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  • Alien³ had a number of shots and scenes that never appeared in the final product, likely due to the Troubled Production:
    • One of the trailers and some of the TV spots featured a clip of Kevin (one of the prisoners) narrowly closing a door on the Runner, and then says, "This thing is really ticked off!" This was actually an edited take of the line, "This thing is really pissed off!", but it didn't appear in the theatrical film. It does appear in the workprint version, however.
    • The teaser trailer shows footage of Clemens walking on the beach that doesn't appear in either cut of the film. This was reportedly part of an extended opening where he sees an apparent flaming comet (actually the EEV crashing to the surface of the planet) and continues his walk.
    • Several trailers and TV spots had a shot of Ripley sitting at the top of the leadworks, looking down at the Runner and saying "For the last time". This was another take that was removed from the final product.
  • Alien vs. Predator had a handful of shots from its trailers that suggest the lead-up to the final battle was changed prior to release. The first trailer shows a shot of the Grid Alien standing on the surface of Antarctica, but in the finished product, it dies when the bomb is activated at the bottom of the tunnel. In the script, Grid would have led the other xenomorphs towards the top of the tunnel. It would have reached the surface, but then been destroyed when the bomb explodes as he howls at Scar. Another unused moment from this scene depicted Scar standing with his spear on the surface, whereas he loses it in the final cut just before fleeing with Lex on the sledge.
  • Prometheus:
    • The David 8 advertisement (which shows the birth of the android in question) was filmed for viral marketing purposes and doesn't appear in the film proper.
    • A number of shots seen in the trailers never appeared in the finished product. One of the most notable examples is when Shaw (who had just removed the embryo from herself via the Medpod) stops at a mirror and looks at herself, clasping her hands and closing her eyes while shaking. Another shot (mercenaries walking into the shuttle bay and immediately firing at something) was part of an alternate sequence that had the mutated Fifield attacking the mechanics just as Weyland and the team get ready to head to the Engineer ship near the end of the film.
    • The Peter Weyland TED Talk clips (including his speech and the lead-up to him walking on-stage) also don't appear in the film. Unlike the David 8 advertisement, this sequence was originally intended to be in the film (and has noticeably higher production quality, along with the only footage of Guy Pearce without his old-age makeup). An earlier version of the script had David watching the video while the crew were in hypersleep on the way to their destination, but this was changed to make it part of the viral marketing campaign.
  • Alien: Covenant does the same thing as the previous prequel, to the point of being intentionally misleading.
    • Like the previous film, Covenant has a viral marketing ad showing the "birth" of a Walter unit, set in the same place as the opening scene/flashback of the film. Like the David 8 advertisement, this scene isn't in the film.
    • The viral "diaries" narrated by key characters (Daniels, Tennessee, Oram, Lope and Rosenthal) are not in the film, despite showing alternate first-person shots of the crew's initial foray onto the planet and some quick shots that aren't in the final cut.
    • The entire "Last Supper" scene (which depicts the crew celebrating their final meal together before going into cryosleep, along with a speech by Daniels) doesn't appear in the finished product. Not only was it released separately as a standalone scene, but it was used liberally in the trailers - one of Daniels' lines, "You've all sacrificed so much to be here", was a key part of the marketing campaign.
    • The prologue, The Crossing, isn't in the film either. This is despite featuring the only scene of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) still alive after the events of the previous film, as she is dead by the time the events of Covenant begin.
    • One trailer, "She Won't Go Quietly", depicts Daniels, Captain Oram and Tennessee going about menial tasks on the Covenant. When the onboard computer, MOTHER, starts malfunctioning during a card game, Daniels is forced to run to the armory and grab ammo and painkillers before asking her for the location of the xenomorph. MOTHER replies that it's four metres above her, and she aims her weapon up and screams as the xenomorph reveals itself. The whole sequence was filmed specifically for marketing purposes, and doesn't appear in the film itself.
    • Several trailers and TV spots show a shot of the xenomorph bouncing back and forth between walls as it travels through a darkened, emergency-lit corridor onboard the Covenant. This shot does not appear in the final product, though a similar shot (seen through the xenomorph's perspective as it travels through the same corridor) was used.

    Harry Potter 
  • Philosopher's Stone:
    • The teaser includes the shot when Neville is flying away from the flying class, except Neville hasn't been Chroma Keyed in yet so it's just a background plate of everyone looking up at nothing.
    • A number of TV spots showed Hermione saying, "He's rather disagreeable, isn't he?" It's nowhere in the film and was also not in the Deleted Scenes on the DVD. The fact that the kids don't have their house-colored uniforms yet would seem to indicate that it takes place sometime before they get up to their dormitories for the first time. Possibly it's from the filmed-but-never-released scene with Peeves, in which case Peeves would presumably be the "he" to which Hermione was referring. It may also be from the scene when Harry meets Malfoy for the first time.
    • The theatrical trailer also has a shot not in the film. It shows Percy leading the first years down a hallway and is therefore quite likely from the elusive Peeves scene.
  • Chamber of Secrets had several trailer scenes that did not appear in the film (though they are all on the DVD release):
    • Scenes of Harry and Ron dragging an unconscious Crabbe and Goyle into a closet.
    • The car flying near Big Ben.
    • Harry by the lake with Hedwig.
    • Harry glancing at the Polyjuice Potion and saying, "We're going to drink that?"
    • There are also a couple shots of Lockhart's classroom being wrecked by the pixies, except the CGI pixies weren't added in.
  • Prisoner of Azkaban's trailer showed a full-color shot of Sirius being chained by guards. This area of the movie is darkened and desaturated, and also never shows Sirius actually being chained.
  • Goblet of Fire:
    • The trailer showed a scene where Moody peaks around the door, but it's not in the film.
