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Mohs Rock Metal / Levels 6 and 7

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We're midway through the scale, and starting at this point heavy metal becomes pretty much ubiquitous. If you're trying to get into heavier music, this is a good place to start.

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    Level 6 
Genres: Grunge, harder Post-Grunge, harder Hard Rock, Experimental Rock, harder Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Noise Rock, Noise Pop, Dubstep, Industrial, harder Post-Industrial, Deconstructed Club, heavier Shoegazing, hardest Alternative Rock, Traditional Heavy Metal, softer Industrial Hip-Hop, Neoclassical Metal, Hair Metal, softer Doom Metal, softer Industrial Metal, soft Post-Metal, Alternative Metal, softer Nu Metal, softer Power Metal, heavy Progressive Rock and soft Progressive Metal, most Gothic Metal, softer Avant-Garde Metal, softer Folk Metal, the hardest pure Hip-Hop, Post-Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore.

Matching mineral: Orthoclase


    Level 7 
Genre: Heavier Grunge, Heavy Metalnote , Heavier Hair Metal, the hardest Hard Rock, harder Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Power Metal, Alternative Metal, Noise Rock, Doom Metal, Industrial Metal, Post-Metal, Nu Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, No Wave, Dubstep, softer EBM, Deconstructed Club, harder Experimental Rock, Neoclassical Metal, most Progressive Metal, Post-Hardcore, Industrial Hip-Hop, Digital Hardcore and Metalcore's softer end, heavier Folk Metal, softer Thrash Metal, softer Russian Hard Bass

Matching mineral: Quartz