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Moment Killing in anime and manga.

  • Every time Keiichi is about to get his nerve up with Belldandy in Ah! My Goddess!, something happens. It often involves explosions or magic SNAFUs. In an early chapter, in order to keep her title as Campus Queen secure, Sayoko Mishima tricks Belldandy into leaving the scene and she pretends to come on to Keiichi. Just before anything happens, a bunch of water falls on her from a window above, thrown out of a bucket by someone who didn't see her there. Keiichi is relieved.
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  • Kaoru and Aoi get this a lot in Ai Yori Aoshi. Most of the cast Moment Kills by accident, but Miyabi, being the Mama Bear she is, does it on purpose. She mellows eventually.
    Germany: Hey! Don't run off when I'm having a moment!
  • Asteroid in Love: During the Hot Springs Episode Mira and Ao noticed there is a full moon, and started appreciating the sky... until Mari starts moaning from the jacuzzi.
    Mira: Have some dignity!
  • In Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, when the whole building was falling down and everyone forgot that there was an ESB going on, Akihisa and Yuuji were saving their respective partners. Everyone was going awww and suddenly, Yuuko Kinoshita just HAD to defeat Yuuji's summon. Class A won because of it.
  • The stated purpose of The MK5 from Beelzebub. Seriously, that's what they like to do. If there's any kind of moment, be it action or romantic, the MK5 will show up and do what they do best.
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  • In Black Bird a fair bit of what keeps Kyo and Misao from having hot demon sex is unexpected and ill-timed interruptions by his servants while the couple are making out and really, really horny.
  • Bleach:
    • Good job, Nel, you kind of ruined the quiet, subtle, heart-filled moment between Ichigo and Orihime, which essentially counted as their true reunion. Not that you diving into Ichigo's, uh, lower abdomen area wasn't cute in its own way, it's just, you killed that sweet moment.
    • In chapter 228, Rukia and Orihime are veering dangerously close to a Les Yay moment, and Hiyori quite literally falls from the sky and drags Orihime off. Moment killer much?
  • Chapter 23 of Boarding School Juliet has a type 3; in a rare moment of mutual affection between Aby and Somali, she launches back into Genki Girl mode and crushes him with a hug. 'Crushes' being the operative word here.
  • A favourite trope of CLAMP's, it shows up particularly in Cardcaptor Sakura.
    • Every time Touya starts to tell Yukito about his other self (in their Yaoi Guys pose), someone interrupts. Of course, the interruption is usually deliberate. For what Touya is to Sakura, Meilin is to Syaoran.
    • It happens between Syaoran and Sakura in the manga as well. Late in its run, he tries to work up the nerve to tell Sakura what he truly feels for her, but he always gets interrupted by things ranging from Kero-chan wanting to take a picture of her to people yelling loudly over at Seijou High because Yukito fainted in the middle of the athletics track.
    • And then every other scene in the second movie.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Touma and Mikoto dance together, then Koroko dropkicks Touma in the back of the head. Kuroko has a tendency to ruin tender Mikoto moments here and in the sister show A Certain Scientific Railgun due to her jealousy and perversions.
    • Touma once cock-blocked his own father by barging into the room when his parents were about to have sex and asking if he could sleep in their bed. He had a good reason: his mother was in Index's body, though his parents were unaware of this.
  • Code Geass:
    • This trope might have been taken a bit too far in the second season, where the Tsunderes, Lelouch and Kallen, rarely have a single conversation that did not go down this path (with each Moment Killer becoming more ridiculous than the one before it). It could be assumed that this really bothered the fans of this pairing. To make it even more torturous for them, the only uninterrupted conversation they have during the whole season ends with Kallen kissing Lelouch, but since he's moments away from turning himself into the enemy of the entire world and doesn't want to drag her into it, he doesn't respond to any of it, leaving Kallen with the impression that he feels nothing for her, resulting in Kallen bidding him farewell and walking away, with him sadly whispering goodbye once she's out of earshot.