    • There's also one where Harry says "He's getting closer...I can feel it!" and a line of Hermione's, "Surviving the tournament isn't the answer anymore!" Unlike some of the others, these ended up on the DVD release.
  • Order of the Phoenix:
    • Shots from the final battle are shown in the trailer which unfortunately didn't make it into the film. These include Lupin casting a spell and a shot of Ron supporting Harry, which have yet to see the light of day.
    • We see an awesome shot of the Educational Decrees exploding. In the actual movie, that shot was mostly obscured by the Weasley Fireworks that were supposed to cause the explosion.
    • The first trailer showed a shot of Bellatrix that was never in the movie, and the second showed Ron supporting Harry.
  • Half-Blood Prince has the following epic quote that never made the final cut:
    Snape: It's over.
    • In the trailer Greyback disarms Ginny, but this is not shown in the battle.
  • Deathly Hallows Part 1:
    • In a variation, the trailer shows a shot of Harry on the ground, closing on his face. That was actually the raw footage of a scene where Harry's face is disfigured, which would later be made digitally.
    • In the trailer for Deathly Hallows Part 2, there is a scene where Voldemort asks Harry, "Why do you live?" and Harry replies, "Because I've got something worth living for." This scene was not in the movie, though curiously it is in the video game adaptation.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 
  • The Incredible Hulk:
    • Many of the commercials featured Emil Blonsky describing the Hulk to someone... no such scene appears in the movie. Neither does the character he's talking to.
    • The theatrical trailer for the film opens with Banner in a therapy session with Leonard Samson. This doesn't happen in the movie, but was later included as a DVD extra.
  • Iron Man 2:
    • The trailer includes a scene of Pepper kissing Tony's Iron Man helmet in a cargo plane, then throwing it overboard. Tony jumps out after it, turning as he leaps and telling her "You complete me," then flies down to a convention stage and takes off the suit in front of a large crowd. In the final film, Pepper is missing, and Tony, fully dressed as Iron Man, simply runs out of the plane. Director Jon Favreau explained this was because the scene was the first in the film to feature Tony, and not seeing him outside of his Iron Man armor until he undressed in front of the crowd made a splashier entrance for the viewer. However, the change also hints that in a previous version of the film, Tony and Pepper were officially together, while in the final film their romance is unrequited until the end. The costumes of the dancers in the following scene were also changed between the trailer and the finished film.
    • In another missing scene, Tony is seemingly teaching Natalie Rushman how to use his repulsor glove.
  • Iron Man 3: Lots of great Mandarin lines, such as "Today... is the first day... of what's left of your life" and "Do you want an empty life, or a meaningful death?" aren't in the movie.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier:
    • The film ends with The Falcon asking when will he and Steve start searching for Bucky. The TV spots included an additional line where Steve looks up dramatically and responds "We just did."
    • Another TV spot has a scene where Steve jokingly tells Sam (presumably in reference to something said by Black Widow) "She can be dramatic."
  • Guardians of the Galaxy:
    • The trailer has scenes showing Drax being brought into prison (crossing into Trailers Always Lie, since Drax was already in prison when the other four were brought in). Also, Rhomann Day's "They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy" line isn't in the movie and wouldn't make sense at that point.
    • The Nova Corps officer's response - "What a bunch of A-holes" - wasn't meant to be in the movie either, but in a subversion, the line proved so popular that it was included in the final cut. From the same scene, they removed the censoring text and graphic when Quill flips off the officer although the actual scene remained. It was added to the trailer to make it safe for TV.
    • One removed scene had Dey commenting that something might not be the best idea which was not in the movie. Based on his location it was likely in response to Quill declaring he'd keep the other Guardians in line.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron:
    • Nothing Ultron says in the teaser trailer is spoken in the film itself. He does sing excerpts of "I've Got No Strings", but in a different context.
    • Even worse, a deleted scene featured in the trailer with a dark-skinned bald woman disrobing in a cave got everyone's hopes up, with speculation that she may be Princess Shuri, Mantis, Hela, etc.
  • Underplayed in Doctor Strange, as several scenes where changed between the trailer and the film:
    • In the trailer, Strange walks backwards into the Mirror Dimension; in the film, he follows the Ancient One inside the proper way.
    • The line "how did you become a doctor" is changed to "and how did you learn to connect torn nerves and mend broken spines".
    • Kaecilius' line "I am death and pain" is absent from the movie altogether, as is Ancient One's "I've spent years peering through time, looking for you."
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The scene of Drax giving Peter a hug, despite his protests, is not in the film.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming had Spider-Man telling a group of burglars in Avengers masks "You're not the real Avengers. Hulk gives it away." In the trailers. In the film, he makes a string of jokes about the rest of the group.
    • A shot of Spider-Man and Iron Man swinging/flying together at the end of the first trailer never shows up in the movie.
  • Avengers: Infinity War:
    • The Disney D23 trailer shows alternate shots of Thor waking up onboard the Guardians' ship — with both eyes intact, which was done to hide the surprise in Thor: Ragnarok (which was released four months after this trailer was shown) when Hela slashes out one of his eyes during the climax of the film. Additionally, both the D23 and first trailer shows a shot of the entire team looking on in surprise (with Mantis waving) when Thor asks them who they are. The same shot in the finished product is an alternate take that doesn't feature Groot or Rocket, as they choose to go along with Thor on his mission to the Asgardian forge.
    • Several shots from the sequence where Proxima and Corvus attack Vision and Wanda are changed from the trailer. Whereas Steve's reveal is set against a solid brick wall in the first trailer, the film reveals him standing in front of a window at the train station. Likewise, the trailer showed footage of Wanda giving a sigh of relief upon seeing Steve, whereas she simply looks behind her in wonder in the finished product.
