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Mohs Rock Metal / Levels 8 and 9

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We're in the final stretch, and the music here is starting to become absolutely relentless. Watch your step here. Listeners new to heavy metal should ideally check out songs from Levels 6 and 7 first.

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    Level 8 
Genres: Thrash Metal, heavier Power Metal, Doom Metal, Death 'n' Roll, harder Speed Metal, the hardest Post-Hardcore, Crossover Thrash, the softer side of Groove Metal and Djent, heavier Industrial Metal, Sludge Metal, harder Post-Metal, Blackgaze, heavier Progressive Metal, heavier Hardcore Punknote , very soft Black Metal, Metalcore, Drum n' Bass, Industrial Hip Hop, EBM, Brostep's softer end, Hard Trance, harder Noise Rock, the hardest Traditional Heavy Metal / Hair Metalnote , Alternative Metal and Nu Metal with significant influence of more aggressive music genres, harder Trap Metal, Drill n' Bass and Breakcore's softer end, Russian Hard Bass

Matching mineral: Topaz


    Level 9 
Genres: Old-school Death Metal, soft Black Metal, heavier Thrash Metal, Blackgaze, Funeral Metal, Melodic Death Metal, the heaviest Progressive Metal, heavier Doom Metal, lighter Drone Metal, harder Industrial Hip Hop, harder Crossover Thrash, lighter Crust Punk, Digital Hardcore, Brostep, EBM, Hard Trance, harder Djent, the heaviest Hardcore Punknote , the softer end of Technical Death Metal, Deathcore and Mathcore, Drill 'n' Bass

Matching mineral: Corundum


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