    • Ironically, in R2 episode 24, Lelouch and C.C. have a very touching moment together, and it's interrupted by Kallen bursting through the wall to kill Lelouch. A few fans joked that this was revenge for C.C. interrupting a near-Accidental Kiss between Lelouch and Kallen earlier in the series in a very "mother walking in on her son and his girlfriend making out" fashion.
  • In the Daily Lives of High School Boys skit High School Boys and the Literature Girl, Hidenori was entangled in an unwanted love tension with a girl he knew nothing about, and he called in his friend Tadakuni to break this up. Tadakuni did this beautifully, despite being punched out by the girl afterwards:
    Tadakuni: Hey, this is bad! The potato chips at that convenience store are half-off! Let's get going!
    • Strangely, Hidenori, Genre Savvy as he is, did not initially recognize it was this trope that Tadakuni was invoking, and only got it after a few seconds.
  • Date A Live: Tohka does this at the end of episode 10 in season 2 when she comes to Miku's changing room to get her for an encore. Only to then find a naked Miku holding onto Shido, and calling him darling.
  • Inverted in Death Note, where Light wants to concentrate on the plot but his girlfriend Misa continuously has other ideas — not that it ever goes anywhere, Light being Ambiguously Gay at best. A general fandom favorite:
    Light: (monologuing) At any rate, it's probably best not to be seen with Misa for now.
    Misa: LIGHT~! (cue a flying tackle from the nearest alleyway)
    Light: (monologuing) This is the first time in my life I've wanted to hit a woman.
  • In Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, Himeko and Souma have their first kiss, when Himeko starts crying.
  • Detective Conan: A running gag in the series is whenever Takagi and Sato tries to kiss, someone comes in and stop them just at the moment they're about to.
  • Digimon Frontier. In episode 46, Takuya and Zoe are talking in the library when Takuya blurts out, "I really like you." Cue Luminescent Blush by Zoe and then by Takuya when he realizes what he just said. By the time Izumi tries to respond, Takuya is sleeping. In this case, the Moment Killer was one of the people that would benefit from the completion of the moment... the shippers were not amused.
  • In chapter 26 of Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, Senpai shows a rare moment of growing a spine by calling out Nagatoro on what she means when she says "naughty things." She becomes notably flustered and sheepishly responds with things like hugging and kissing. When he dares her to show him she could even do those things she attempts to rise to the challenge. Just before she does they both notice several couples making out around them, embarrassing them both and killing the moment.
  • This occurs in a romantic moment in Elfen Lied between Kouta and Yuka, in which Nyu promptly jumps out, startling them both and ruining said moment. Luckily though, she's completely naked.
  • Dee and Ryo in FAKE are all but guaranteed to have the moment killed for them. The most frequent offenders are Bikky and JJ, who do it on purpose, but there's also that time when Ryo fell asleep right after kissing Dee and that other time when Dee's phone rang just as things were getting hot and heavy between the two of them. No wonder it took them seven volumes — which is quite long indeed for a Boys' Love manga — to officially get together.
  • Almost everytime Saito and Louise come together in The Familiar of Zero. It gets worse and worse. Especially once you consider that it keeps happening during the third season as well, despite the fact that they got engaged at the end of season two. One would assume that once they actually got married at Season 4's end, they can finally do something. Saito's mansion should be big enough for that.
  • In Fruits Basket, there's a scene wherein Yuki starts telling Tohru how cute she is and they move closer and closer...until Ayame comes in talking about how romantic the scene was. Yuki, naturally, decked him.
  • Full Metal Panic!:
    • The Second Raid!: Sōsuke is finally about to embrace Kaname when she breaks down in tears at the end, but then an entire classful of girls enter the corridor and start shouting at him for upsetting Kaname again.
    • Sōsuke himself tends to do this to Kaname. Especially when she misconstrues his actions as being "bold" and "romantic," only for him to completely obliterate any such hope by doing something ridiculous.