    • The scene where Quill tells Tony that his plan sucks has alternate dialogue from the version in the finished film, which is also missing Peter Parker's Reaction Shot as he stares in confusion during the conversation.
    • The first trailer shows footage of Natasha and Bruce standing near a detached arm from the Hulkbuster suit on Wakanda, which doesn't occur anywhere within the film itself (by the time the team arrives in Wakanda, they only have one scene together discussing what should be done with Vision alongside T'Challa and Shuri before the Black Order forces descend from the sky and everyone scrambles). The second trailer shows additional footage of Natasha, Bruce and Rhodes looking up at something (presumably the Black Order dropships hitting the Wakandan shields), which is replaced in the film with the suited War Machine looking up as the dropships hit.
    • A shot of Thanos stepping out of the portal on Titan in the first trailer has him smiling as it closes behind him. In the finished film, the act of stepping out of the portal is longer and he doesn't smile, instead looking around as the portal closes. Additionally, a scene where Thanos threatens the group on Titan with a Badass Fingersnap was shown in the second trailer but is not present in the final cut.
    • Shots of Thor activating his lightning powers in the forge while Groot and Rocket look on in surprise were cut from the finished product.
    • The footage of the team running through the Wakandan forest in the first trailer with Hulk is never shown in the film — not only was it created for marketing purposes, but the only time Hulk appears in the film is at the very beginning onboard the Asgardian ship. After Thanos beats Hulk, he refuses to emerge (despite Bruce's pleas) for the rest of the movie, apparently out of fear.
    • Thanos has an entire line from the trailer where he talks about balancing the universe (through genocide) putting a smile on his face. This line is nowhere in the film, and doesn't seem to match up with his portrayal as killing half of the universe out of a sense of grim pragmatism.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp had a trailer scene where a giant suited Scott looms over a ship and rumbles in Hulk Speak about "ME SEE PEOPLE" before admitting he's joking. The basic scene occurs in the movie, but his dialogue is more to-the-point and less scaring the passengers.
  • Not counting scenes edited to remove certain characters and alter certain details, Avengers: Endgame had two scenes from the Super Bowl preview that didn't make it into the film:
    • Black Widow in a target practice range.
    • Pre-Time Skip Thor in the sky, bathed in lightning.
    • The second Endgame trailer gave several Avengers the line "Whatever it takes," framing it as a team mantra before they start the mission. In the actual film, Tony never says it, and the context when Clint and Natasha say it is very different.
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home: In the trailers, there are more scenes set in New York. According to the director, these scenes were dropped to quicken the pace of the first act, and they will be compiled into a short called "Peter's To-Do List" that will accompany the film's home release. Scenes shown in the trailer include:
    • Peter getting his passport and visiting Delmar's bodega from Spider-Man: Homecoming to get the things he'll need for his trip.
    • Peter in his Iron Spider armor taking down several criminals (the "Manfredi mob" according to Aunt May). Once the police arrive, Spider-Man jokes around with them before informing them he's going on vacation.

    Star Wars 
  • The Empire Strikes Back:
    • A theatrical trailer narrated by Harrison Ford features C3PO ripping a decal off a door. This is from a Deleted Scene where 3PO tricks some Storm Troopers into walking into a Wampa containment room.
    • There was also a shot where Vader leans forward for some reason (supposedly after his fight with Luke, as if to throw him off himself). Some speculate that this is from him trying to use the Force to pull Luke back up to him, a scene described in the children's picture book of the movie.
    • Not to mention a completely different shot of Luke and Leia making out. Notably, they appear to be alone in this scene, as opposed to the one in the film proper which was in front of the regular gang. Maybe the filmmakers were just shipteasing, or (less likely, considering how we know the writing process went) they were trying to throw off the scent of the twist in the next film.
  • Return of the Jedi:
    • Up until it was finally included proper as a Deleted Scene on the 2011 "Complete Saga" Blu-Ray boxset, the Tatooine Sandstorm scene (where the main group talks briefly before departing from the planet in the midst of a bad sandstorm) could only be glimpsed during the original "Revenge of the Jedi" trailer.
    • The theatrical trailer includes several bits of footage from the Death Star II battle (including a side-view of Wedge piloting his X-Wing and a shot of the Falcon spinning inside the bowels of the DSII itself) that never appeared in the final cut of the film. Additionally, there are shots of Luke wielding a blue lightsaber during the sail barge fight on Tatooine in most trailers for the film, whereas it has been re-composited as green for the finished film.
  • The Force Awakens:
    • Several of the voiceovers heard in the trailers (including Luke saying "The Force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it...", Kylo Ren saying "Nothing will stand in our way ... I'll show them the Dark Side" and Maz saying "Hope is not lost today - it is found") are not present in the actual film itself.
    • Several of the shots in the teaser are different than the finished film. This includes the shot of Ren activating his lightsaber in the snowy forest (the film shows an alternate shot taken from a different angle), Finn popping his head up from below the screen after the First Order TIE Fighter crash is shortened to a quick cut with his head already up, the closeup of the Knights of Ren is slightly longer, and the Resistance X-Wings flying over the water is both longer than the finished film and digitally altered (the lead X-Wing is replaced with Poe's black-and-orange colored fighter).
    • A scene from the second teaser shows an alien passing a lightsaber to a female hand. This is actually part of a cut scene/subplot where Maz Kanata would have followed the heroes to the Resistance base and interacted with someone (likely Leia, given the narration) and handing her Luke's signature lightsaber. She was intended to have more scenes in the base, but J.J. Abrams thought her character didn't have much of note to do, and thus the sequence was changed to Maz giving Finn the lightsaber instead during the First Order battle midway through the film.
    • Other trailers showed Rey standing in front of an old Star Destroyer (which is replaced with Rey exiting the Star Destroyer and standing in front of it, drinking from a canteen), Rey being asked by Maz who she is and responding "No one" (which isn't in the film at all) and one of Finn's lines being cut short (he says "I was raised to do one thing" in the film, but not "and I’ve got nothing to fight for").
