...Infinity—Dark Reign: With the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet, Norman Osborn himself quickly highlights the disaster bred by merging a raging, narcissistic ego with the power to warp reality. Osborn quickly uses his powers to slaughter the Avengers and all the world's heroes, sparing an especially cruel fate for his arch-nemesis Peter Parker by forcing him to relive the moment where he killed Gwen Stacy for all time, while brainwashing the rest of the world to worship him. Although initially suggested Osborn does all of this to finally gain the approval of his father, Osborn voids any potential redemption he could take out of this by mind-washing and then vaporizing his own father in a paranoid fury, only concerned with slaking his own ego and making people love him on the basis of his monstrous accomplishments.
  • ...Tony Stark Was the Sorcerer Supreme?: As vile as ever, Dread Lord Dormammu breaks the monotony of ruling the Dark Dimension as a tyrant by attempting to invade and conquer Earth to feed off of its mystical energies. Dormammu exploits the desire of Doctor Strange—who, in this universe, never received the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme— to have his hands again, convincing him to sell out mankind in exchange for the use of his hands, "gifting" Strange his powers back by attaching a parasite to him that slowly and fatally drains away his life. Planning to simply leave Earth to be ravaged by the Mindless Ones once he's done with it, Dormammu is just as much a monster as he is in canon.
  • ...The X-Men Lost Inferno?: Similar to his canon counterpart, S'ym is a power-mad demon that wants to rule the multiverse. With the help of Madelyne Pryor, S'ym kills most of the X-Men and sacrifices Pryor's infant son to create a permanent gateway between Limbo and Earth. S'ym's demon hordes overrun the Earth, enslaving humanity and devouring those too weak to work. S'ym transforms Wolverine into a demonic monstrosity, even giving Wolverine a baby to devour, simply for his own amusement. S'ym also plans to use a machine being built by Dr. Doom and Reed Richards to open portals to other realities so that he can conquer them as well, wanting to extend his nightmarish rule to other worlds. S'ym manages to kill several other heroes who are trying to resist his rule and even kills Madelyne Pryor, not wanting to share power with her.

Other Marvel Continuities

  • Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies: An alternate version of Ultron serves as the main antagonist of this tie-in to Secret Wars (2015). Having come from an Earth where he successfully massacred the world's superheroes, then slowly exterminated all life on the planet, Ultron is pulled to Battleworld by Doctor Doom to sustain the planet's form. Growing tired of ruling over just his own world, Ultron makes an alliance with the Marvel Zombies to invade and slaughter the city of Salvation, then lower the Shield protecting the rest of Battleworld from the likes of Ultron and the Zombies. Ultron then plans to set the Zombies free to devour half of Battleworld while Ultron annihilates organics on the other half, leaving the planet a split apart boneyard devoid of all life but Ultron and the Zombies.
  • Amalgam Universe: Green Skull is a sociopathic billionaire who combines the ambition of Lex Luthor with the psychopathic ruthlessness of Red Skull. A war profiteer who initially attempted to prolong World War II for his own gain, Green Skull cut his losses at the end of the war, marrying and then later murdering Lois Lane when she attempted to steer Skull's daughter Selina away from his path of corruption, trying shortly after to have Washington and its populace blown up by his creation to plunge America into chaos and take over. Transformed due to the effects of Green K(ryptonite) while also becoming immortal, Green Skull has no compunction about who he has to crush to get his way, torturing Jimmy Olsen to near-death and having Bruce Wayne's parents murdered after founding HYDRA, even setting up a scheme that could potentially annihilate the entire planet in the event of his seeming death.
  • Anita Blake: From the comic book adaptation we have Dominga Salvador, aka the Senora. In order to stop the rampage of a zombie killer, Anita tries to enlist the aid of this powerful voodoo priestess, but discovers she has been taking souls and forcing them back into their dead bodies to stop the process of rotting, but at the cost of leaving the souls painfully aware of their situation in an And I Must Scream scenario. To prove her theory, she explains to Anita how she returned the soul to a zombie, then took it out to leave it to rot, then put it back into the body to see if it will stop decaying. Not only does she use these zombies to make money in the prostitution ring, under the excuse that she has legal possession of the bodies from families who paid to see them suffer, but plans to sell her knowledge to the highest bidder.
