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Mohs Rock Metal / Levels 4 and 5

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Things start to get a bit heavy here, but the songs are still very accessible. A vast majority of the most influential and respected artists in Classic Rock, progressive rock and modern rock can be found here.

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    Level 4 
Genres: Lighter Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Power Pop, Futurepop, Experimental Rock, Rap Rock, Post-Industrial, Techno, Dance Punk, Harder Pop, harder Post-Rock, Jazz Fusion, Pop Punk, harder Boom Bap and Old-School Hip-Hop, Shoegazing, most Progressive Rock, AOR, harder Post-Punk, harder Trap, harder Electronic Music, traditional Dubstep, Big Room, heavier New Wave.

Matching mineral: Fluorite

    Level 5 
Genres: Most Hard Rock, harder Progressive Rock, Early Punk Rock, Post-Industrial, Experimental Rock, Rap Rock, soft Hair Metalnote , softer Industrial, lighter Post-Hardcore, harder Alternative Rock, Power Pop, harder Futurepop, harder Jazz Fusion, the softest Industrial Hip-Hop and Trap Metal, traditional Dubstep, heavier Shoegazing, Post-Grunge, Noise Pop, softer Grunge.

Matching mineral: Apatite