    • A commercial promoting Version Wireless shows BB-8 attempting to hack a control panel while Chewie stands guard in Starkiller Base. Due to the download connection stalling out and the noise BB-8 is generating, a group of Stormtroopers notices and begins to attack, forcing Chewie to sigh in exasperation and begin firing on them with his bowcaster. It's unknown if this was intended to be a scene in the film or made purely for promotional purposes.
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: A majority of footage in the teasers and trailers did not appear in the final product. It's unclear how much of this is due to misleading marketing, but knowing that the film underwent a large amount of reshoots lends credence to the fact that many scenes were changed or altered midway through production:
    • The Celebration 2015 teaser, which showed a pan across a jungle planet before revealing the silhouette of the Death Star in the sky, is not used in the film, and the setting where the teaser takes place is never visited at all in the final product. Interestingly, the beginning of the shot was reused at the end of Solo, during the second Sabaac game.
    • The first teaser trailer showed footage of Deathtroopers scanning the horizon on Lah'Mu, while the Erso family homestead is seen on fire in the background. In the final product, Galen is taken in by Director Krennic and the Deathtroopers, who are immediately distracted and try to search for Jyn.
    • The entire briefing scene between Jyn, Mon Mothma and General Draven in the Yavin 4 base was changed drastically in production. A large number of lines from this scene that appeared in trailers were deleted — including the infamous line "This is a Rebellion, isn't it? I rebel." Several other lines and shots (including Jyn being pushed through the base by a soldier when she pauses to look at something, Mothma saying the line "On your own, from the age of 15, reckless, aggressive and undisciplined” and Draven asking Jyn if she understands the mission) were also removed.
    • It appears that most of Saw Gerrara's scenes were reshot, as the trailers and teasers feature footage of his character speaking to Jyn on Jedha and not having any hair on his head. (Compare this to the final film, where the same scenes are shown with the difference that Saw does have wild, grey hair on his head). There was also at least two scenes (Saw telling the young Jyn about what she could become, and the present-day Saw talking to Jyn outside of his base) appeared in the 2016 Celebration teaser reel, but do not appear in the film itself.
    • Several sequences in Jedha City were also deleted. One had Jyn stopping to give an item to the little girl she would later save during the Stormtrooper/ tank battle, and another was a shot of X-Wing pilots being marched through the city in handcuffs by Stormtroopers. Other clips showed that K-2S0 would have accompanied Jyn and Cassian to the city from the get-go (and not been left behind, as he is in the film proper). He would have talked more with Jyn (the following exchange "The captain says that I should not kill you./Thanks!" doesn't appear at all) and been alongside her when they witnessed Stormtroopers harassing local residents.
    • Krennic's most notable line from the trailers ("The power we're dealing with here is... immeasurable.") doesn't appear in the film, and appears to be from an unused/alternate sequence where he would have spoken with Darth Vader in the Death Star, not Mustafar as in the finished film.
    • One shot from the Celebration 2016 teaser reel had Jyn telling the assembled rebels "Welcome to Rogue One" before they depart for Scarif. In the final product, a similar shot is used, but Jyn says "May the Force be with us" instead.
    • It appears that most of the third act was completely revamped, as the sequences shown of the Scarif battle in the teaser do not correspond to that of the finished product. Among deleted shots of Stormtroopers marching in file through shallow water, Baze running out of a bunker shooting wildly and Krennic marching through the devastated battlefield with his cloak dragging behind him, the entire sequence of events was changed. Multiple trailers (including the very first teaser) show Jyn, Cassian and K-2S0 running through the Scarif base without their disguises, Jyn and the other Rebels sprinting towards AT-ATs as she wields a blaster rifle in both hands, another shot of her running with the Death Star data drive in her left hand and a blaster in the other and shots of her, Cassian and other Rebels hiding behind a dirt barricade and laying down suppressing fire. None of these appeared in the film proper.
    • Behind-the-scenes footage from a pre-release featurette showed Alan Tudyk (wearing his mo-cap costume for K-2SO) collapsing near the entrance of an Imperial bunker on Scarif alongside the prone body of what appears to be Cassian, suggesting that they were meant to die before Jyn completed the mission. In the finished film, K-2SO holds off enemy forces alone while Jyn and Cassian climb to the top of the transmission tower.
    • One of the most famous shots from the trailers shows Jyn marching up to the satellite realignment controls on Scarif as a TIE Fighter rises in front of her, In the finished film, Jyn gets to the realignment controls without incident — it's only when she's walking back that a TIE Striker fires on her from afar. It is likely that the original shot was made specifically for the teasers.
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story is a notable subversion of this trope — while 70% of the film was reshot due to a Troubled Production, the film's marketing campaign took place after the reshoots were complete, with a majority of footage being from the final, reshot version.
    • A Nissan commercial shows a scene that never appeared in the film, with the Falcon being pursued by two TIE Fighters in open space as they head towards two Star Destroyers. Chewbacca roars while L3 (who is piloting the ship) tells him to "relax, big guy" and flies through a narrow passage between the two Destroyers while the fighters crash and explode behind them. It is unknown whether this clip was part of the original version of the film or made for marketing purposes.
    • A commercial promoting Denny's shows a lot more footage of the bar where Han first meets Lando, along with shots of Chewbacca roaring at other aliens.
    • The "Ride" TV spot shows a clip of a fixed-up, "classic" Falcon (presumably after Han wins it from Lando during the ending) flying up from the surface of a planet that doesn't appear in the finished film.

  • The trailer for 28 Weeks Later includes a few shots that were filmed at day for night scenes but had not been altered yet. This means that nighttime scenes from the film appear in daylight in the trailer.