  • Captain America: Red Skull is just as monstrous in other continuities:
    • Batman & Captain America: Red Skull, here a high-ranking member of the Nazi regime, allies himself with The Joker in his latest plot for expanding the Third Reich. Having the Joker murder several innocents to assist in his own theft of an atomic bomb dubbed "Fat Boy," Red Skull casually poisons one of his own soldiers for questioning his orders, and later has the Joker slaughter a path into a military base. Betraying the Joker at this juncture, Red Skull boasts his plans to parade the Joker's broken body around as a trophy, and reveals his true master plan to drop Fat Boy onto Washington, D.C., then use the ensuing millions of casualties to pave the way for the Nazis to invade America. Even when his original plan is thwarted, Red Skull still attempts to drop Fat Boy miles out of Washington, gleefully proclaiming that the fallout will still kill countless innocents.
    • Cap Lives arc, by Dave Gibbons et al. note : In 1964, Captain America awakens to a United States where the Nazis won World War II and, once Adolf Hitler died, Red Skull became the leader of the Nazis (Herr Reichsfuehrer), and is thus dictator of the US. Skull shows Cap several television clips, including how the Nazis nuked Detroit and then killed "non-Aryan races and other deviants". Skull offers Cap a deal: Pledge allegiance to the new Reich (so the people will follow his example), and he can get anything—including "boys in costumes"; otherwise, Skull and the Nazis will use him for breeding purposes and medical experiments, before hanging him in Times Square. Cap escapes, and when one of Skull's soldiers isn't able to recapture him, Skull orders said colonel to shoot himself. Later on, there is the planned execution of a spy in Times Square. Cap saves the spy, but has to surrender, otherwise Skull will have his snipers kill hundreds of innocent people; the spy and a couple of Cap's allies seemingly escape, but Skull had wired the spy with explosives, which he then detonates, killing all three. Skull's ultimate plan is to use a Time Machine to conquer the entire world, across all time periods.
  • Batman/Daredevil: King of New York, by Alan Grant, Eduardo Barreto, et al.: In this crossover, the Scarecrow has been running guns for The Kingpin, from Gotham City to New York, but has his own agenda in mind. He hires Catwoman to gather information on Kingpin, seeming making plans to usurp Kingpin's position as New York's reigning crime lord. Daredevil and Batman team up to stop one of Scarecrow's trucks that was supposed to be delivering guns, but find it is full of bombs instead, with Scarecrow intending to kill Batman and Daredevil, along with the men driving the van. Scarecrow arrives in New York and uses his fear gas to force some of Kingpin's men to work for him. Scarecrow then begins a reign of terror having his men shoot up a restaurant, blow up a jewelry store, set fire to a night club and murder people in gangland killings. However, Daredevil and Batman soon discover Scarecrow's real plan: From the Statue of Liberty, Scarecrow plans to spread his fear gas across New York, leading to untold death and suffering.
  • Deadpool Pulp: In this pulp take on Deadpool, General Stryfe is a seemingly Reasonable Authority Figure who recruits Deadpool to recover a stolen nuclear weapon. It turns out Styfe himself masterminded the theft of the nuclear weapon and plans to use it to start World War III, nuking New York City so that the US will declare war on the USSR. Stryfe wants to turn the US into a military dictatorship and use US military might to dominate the world after the war ends. Stryfe was also the one responsible for torturing Deadpool and driving him insane. Stryfe did this in attempt to create soldiers who would only be loyal to him and succeeded with another solider, Cable, turning him into his personal mind-controlled slave.
  • The Eternal: In this 2003 Marvel Max miniseries based on the classic Marvel characters, Kurassus is the deranged second-in-command of the Eternal army, and sticks out as vile even when competing with The Celestials. A sexual sadist who happily follows the Celestials' plans in wiping out entire planets of species, Kurassus takes numerous females of whatever species he is currently annihilating to rape and brutally torture to death, invoking revulsion from most of the other Eternals. Expressing nothing but disgust and hatred for every species that isn't himself, Kurassus begins brutally murdering any of the Eternals who try to make their lovers have equal intelligence as themselves, in one notable case killing one Eternal's lover in front of him just to torment him. After nearly being killed by the leader of the Eternals, Ikaeden, Kurassus unleashes dozens of abominable aliens to slaughter any Eternals loyal to Ikaeden, while Kurassus himself severely damages the frontal lobe of Ikaeden's lover, Jeska, reducing her to a superstitious wreck terrified of all Eternals. Even when beaten by Ikaeden, Kurassus continues to taunt him about his lover's condition, and dies while cursing him and the rest of his kind for all eternity. Serving as an Expy of Satan himself, Kurassus's sadistic and warmongering personality made him the worst of the Eternals by a considerable margin.