    • Kaname does it to herself in episode 9 of The Second Raid! during the haircut scene. Finding that Sōsuke has fallen asleep while she was trimming his hair, Kaname comes very close to kissing him, but stops short when she realizes what she's doing and decides it's time to dunk his head in the sink instead.
    • The later parts of the series feature a Black Comedy version of this. Kurz Weber is seemingly killed, and their death serves as inspiration for the heroes in the difficult battles that come afterwards. When said character turns up alive at a critical moment, just about everyone (even The Stoic Sosuke and Nice Girl Tessa) tells them that they ruined the mood by coming back, to the point where they practically become a Phrase Catcher.
  • In Gankutsuou Albert and Eugenie are about to kiss in one scene but are interrupted by Andrea.
  • In Gintama, Otose and Unlucky Childhood Friend Jirochou are recovering in the hospital after the harrowing attack on Kabukichou. After all the killing and mayhem (including Jirochou putting Otose in the hospital in the first place), the two old friends finally get to say what they need to say to each other after so many years and so much heartache. Then the hospital room doors bust open and the ENTIRE SUPPORTING CAST falls into the room from where they had been eavesdropping. The guy in the third hospital bed in the room chews them all out for interrupting "just when it was getting to the good part."
  • Gate: Just as Itami and co. are relaxing at a hot springs resort in Tokyo - Japan, their small-yet-very-much-enjoyable "vacation" gets soured-up by three individual Spec-Ops groups from the US, Russia and China with orders to 'kidnap' the "special region guests" to their respective countries, and it starts just as Rory attempts to get some sex on with Itami in private while the others are asleep, much to her sheer frustration that she later takes out gleefully on said three Spec-Ops groups.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Team:
    • Episode 10. When Mariel is washing Taro's back after a long day he turns to her and their faces move together for an Almost Kiss... then Ikuyo Suzuki runs in yelling to break it up.
    • Episode 15. When Taro and Mariel are having an intimate moment, an unnamed (as yet) Yashima Sanae breaks into their room in search of Taro (who was identified as an intruder earlier while in disguise).
  • Taniguchi barging in on Haruhi Suzumiya, when Kyon and Yuki were, erm, close to each other could be counted as a Moment Killer. Of course, it's Played for Laughs. Haruhi disrupting Kyon and Mikuru twice, too.
  • Haruka Nogizaka's Secret uses this trope extensively, with the primary offenders usually being the sister and maids who are supposedly rooting for them to get together.
  • Wataru of Hayate the Combat Butler blocked himself. Nagi'd stuffed Isumi in a coffin so she could listen in while Nagi talked to Wataru about the problem of the week. She manages to get him to confess to liking Isumi, then turns to Isumi and asks if she needs anything more. Wataru fiercely backpedals and claims it was a joke. The audience weeps for his crush.
  • Invoked in Hellsing: Seras manages to defuse a potential battle between Alucard and Anderson using a group of old tourists. They both comment about the lack of atmosphere and back off. The abridged version lampshades this.
    Alucard: Welp, my boner's gone.
    Anderson: Aye, kind of a mood killer.
  • America and England of Hetalia: Axis Powers have a moment killed in a strip titled this. Also happens between Germany and Italy. In both cases, they don't even need third parties due to tsundere-ish traits or outright Obliviousness.
  • All over the place in High School D×D. It's fair to say that every girl in Issei's harem has moment-killed everyone else on at least one occasion. In-Universe, this is often deliberate, as the girl in the harem has a heated, but friendly rivalry over who gets to spend time with him. Out of universe, this is the author's way of adding fanservice and sexual tension to the story while dealing with a strict "no sexual content" rule from the publisher.
  • This makes up much of the humor of the yaoi manga I Can't Stop Loving You as Kyouji and Yu's attempts to have sex are constantly thwarted by causes ranging from ghosts to people walking in on them to Yu accidentally crushing Kyouji's ribs with his Super Strength...