  • The film 200 Cigarettes had Ben Affleck's character joking that he wasn't gay (which was a common rumor about the actor at that time); scene was not in the movie.

  • In Accepted, there is a scene where the college students are holding a paddle to a tied-up Sherman. In the trailer, one of the guys says, "Get him the suit", followed by the 'ask me about my wiener' scene. The movie plays this differently—Sherman is in the suit as an initiation, and later, the guys wake him up for his 'induction night'. Sherman is excited...until he's tied up. They tell him to either side with him or his friends, which he goes with the latter.
  • The Addams Family:
    • An early teaser trailer for the first movie begins with footage of another film that's being played in a theater. The character in the film turns and screams at something in the audience. As everyone turns back to look, it is revealed that the entire family is occupying the back row, and they snap their fingers in time to the theme music before the teaser ends. This sequence was shot specifically for the teaser, and features Christopher Lloyd in early makeup for Uncle Fester.
    • Addams Family Values' teaser trailer has a nurse examining babies in a maternity ward, all while adoring parents look on behind glass. She comes to a crib that's covered in a massive black overhang and opens it up to examine, then turns around and screams once she sees what's inside. Like the original, this clip was shot specifically for marketing purposes, and never appears in the final film.
  • The theatrical trailer for The Adventures of Robin Hood contains footage of Robin and Marian kissing on horseback. This footage is from the deleted final scene of the film, immediately following the closing of the great doors, where the film now ends.
  • Almost Famous:
    • There's a scene where the younger William goes to a school dance and sees how everyone towers over him that's not in either the theatrical version or the Untitled version of the movie.
    • Also, there's a bit from when William, Stillwater, and the Band-Aids are in a hotel in Phoenix, and William is telling Estrella, Polexia, and Sapphire (who are sharing his hotel room), "I have family members with severe anxiety problems", which is part of a scene in the original script where he tells them not to answer the phone. The only remnant of this scene in either version of the film is the three Band-Aids dancing around in the room while William is sitting on a bed. (There are also different versions of Elaine saying, "Rock stars have kidnapped my son!", and Penny responding to William's begging her he has to go home with, "You are home").
  • A scene in Animal House featuring Otter driving a girl (played by location scout Katherine Wilson) to the Rainbow Motel on Old Mill Road is seen briefly in the original trailer but was deleted from the film.
  • Some of the more infamous jokes from the Anchorman trailers never made it into the final film. A number of them were used in Wake Up, Ron Burgundy instead.
  • Artemis Fowl:
    • The floating fairy in white does not appear in the final film, though she is seen in a deleted scene which was made available at the same time the film was released on Disney+.
    • Commander Root's monologue heard at the start of the first trailer is largely excised from the final film (the only part that appears is not actually directed at Artemis), and some of the shots of Haven City seen in said trailer also do not appear.
  • The trailer to The Avengers (1998) had a fair bit of footage that didn't make it into the movie itself. (Unsurprising, as even without comparison to the trailer, it was very obvious the film had entire subplots hacked out of it late in the game.)
  • The Trailer #2 for The A-Team has B.A. say the line "And you're gonna be unconscious". This scene doesn't appear in the cinematic version or the extended cut.

  • Trailers for Babe: Pig in the City featured a scene from the ballroom sequence that didn't make it into the final product. In the scene, a chef and a waiter trying to catch Esme Hoggett grab hold of her shoes, stretching them out and swinging her around until Babe knocks them over. However, the aftermath of the scene is visible in the final product, as Esme's shoes have suddenly disappeared and she's trying to catch her breath.
  • The entire first Back to the Future teaser is this, with a scene that could not possibly be contextualized to ANY part of the trilogy. It features the DeLorean being parked on an empty road in a dry, desert-looking area. Marty McFly gets in and activates the time circuits and the flux capacitor, then puts on his Cool Shades. An unseen female narrator asks: "How far are you going?" Marty looks at the camera, lifts his shades, and seems to ponder the question before answering with: "About thirty years." He then flashes a smile and puts his shades back on, before the camera cuts to the fire trails being blazed on the ground. Justified in that not only was the main film probably still being produced, but it did a nice job of making people wonder what the final movie would be like, only giving the information that the movie involves Time Travel and that Michael J. Fox is starring in it. Plus, a similar exchange is used in the final movie - only it's Doc who is asked the question by Marty.
  • During the trailer for Back to the Future Part III, in Back to the Future Part II, there is a scene where Doc aims his rifle and growls; "Just try it, Tannen!". This scene does not appear in the actual film.
    • In the same trailer, it shows Marty & Jennifer kissing on her porch. In the film, it only shows her waking up in that scene, and hugging Marty.
  • Batman:
    • The early trailer for the original film had an alternate shot of Joker destroying the television set in his lair. Instead of using a small handgun (like in the finished film), Joker is seen loading a double-barreled shotgun and firing it at the TV before immediately recoiling because of the explosion.
    • A trailer for Batman Returns showed Catwoman lying on a bed, laughing so hard that she makes a little squeaking sound at the end. It's funny and sexy, and the setting where it takes place (the Penguin's office and living quarters) is in the movie, but in the actual film Selina Kyle never laughs while wearing her Catwoman suit in this scene or in any other.
    • In multiple Batman Forever trailers, there is a scene where Two-Face says "If the Bat wants to play, we'll play!" This line/scene never made into the theatrical release. The line was even used in the Genesis/SNES video game adaptation of the film.
    • In one of the trailers for Batman & Robin, Mr. Freeze says the line, "Bundle up, boys. There's a storm coming." This line never makes it into the final cut of the film, not that one less ice pun made a world of difference.