  • Exiles: King Hyperion, real name Marcus Milton, is a vicious superhuman from a world that he tried to conquer, resulting in a massive nuclear suicide that left him the only being alive. Later attempting to conquer a new world, he instead allows it to die thanks to that world's Magneto's actions, betraying heroes and slipping through new worlds where he kills countless beings to conquer their lands. Arriving in a parallel New York, he tries to kill one hundred hostages after murdering all the heroes therein, betraying and slaughtering his own if it suits him. Returning at the Timebreakers' headquarters, Hyperion plans to conquer the multiverse, no matter how many he has to kill along the way.
  • Fury (MAX): Colonel Rudi Gagarin is a former Russian Special Forces officer and trainer who has known, and fought with, Nick Fury for several decades. Desiring nothing but war, which he absolutely loves, Gagarin manipulates General Makawao of Napoleon Island into starting a war with the United States, through such actions as renaming the island "The Peoples Republic of Napoleon Island". Later on, Makawao agrees to go on TV and admit the whole scheme in exchange for Fury and his 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents finding his daughters; Gagarin shoots and kills Makawao live on TV before he can admit anything. The US does indeed launch airstrikes against Napoleon Island, resulting in the deaths of nearly 1,000 people, about twice as many injuries, and the devastation of the island. In addition, while Fury himself is also a Blood Knight, there is a major difference between him and Gagarin: Fury is A Father to His Men and hates that the 3 agents got killed. Gagarin, on the other hand, when one of the Napoleon Island soldiers fails him, has Fuckface, who had been hideously deformed—including losing an eye—from a shark accident, rape him and snap his neck, threatening that this will be the fate of any others who let him down.
  • Killraven has this duo from Amazing Adventures Volume 2, issues 27-31:
    • Atalon the Fear Master is the administrator of the Death-Birth facility. Willingly selling out to the Martian regime, Atalon keeps countless slaves imprisoned where he forces them to breed, all so he may have the babies butchered and served to the tables of the Martian overlords, gloating frequently at his power over his slaves. Atalon intends to have one of the "Eves" slaughtered with her child by the evil Sacrificer, and when they escape, Atalon intends on hunting down and butchering them all, more concerned with the injury to his ego than anything else.
    • The aforementioned Sacrificer is a major figure at the Death-Birth facility. A twisted "artist" who views the slaughter and mutilation of others as his calling, the Sacrificer butchers countless children to feed the Martians and slaughters any in his path in the process. Wishing nothing more than to hurt and twist the flesh of others, the Sacrificer throws himself into the pursuit of Killraven and his comrades to torture them all as much as he wants.
  • Marvel 1602: Count Otto "The Handsome" von Doom is the narcissistic ruler of Latveria, Big Bad of this miniseries, and the ancestor of Victor Von Doom, but lacking any of the latter's positive qualities. Obsessed with his self-aggrandizement, Otto believes that his supposed genius and handsome face entitle him to World Domination. Using the birthing pens he inherited from his father, Otto breeds up armies of brainwashed vulture flier assassins and craven dwarfed servants to do his bidding, keeps the crew of the Fantastick imprisoned in specially made prison cells, sends killers after Sir Nicholas Fury and Virginia Dare, and has Queen Elizabeth I murdered lest her agents beat his to the Templar treasure he covets. In the sequel, he murders his lover, Natasha, plots to sell Susan and Jonathan Storm to Numenor of Bensaylum and his cousin as sex slaves—after hypnotizing them into killing Richard Reed and Benjamin Grimm—and finally betrays Numenor, murdering him and sinking the city of Bensaylum beneath the waves. Utterly vain and innately treacherous, Count Otto and his ego left a trail of ruined lives in their wake.