  • Hajime ends up ruining his own Friendship Moment with Nozomu in I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying by wondering when he set off an Event Flag.
  • The iDOLM@STER 2: The World Is All One!! has Hibiki and Yukiho act as Moment Killers on a regular basis, usually through the accidental reveal that they've been eavesdropping in the Producer and Haruka's heart to heart moments.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Miroku and Sango have a mutual genius for this, no third party interference required. Miroku is the most frequent offender thanks to his habit of copping a feel just when things are going well, but Sango has been guilty a few times as well:
      • It happens so many times that at one point the series double-subverts it: finding Sango downcast after an encounter with her little brother, Miroku sits beside her to comfort her, and, atypically, remains perfectly chivalrous until Sango remarks that she would have expected him to try groping her by now. Miroku being Miroku, he promptly offers to make up for his omission if she wants him to. Guess what.
      • There's the other time that happens, of course, where she gropes him (expecting to find Shippo's tail, because of course Miroku would never have so much tact to properly comfort her).
    • Inu-Yasha and Kagome aren't quite as bad, but they catch their share of examples:
      • The most agonizing occurs late in the manga and is reproduced in The Final Act, during one of Kagome's visits to the present, when her family manages to return from a spontaneous hot spring vacation at precisely the wrong moment:
        Kagome: It's all right. I'll always be with you.
        Inu-Yasha: In that case, I'll protect you with my life.
        (almost kiss)
        Kagome's mother: We're home!
        You can quite literally hear the mood bubble pop.
      • One particularly entertaining example occurred during one of the mini-arcs where Inu-Yasha was trapped in human form; Kagome has been kidnapped by a human-eating sage and set to "marinate" in a pool of sake, and Inu-Yasha tears out of his confinement to track her down. When he does, she's totally naked, so he blushes furiously, throws her his kimono, insists he's fine despite his numerous wounds and promptly collapses from blood loss.
        Kagome: (hugging unconscious Inu-Yasha) You've been fighting so hard, even though you're a human now...
        (magically shrunken Miroku and Shippo pop out of Inu-Yasha's hair)
        Miroku: Ah-heh... we're not interrupting anything, are we?
        Kagome: AIEEEEEEEEE!
  • While just about every attempt of Annasui's to win Jolyne over tends get shot down in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the incident that truly takes the cake is when an Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene where she falls asleep on his shoulder is interrupted by alligators.
    Annasui: I can't wait to tell her... It's now or never! My feelings for her are genuine! I even paid a shitload of money to get this ring from the prison merchant. [Slips it on her finger] Once she wakes up... I want her to... I want her to know and embrace my feelings for her—
    Hermes: Hey! Look! It's an alligator! There are fuckin' alligators around here!
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: After over 400 chapters of seemingly being oblivious to the true feelings of Kenichi, Miu finally admits that she feels similarly... only to have her overprotective grandfather suddenly burst in, spewing intense amounts of Killing Intent, scaring the hell out of Kenichi and Miu in the process, the other Ryouzanpaku masters struggling (and failing miserably) to hold him back.
  • In episode 4 of the first Koihime†Musou season, Kan'u agrees to sleep with Sousou in exchange of sparing the life of Bachou, who had tried to murder Sousou earlier in that episode. That night, the two are quite blatantly about to have sex... And then Sousou suffers ANOTHER attempt to her life, this time by an unknown assailant who sneaks in her tent from the ceiling. Moment Killing at its best there.
  • The Legend of Sun Knight: Sun Knight and Earth Knight gleefully do this to each other at every opportunity. Made worse because in theory neither of them should be getting any in the first place: as the original Sun and Earth were best friends but had a bad case of Chaste Hero (the current Sun would really like to score) and Cannot Talk to Women (the current Earth is The Casanova) respectively, both are forced to act the role in public.
  • In Little House with an Orange Roof, Natsumi and Shou are interrupted by Natsumi's sister. Unusually, the killer immediately realizes what she was interrupting and attempts to remove herself from sight.