  • The theatrical trailers for Being There make extensive use of an alternate angle on Louise the maid's "Gobbledygook!" monologue — in the film, it's mostly seen from a wide angle of a rundown apartment lobby, but for the trailer it's all taken from a medium-shot of her. There are other alternate angles in the trailer, one of which includes an alternate line (Chance's response to "So you really are a gardener?" is "Oh, yes"; in the film, he gestures to "My roses" by way of demonstration).
  • The five and a half minutes long Hong Kong trailer for A Better Tomorrow II is the only source to see glimpses of some Deleted Scenes; Blood covered Kit being brutally beaten up, Kit seeing his wife while still having injuries from the beating on his face, Ken and Lung playing with the bird.
  • Bicentennial Man had misleading marketing, with trailers emphasizing its potential to be a robot version of Mrs. Doubtfire (it wasn't) and somewhere between one-quarter to one-half of the scenes used in the trailer were cut from the film or alternate takes that weren't used (such as when Galatea does a point-and-laugh at Andrew, but in the film she's hiding her face).
  • In an enforcement of this trope brought about by the Great Hong Kong Martial Arts Film Violence Crackdown of '72, Bruce Lee's The Big Boss Original Mandarin trailer contained brief moments of scenes which WERE in the original 1971 theatrical version but were cut from all subsequent versions. Among the "deleted" shots shown in the trailer are: A scene with Hsiu Chen bragging about a fight with the other cousins, additional Nora Miao scene, Hsiu's "battle damage", more bodies in the Ice Factory, and a moment from Cheng Chao-An final visit to the Thai brothel. As these scenes have yet to be fully restored, fans are still looking for the original print to this day and have tried to reconstruct the film using material from said trailer.
  • The trailer for Big Game has Moore stand with an Uzi and scream that not only is he lost in the wilderness, he also has only one shoe. In the film proper, his only complaint about the missing shoe is before he even touches the ground, and later he obtains one from a dead Secret Service agent.
  • Black Christmas (2006) is a notable example, seeing as a whopping 99 % of the scenes in the trailer were shot just for it. The studio did it behind the director's back, which led to him filing a lawsuit.
  • Inverted in The Black Hole. In the trailer, scenes were overlaid with a computer-generate graphic illustrating the standard two-dimensional concept of a black hole. The producer saw the graphic, and wanted it in the actual film. So the opening credits show the graphic with only a stellar background and the musical soundtrack.
  • The trailer for The Blues Brothers has a Curtis ask Jake and Elwood, "How are you gonna raise $5,000 in eleven days without ripping off somebody?" This line doesn't appear in the film.
    • The trailer for Blues Brothers 2000 includes a deleted scene where the band lines up on a stage. Maury Sline and an unnamed gentleman are sitting in what appears to be a judging panel, and Maury says, "The Blues Brothers band? I thought you guys were all in jail!"
  • The Boss had a scene in TV spots, in which Michelle beats up a Boy Scout leader played by Batista. He doesn't appear in the actual movie, but the bonus features include his scene as an alternate ending.
  • The Bourne Legacy. About half of the footage in the trailers isn't actually in the movie.
  • The trailer for The Boy (2015) featured the nine year old sociopathic Teddy holding a young girl's head under water for an extended period of time. In the final film, This does not appear and the one similar scene is done with a boy, who promptly realizes that there is something very wrong with Ted and leaves afterwards.
  • The trailer for The Brady Bunch showed Peter delivering his Humphrey Bogart impression ("Porkshops and appleschause") to one of the girls at school. The original trailer for the second movie featured two gags involving the Brady Bunch grid: one in which the clan breaks the fourth wall to exclaim, "We're back!", and one in which Trevor walks into Mike's square.
  • The trailer for Braveheart features a scene where William Wallace is telling his lieutenants that, unlike the English, they will not harm women and children. This scene is not in the movie, nor is it included as a deleted scene in the DVD or Blu-Ray releases.
  • The theatrical trailer for The Breakfast Club shows brief footage that was ultimately never used. One shot shows Allison sitting by herself in a small room (presumably while the rest of the kids are getting high). Another brief clip shows Allison (post makeover) explaining to Andrew that she doesn't wanna be alone anymore, to which he responds that she doesn't have to be.
  • The trailer for Bringing Up Baby was actually made up of a lot of unused takes of existing scenes in the movie.
  • One of the foreign-language trailers for Bruce Almighty featured another Breast Expansion scene in addition to the one that did make the final cut, with Grace trying, to no avail, to get her bra to fit. What's worse, it's not even available as a deleted scene on the DVD!
  • The first trailer for Bullet to the Head had a few comedic moments that got cut from the released version. One bit featured Sylvester Stallone's character turning on the radio with Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" playing and Sung Kang's character asking if they could listen to something that came out after he was born. The second bit seems an extended version of a scene where Stallone's character believes Kang's character to be Japanese. In the film, Kang tells him that he is Korean but the trailer adds in that he was born in Florida. These edits may have been due to the first cut (prepared by director Walter Hill and having more of a comedic tone) not testing well and Stallone recutting the film to be more action-themed.

  • The theatrical and TV trailers for Caddyshack show some extra shots and deleted scenes. These include:
    • Danny almost gets hit by a throwing knife while he is in the kitchen.
    • Danny juggling with golf balls.
    • A couple of extra shots of gopher including a scene where he dances in one of his tunnels.
    • Ty and Lacey talking while walking across the golf course.
    • An alternate version of the scene where Smails gets hit with golf ball in the groin.
    • Another scene between Ty and Lacey on some boat (some stills and lobby cards also show a part where Ty talks on the phone while Lacey whispers in his ear in the same deleted scene).
  • Scores of kids in The '90s (as well as the Chicago Tribune) were left wondering why the funny "exploding popcorn omelet" scene was left out of Camp Nowhere, after seeing it in the trailer.