  • Marvel 2099: John Herod is easily the worst of all the corporate leaders in this universe. After Doctor Doom conquers America and limits the power of the corporations, the corporate leaders turn to John Herod to kill Doom and return them to the old the status quo. Herod comes up with a counter offer: He will kill Doom for them, but only if they make him their leader. Herod also wants to strip mine the Earth and have all the corporate leaders relocate to Mars within 5 years, leaving the Earth an empty barren husk. When even the other corporate leaders balk at this plan, Herod threatens to kill them if they do not go along. Herod then launches a devastating campaign against Doom and his government. He attacks the White House and destroys Doom's floating city, Libera Cielo. However, Herod truly crosses the line when he kills everyone in Latveria with chemical weapons and sends a video tape of the Latverians dying to Doom, just to rub salt in Doom's wounds. Once Herod takes power, he takes measures to kill most of the remaining superheroes.
  • Old Man Logan: Even in this dark setting, the Maestro, a corrupt version of the Incredible Hulk from an alternate future, stands out as a particularly vile villain. Maestro arrives on Earth and takes over Hulk's brood of inbred children after Logan killed this world's version of Hulk. Maestro has the Hulk Gang take over a military base in the Yukon territories, killing all the guards there. Maestro also has one of the Hulk Gang, Billy Bob, killed for his incompetence. Maestro uses the base's resources to create several nuclear bombs. Maestro plans to use the Hulk Gang as suicide bombers and have them blow up several major cities, destroying most of humanity. Maestro promises the Hulk Gang they will survive the blasts, but that is a lie, they will die along with most of humanity so that Maestro can rule over a post-nuclear-holocaust world. After Maestro's genocidal scheme is foiled and he is confronted by Logan and Hawkeye, Maestro attempts to set off a nuke, to take out everyone in the area, out of spite. After that defeat, the Maestro reappears later, having conquered a small Northern Canadian town, where Maestro kills anyone who opposes him and turns the women of the town into his sex slaves.
  • The Razorline imprint, by Clive Barker, produced several nasty villains that threatened the Decamundi in its short run:
    • Ectokid: Ice Augustine is a lunatic killer operating for the Expurgatorious whose job description largely consists of maiming and torturing everything in his path—a job Ice takes pride in. Murdering the father of protagonist Dex Mungo under Expurgatorious order years before the main plot, Ice is later dispatched to find Dex himself, leaving a vast trail of victims and Dex's own friends tortured to death behind him. Ice later takes Dex's ailing mother hostage and demeans her, threatening to take her apart in front of Dex's eyes unless he surrenders and later gunning her down even after Dex gives up. Even in death, Ice's spirit continues to work towards the Expurgatorious's goal of the annihilation of all those who would oppose them, coercing Dex's father into coming back into their service by threatening Dex's life.
    • Hokum & Hex: Lord Felon Bale, one of the most powerful villainous forces in the Decamundi, is also the leader of a fanatical religion demanding constant worship, sacrifice, and the excision of all free will from his subjects. Bale has taken over countless planets in the name of spreading his "holy mercy" as far as it will go, while having his Blood Reapers murder innumerable "infidels" all across the cosmos to use their deaths to fuel the Sun-flower, creating ever more worlds for him to conquer. Bale sends his forces to conquer Earth and defeat the champion of Earth's god, Godkin Straith, heedless of civilian casualties, and even twists a Serial Killer into his monstrous emissary to purge all threats to him—including Bale's own son who reneged on his religion years ago—with an entire hospital full of sickly patients murdered in tribute to Bale's name.
    • Sir Sigmoid, from the "Sir Sigmoid's Arcardia" crossover event between Ectokid and Saint Sinner, is a voracious demon native to the Ectosphere that subsists on the souls of children. Sigmoid hosts a travelling carnival to lure the souls of children to his various attractions while mind-controlling any others who suit his fancy to come into his clutches, taking parts of the children's souls as payment for his services and eating them piece by piece until the children are devoured and kept trapped inside him for all eternity. Not content with simply taking apart and consuming the spirits of children, Sigmoid desires to be alive and tries to take the life of Dex Mungo to invade the real world by using Phillip Fetter's life as leverage, later twisting one of his consumed spirits to seduce Fetter after the two escape his clutches.
  • Squadron Supreme: John M'Butu, from the June and July 2006 issues by J. Michael Straczynski, is a metahuman general in Uganda who leads brutal purges of civilian populations, with rape and murder all too common. Allying with foreign interests to keep a civil war going, M'Butu initiates a genocide of rival tribes to strengthen himself and uses his Compelling Voice to control others, boasting he can use it to rape women or force men to die for him in the process.