  • Every time Keitaro and Naru in Love Hina come close to kissing or admitting their feelings for one another, someone will inevitably barge in on them or Keitaro will suffer an Accidental Pervert moment and provoke Naru into Megaton Punching him. Even after they finally kiss and become an official Official Couple in the manga, Moment Killers still abound whenever they try to consummate their relationship.
  • Anytime Nike and Kukuri have a tender moment in Magical Circle Guru-Guru, Gipple will inevitably pop up screaming for a barf bag.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: While seeking refuge from Kobayashi's Meido discussion with Georgie, Tohru ends up stopping Kanna and Saikawa from kissing (and given what Kanna was thinking at the end of the chapter, she prevented a lot more than that).
  • Monster Musume:
    • Ms. Smith starts out with this role, as part of her job is to prevent anyone from breaking the law forbidding humans from having sexual relations with Monster Girls they're hosting. After a few other girls are added to the Unwanted Harem and the restriction against human/monster girl dating is lifted, all the girls take turns doing it to each other as they all want to make sure that they're the girl who'll end up marrying Kimihito.
    • In the second Hot Springs arc, the main cast is hired to work at the springs and perform this role. As the hot springs inn has now become a meeting place for human men and monster girls, and all monstergirls are lustful, it's a full time job keeping things from getting too hot and steamy right in the baths (in their rooms is just fine).
  • Mahya in My-Otome makes a regular habit of doing this to Akane and Kazuya, to ensure they never have sex and Akane doesn't lose her Otome powers because being Kazuya's Otome is the only thing keeping Akane from getting arrested for running away.
  • Naruto and Sakura were having a moment and Sakura was about to feed Naruto ramen when Sai pops in as the Moment Killer — and offers to feed Naruto himself, which Naruto was not pleased about. Kakashi ends up being the one who feeds Naruto, which doesn't please anybody. Except Kakashi.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has, surprisingly, quite a few of these.
    • The most famous one is probably in "Both of You Dance Like You Want to Win!" when Asuka falls asleep right next to a wide-awake Shinji, who tries to lean forward to kiss her... until Asuka calls for her mama. At which point Shinji abandons his futon and goes to sleep on the other side of the room.
    • Then a couple of episodes later, Asuka decides she wants to try kissing Shinji using the "I'm bored" (and the "well if you're too scared to..." tactic to goad Shinji into agreeing), and then ruins the mood herself by holding his nose (the tragic part is she pinched his nose to pretend it was not a big deal in case of he rejected her. But precisely because she was trying playing it like not a big deal, Shinji did nothing, and she thought he was rejecting her).
    • Kaji and Misato also get their fair share (usually with Misato killing the moment before things go too far... at first).
  • In Omamori Himari, it's practically a Running Gag for one of the girls starting to get intimate with Yuuko... only to be violently (and, oftentimes, hilariously) interrupted by one or more of the other girls. This trope is the only thing stopping this from being a hentai... not that it's that far away to start with.
  • One Piece: Sanji (in Nami's body) slips on some ice. Zoro grabs his hand to stop him from falling. They stare into each other's eyes for a moment...then Brook loudly Squees over how romantic it is and Zoro drops Sanji like he's on fire.
  • In Chapter 81 of Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi confesses her love to Tamaki. The moment was totally ruined when Tamaki made an absolute fool of himself by yelling to Hikaru what she just said, falling to the floor, being called a narcissist when he accepted her confession, and being called an idiot. Haruhi then shouts that she's not sure if she still loved him. After all that, he ends up kissing her, which made Hikaru cry.
  • Planetes: Tanabe and Sempai are back on Earth, visiting his parents, they end up on the beach at sunset when Tanabe stumbles and create by accident the favorable position for a kiss... a frigging rocket launched by Hachimaki's brother sinks the moment.