  • This trailer for Can't Hardly Wait depicts several scenes that did not make it into the film.
    • The scene in the bookstore is removed, but was included as a deleted scene on the 10th anniversary special edition Blu-ray.
    • The scene where Jason Segel's character runs in with a watermelon he filled with vodka was removed, as were many other drug-related scenes, to get a PG-13 rating. Jason Segel's character's screen time was dramatically cut down in the final film because of this.
    • The scene where Charlie Korsmo's character proclaims that he couldn't feel his legs was a different take of the scene that made it into the movie.
  • The original trailer for Carrie (1976) shows a different shot of Carrie in the shower scene - where she's hunched against the wall as they throw the tampons at her. Likewise the original voice of the boy on the bike is heard, whereas he's dubbed by Betty Buckley in the finished film.
  • Carrie (2013) had a trailer featuring a long shot of all the devastation the titular character caused after her rampage, slowly zooming in on her bloodied form as she's standing in front of a car and looks up. The film itself appears to show the very beginning of this shot, but cuts just after passing the burning school.
  • One of the oldest examples is from the trailer for the classic Casablanca. It contains a brief sequence of Rick saying "You asked for it" before shooting Strasser; the dialogue does not appear in the movie.
  • The American remake of Nine Queens, known as Criminal 2004, has a trailer scene in which Rodrigo kisses Valerie in a hotel lobby, seemingly out of nowhere. In the original movie this was foreshadowing that they were together and working to screw over Richard, but it is not present in the final cut of the remake.
  • Some of the trailers for Clueless had a scene with Cher, Dionne and Amber in the girl's room. While Amber is checking out her '50s style hairdo in the mirror, Cher asks "Did I miss something? Is big hair back?" causing Dionne to mockingly laugh at Amber.
  • In the original cut of Cliffhanger shown to test audiences, there was a 40-foot jump from one cliff to another that Sylvester Stalone performs. This scene appears in the theatrical trailers to the film. It was cut because test audiences laughed out loud when they saw it and thought it was totally impossible. The clip of the jump was redone and used for a shorter jump off a cliff near the end of the film using computer graphics and special effects.
  • The trailer for A Clockwork Orange contains a scene where Basil the snake leaves Alex's room. This doesn't happen in the film.
  • The teaser trailer for Cocoon II: The Return is made up of recycled footage from the first film plus a scene of Jack on his boat that never appears in the actual movie. And Jack has a different boat in the movie, too.
  • The theatrical trailer for Cocktail included part of an extended version of Brian and Doug's final meeting on Doug's yacht. This darker version had Doug claiming he had made a move on Jordan, which sets Brian off into a rage. Doug exclaims "I don't have any friends!" to which Brian replies "As of right now, that is for sure!" Had this scene been in the movie, it would have better explained why Brian is initially open to sleeping with Kerry, and Doug's suicide.
  • Lampshaded in the MAD parody of Con Air, which pointed out that a scene of Poe using Diamond Dog as a human gangplank to climb from a speeding motorcycle to a fire engine was in a trailer, but not in the final cut of the movie.
    "Stop complaining! Think about the poor slobs in the audience who paid nine bucks thinking they'd get to see this stunt!"
  • The trailer for The Craft refers to the school as "St Bernard's Academy" when the film depicts it as St Benedict's.
  • The trailer for Creepshow shows a scene of Bedelia Grantham in the morgue identifying the body of her lover Glenn Quentin. The scene is depicted in the comic book adaptation written by Stephen King with art by Berni Wrightson, but doesn't appear in the movie.

  • The teaser for Dawn of the Dead (2004) features shots of the main characters enjoying a relative sense of normalcy within the mall, using shots that aren't included in the film itself.
  • Deadpool 2 has a few jokes or lines that didn't make it, but most notable are scenes showing Bedlam and Shatterstar in fights. Both characters die without getting a chance to fight.
  • The theatrical trailer for Death Becomes Her includes several scenes that never made it into the film: a shot of Madeline driving her convertible down a sunny street; some dialogue between Madeline's agent and a young woman at the book party ("Is that someone?" "That's Madeline Ashton. She was a big star in the 60s." "I thought she was dead!"); scenes of Ernest removing a very frostbitten Madeline from a freezer and dragging her up the mansion stairs ("I feel sweaty!" "That's not sweat, dear. I think you're defrosting"). Two scenes featuring Tracey Ullman also made it into the trailer, despite her character being removed from the film entirely: a scene with Ernest and Toni looking down at the body of a man slumped over the bar ("Now HE'S dead!"), and Madeline and Helen confronting a sobbing Toni, with Helen hysterically exclaiming, "He's dead? Ernest is dead? EVERYBODY'S dead!"
  • Death to Smoochy is not only an example of this, but qualifies as straight-up misleading marketing. The teaser trailer shows a sequence where the titular character is ambushed by two assailants who beat him with metal pipes before shooting him several times and dragging his body away. No such scene occurs in the film itself, and the conflict is over an irate former children's show host who attempts to assassinate his replacement. The closest thing in the movie is when Spinner, the brain damaged boxer playing sidekick Moochy, is ganged up on and killed by mistake.
  • Die Hard:
    • The teaser for Die Hard 2: Die Harder concludes with a shot of John McClane running down a hallway as alarms sound and smoke pours from steam vents. He throws himself against a wall and checks his gun before commenting, "How can the same thing happen to the same guy twice?" In the film itself, a similar sequence occurs, but John is wearing different clothing, he's not running down a hallway (even though there's still smoke and alarms going off), and his quote is much longer and more profane ("I can't fucking believe this. Another basement, another elevator... how can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?").
    • A Good Day to Die Hard's teaser trailer has a notable moment of Fanservice, as it featured a woman getting off a motorbike and stripping off her catsuit (revealing lingerie underneath) and changing into a dress. In the actual film, this moment is (unbelievably) not shown on-screen, as it cuts from the woman beginning to unzip her suit to a scene outside, and her having already donned the dress by the time it cuts back.