  • Supreme Power:
    • Michael Redstone is a heinous Serial Killer who, after being granted superpowers, becomes one of the most evil villains the Squadron Supreme face. Even as a regular human being, Redstone's killing career began after he tortured his CO in the military for 5 hours before murdering her, just for being a woman. Following this up by becoming a murderer of prostitutes, Redstone is later experimented on by the government, who grant him superpowers. Using these powers, Redstone continues his spree, murdering several more women by ripping their limbs off and keeping them as trophies. When confronted by the hero Hyperion, Redstone flees while murdering everyone in his way, notably using a child as ammo to fling at Hyperion. After making a deal with the government, Redstone becomes a U.S. operative who is dropped into foreign countries with orders to kill as many people as possible to destabilize said countries, and, in his final appearance, Redstone holds Los Angeles hostage with a nuclear bomb, orders Hyperion to allow himself to be beaten to death lest the city be destroyed, and takes time during their duel to brutally murder innocents in various ways just to torment Hyperion. With no professed reason for his crimes beyond a love of killing, Michael Redstone was handily the most personal foe Hyperion ever faced.
    • Supreme Power: Nighthawk: Whiteface, real name Stephen Binst, the Big Bad of this Spinoff, is the most depraved man Nighthawk has ever fought against. Once a pharmacist who sought to "fill a hole of unhappiness" in his life, Whiteface developed a lethal drug that he planned to spread throughout Chicago, hoping that a massive bodycount would be enough to make him feel happy in life. Testing the compound on a poor woman and her family, he kills the entire household—including two children and a baby. Years later, having awaken from a catatonic state brought on by being assaulted, maimed, and possibly raped in prison for his deplorable crimes, Whiteface escapes confinement, kills and takes the outfit of a clown, then replaces a shipment of cocaine with his lethal drug, resulting in over 3,800 deaths of men, women, and children alike in just three days. Later poisoning the guests at a child's birthday party, resulting in numerous children's deaths, Whiteface then murders a crippled woman, a nurse, another man for his outfit, and kidnaps a baby. Traveling to a local water plant, brutally murdering 3 police officers along the way, Whiteface gleefully flings the kidnapped baby into the water processing unit, hoping for him to drown while he makes his escape from a recently-arrived Nighthawk. A sadist who believed mass murder would bring joy into his life, Whiteface, despite his lack of superpowers, stood out even among the likes of Redstone as a truly disgusting lunatic.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • This version of Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards, also known as the Maker, is a sociopathic, vindictive megalomaniac with a pathological desire to "save" humanity, regardless of how depraved or insane the methods might be. Though starting out as a seemingly-heroic figure, Reed slowly gives into his true personality of a homicidal creep seeking ultimate rule over reality. Kicking his villainy off by vaporizing his parents and child sisters, Reed later recuperates from initiating a failed alien invasion of Earth by creating the City and the Children of Tomorrow. Using his new "evolved" humanity as his personal soldiers and puppets while claiming benevolence, Reed has them begin absorbing entire cities before annihilating all of Washington, D.C. Slaughtering the entirety of Asgard and attempting the same on Tian, Reed eventually teams up with Kang to rewrite reality and take over time and space, all while planning to turn on Kang and change reality to his own wishes. After revealing his seeming redemption was faked, Reed destroys over sixty alternate Earths before trying once more to rewrite reality in his image, and now haunts Earth-616 with schemes of zombifying thousands of people. With a penchant for vivisection and torturous experimentation, Reed constantly boasts claims of good intentions, when, in reality, he is nothing but a petty child seeking adoration and power over all life.
    • Ultimate Fantastic Four: Besides Reed himself, this version of Thanos retains the goals of his 616 counterpart, but none of the redeeming qualities. Ruler of the Endless Resurgence, he is a horrific tyrant—as well as a horrendously Abusive Parent—who runs his empire with an iron fist. Having come into contact with the Cosmic Cube, or Tesseract, long ago, Thanos tested it by killing countless innocents or leaving them literally frozen but eternally alive and aware. Thanos also allows himself to experience death at times, using the souls of many innocents to revive himself. Heading to Earth, Thanos intends on wiping out all he sees until he finds Reed and when he has the Tesseract and ultimate power, he plots on a universal-scale Mind Rape until every living thing is his slave, trapped in a deathless hell while death itself exists only for the tyrannical Thanos.

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