  • This trope is essentially the only reason it took Please Teacher!'s Kei and Mizuho so long to, oddly, do anything at all... except hook up. Huh. His annoying and oft-tragic condition doesn't help matters much.
  • Pokémon:
    • In the anime, Brock's Croagunk! Any time Brock gets excited around a woman, he leaps into action with a Poison Jab attack, right in Brock's ass. Brock will collapse and be dragged off. It's gotten to the point that Brock expects it to happen every time he hits on a girl, so whenever Croagunk doesn't Poison Jab him, Brock quickly stops his romantic acts and wonders what's up. Before Croagunk, variations where Misty or Max would drag him off by the ear or Bonsly tackling him with Double-Edge used to occur.
    • Team Rocket also plays this sometimes, like during the final episode of Diamond and Pearl. As Piplup and Pikachu are sobbing into Togekiss's chest because Ash, Brock, and Pikachu are going back to Kanto, Team Rocket comes in with another stupid capture attempt. This is then turned into a Moment of Awesome as not only does Ash deliver a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment via a Brave Bird, but Team Rocket gets freaking Curb Stomped.
    • Not quite as harsh as it was cute, but Ash's Chikorita (before she evolved) would snuggle her trainer when being called out which could throw off the pace of, say, a Gym battle.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion, during a tender, Les Yay-heavy scene between Sayaka and Kyoko, Nagisa suddenly interrupts them proclaiming her love for cheese. Sayaka even complains about Nagisa being unable to read the atmosphere.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Happens to Ranma and Akane in from as early as the Ice Skating battle. In response to that storyline (it makes sense when you see it,) Ramna was dared by Akane to kiss her. As he worked up the raw nerve, he leaned in closer to her, and paused for just a brief moment, hesitating. He tells her that they should save the kiss for someone they love. She says then he can't do it with her, and he angrily replies he has not told that. The two of them get a Luminescent Blush, it looks like if they are going to kiss... and then Ranma notices the other family members watching from a door, encouraging him to "Just kiss her!"
    • Another one comes from late in the manga. After the parents have told him that the only way to get Akane to give up the problematic Battle Dogi is to, basically, seduce her. Ranma pulls her into a closet for a "sincere" chat. He soon manages to get her to cooperate and he sees her as cute since that moment. Furthermore he realizes that, while she's being honest and affectionate, his intentions were not, which makes him feel like a miserable scumbag. He abandons the plan and then proceeds to talk to her with his true feelings. Then due to the parents pouring some scary toy animals on Akane, she lunges herself onto Ranma. The two of them embrace and come the closest ever to a real romantic kiss... then the suit opens the door scaring them, also revealing the whole family in the room. Then Soun reveals that Ranma's goal was to make her permanently give up the Dogi. Ranma tries to deny this while Soun still insists on them to continue the kiss. Understandably, Akane's anger exploded like never before or after in the manga.
    • It frequently happens to Ranma and Shampoo. An infuriating example is when Ranma is about to kiss her because, if he doesn't, she'll turn into a cat and be stuck like that forever as the bride of a huge ghost cat. Just as Ranma is almost finished working on building up the nerve to kiss her, Akane hits him and tells him not to get carried away, despite having guilted him into coming to save her in the first place.
  • This happens in Rosario + Vampire to Tsukune and Moka, courtesy of... pretty much everyone else.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Right before Kenshin goes off to fight Shishio, Kaoru has a heart-to-heart with him and wishes him well. Then Yahiko interrupts from where he was eavesdropping, yelling that she should have been more forward with his feelings.
  • Sgt. Frog:
    • As if Momoka didn't have enough problems trying to confess her feelings to Fuyuki, frequently her attempts to have a private moment are derailed by somebody else showing up at the most inopportune time. Notably, this isn't always the fault of one of the keronians; often it's Natsumi or Koyuki who unknowingly butts in.
    • There's even an entire episode devoted to finding a situation where no one would interfere, and eventually had to find a way to subvert the accidental moment killing nature of nearly the entire cast.
  • In Shirokuma Cafe, Handa the zookeeper has a crush on Sasako, the café's waitress. One night, after the café holds a ghost story night, she offers to ride her bike along side him on the way home as he's afraid of ghost stories. He almost accepts when Llama cuts in and offers to take her place as he's going the same direction as Handa.
  • Shonan Jun'ai Gumi!: Just as Ryuji and Eikichi are about to lose their virginities with a couple of hot college girls, they both have a Potty Emergency and have to run to the bathroom.
  • Silver Spoon: The Dorm Manager is a Moment Killer of the deliberate variety. Of course, for dorm managers at boarding schools for high schoolers, it's literally in the job description.
  • Happens quite a few times in the Sorcerer Hunters manga with Carrot and Tira, usually thanks to Chocolat picking those moments to pounce on Carrot. In volume 8 they even kiss to snap Tira out of her Brainwashed and Crazy state and spend a few panels blushing at each other before Chocolat has a fit about Carrot kissing someone who isn't her. (To be fair to Chocolat, though, she's also deeply in love with Carrot and had virtually no idea of her sister's feelings until volume 11.)
  • Amusingly, despite being the recipient, Langa of Sk8 the Infinity does this to himself when Reki starts telling Langa that he'd be willing to help pick out a skateboard, with Reki beginning to blush and fluster right before his sentence is interrupted by Langa asking if his job had openings. Reki is put off afterwards, but his manager, Oka, manages to save the day by offering Langa a temporary job and jumpstarting the plot. A later episode more or less subtexually confirms that Reki found Langa cute in that way, as Reki reacts with a slightly more obvious blush and similar flustered movement around a girl he explicitly likes (before being promptly rejected)...and then later on, in episode 10, he blushes and flusters even harder than that when Langa tells him a series of sincere compliments.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Happens with Soul and Maka, when Maka is standing beside Soul in the infirmary after the fight with Crona, in which he was seriously injured. Maka is tearing up and in the middle of some kind of Heroic Vow when Black☆Star crashes into the room and starts yelling at the top of his voice as he practically strangles an unconscious Soul on the bed in an attempt to wake him up. Most shippers felt that the Maka Chop that came after was well deserved.
    • After Tsubaki narrowly defeats her corrupted brother Masamune and is in tears, Black☆Star comforts her with a hug... and then one of the angry villagers smashes a stick over his head.
  • In Special A, Yahiro and Megumi are about to kiss when Tadashi rushes by on a motorcycle, yelling "Hey, Yahiro! I'm borrowing your bike for a moment!" Yahiro responds "Can't you read the atmosphere here?"
  • Tenchi Muyo!:
    • In the final episode of Tenchi in Tokyo, just when Ryoko was about to kiss Tenchi, Washu pops out of the tree trunk where Tenchi and Ryoko are standing, to test her new and improved Dimensional Tunnel. She was then followed by Sasami, and then Ayeka, and finally Mihoshi and Kiyone.
    • In episode 7 of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Washu dresses up in a nurse outfit to perform her... experiments on Tenchi. And then Mihoshi walks in the lab...
  • Ageha and Tsutomu of Toshiue no Hito are university students living together after a rather fraught courtship. It could be the temporary flatmate or one or all of the members of his literature club or even his parents coming to see why he's living with an older woman, but it seems that no matter what, someone will interrupt their chance of being intimate, often as they're in the middle of taking their clothes off. It's that kind of series.
  • Sakura and Tsubame in Urusei Yatsura would probably be already married if the rest of the cast would keep their noses out of the couple's business and perhaps let them have some private time.
    • Nearly every time Ataru is about to willingly kiss Lum, something occurs that ends with the entire cast angrily chasing both of them.
  • Kiyori in Whispered Words is Sumika and Ushio's closest friend and the only one within the circle completely oblivious to their feelings for each other. This allows her so many moments to kill that she's given the moniker "Kan't Read The Mood" Kiyori.


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