  • The trailer for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) includes a scene in which Steve Martin walks along the waterfront and pushes a lady over the edge as Michael Caine pushes a kid's face into his ice cream cone, but that was shot for the trailer only and never appeared in the film.
  • In District 9 trailers, there was a scene where the aliens were being interrogated, accompanied by the voiceover, "How do your weapons work?" (in a thick South African accent), the aliens replying with, "Please, we just want to go home." This scene was not in the film.
  • The theatrical trailer for The Driver shows some deleted and extended scenes; Player kissing the Driver, longer conversation between Detective and Driver in Driver's motel room and scene is also edited differently than in the movie, longer dialogue between Driver and Teeth in Driver's place where he asks Teeth "How you gonna get down stairs" before punching him like in the final version of the scene, and deleted dialogue scene in bar between Detective, Red Plainclothesman and bartender.
  • The trailer for Dumb and Dumber had two scenes that didn't appear in the film:
    • (when being pursued by the cops) "I have an idea. Go..... FASTER!!!"
    • An alternate take of the "It's okay! I'm a limo driver!" scene, with Lloyd still moving as he says it.

  • Trailers and TV spots for Elektra show a ring of energy spreading out from the maze in the final action scenes. It does not show up in the final film.
  • There was a scene in Elf where Buddy was playing ice hockey with his elf friends which ends in him checking an elf so hard he flies into the stands. It was in every trailer. Suffice to say, it didn't show up in the movie. It did show up in the deleted scenes on the DVD.
  • Escape from L.A.:
    • The original theatrical trailer features footage of Snake saying several of his signature lines against different L.A. backdrops ("Call me Snake" and "Your rules are really beginning to annoy me"), which aren't present in the theatrical cut and only appear to have been filmed for marketing purposes.
    • A conversation between Commander Malloy and Lt. Brazen where they discuss Snake's psychological profile is nowhere to be seen in the finished film, but did appear in the original trailer.
  • The trailer for Excalibur features Lancelot defending Guinivere against a forest bandit. This doesn't happen in the film.
  • The trailer for Explorers consists entirely of special shoot footage that doesn't reveal the look of the Thunder Road or any of the characters (outside of dialogue from the scenes of the ship building). This may have been due to the fact that the film was still in production when the trailer was created.
  • One shot missing from the re-filmed climax of The Exorcist III - but which features in the trailer - shows Karras/the Gemini "morphing" through a variety of faces. It was left out of the film because William Peter Blatty wasn't happy with the special effects work.

  • About half the trailer for Fair Game (1995) is made up of scenes not in the film, like Cindy Crawford saying William Baldwin hasn't tried to kill her yet and his replying "The night's still young," her later saying that line to him, and Cindy telling him she doesn't know how to use a gun. By the way, Cindy and Salma Hayek never appear in the same scene (sorry).
  • In Fantastic Four (2005), the teaser trailer showed a scene with Reed Richards about to kiss Susan Storm (during a series of quick cuts) which was not in the movie. However, this was subverted in that the scene was put back in the movie on the 'Extended Special Edition'. Still, it was rather misleading.
  • Fantastic Four (2015), big time.
  • The Fly (1986)'s promotional materials, including the final trailer, included material from the deleted "monkey-cat" reel that didn't make it past the first test screenings in Toronto due to audiences losing sympathy for Doomed Protagonist Seth as a result of what happened in it. They're easy to spot because Seth's appearance in that sequence doesn't appear anywhere in the finished film (basically the midway point between his Wall Crawl demonstration and his final humanoid form). A few other stray lines or shots popped up too, such as an alternate take of Veronica gasping upon seeing Seth climbing on the ceiling (a medium eye-level shot of her rather than the overhead shot).
  • The trailer for Freejack features alternative takes, including one where Alex and Julie don't realize that Michelette's men are going to shoot them when their elevator arrives into the lobby.
  • The trailer for The Fault in Our Stars features an extra bit of Hazel and Gus's sex scene, where Hazel giggles and says "we're a hot mess."
    • It also contains an alternate version of Hazel's "our little infinity" line.
  • Friday the 13th:
    • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives: The teaser trailer consists solely of a single shot of Jason Voorhees' grave, which is struck by lightning, causing the coffin to rise from the ground and open (revealing nothing inside). A similar scene plays in the final film, but is very different: Tommy Jarvis and his friend dig up and exhume the corpse themselves, then Tommy attempts to stab it with a metal rod, causing lightning to strike it and channel into Jason. The sequence in the teaser was likely never intended to be used in the film proper.
    • The teaser for Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan has a long shot of Jason staring out at the New York skyline, and he turns around and raises his machete when a woman walks by the boardwalk he's standing on. No such scene appears in the final product.
  • The trailers for From Hell contained the line, "Jack the Ripper's not finished". This doesn't appear in the film.
  • Subverted in one of the trailers for The Fugitive. Although the clip is of Gerard's famous "house" speech the inflection and tone is slightly different from that in the film, as are the scenes of Kimble running through the woods and Helen struggling with the one-armed man.
    • Another plays this straighter, including a slightly explicit love scene between Helen and Richard.

  • Galaxy Quest:
    • In the trailer, Tim Allen's character is trying to explain everything off as a "big misunderstanding" to the alien Big Bad, but said alien covers Mr. Allen's mouth with his hand before he says "—standing". Played for Laughs, obviously, being a comedy and all. Both the line (delivered straight) and the face grab occur in the film, but not at the same time and in much more serious circumstances.
    • The trailer also has the childlike aliens speaking English. In the film, they speak an alien language with English subtitles.
  • The first trailer for Gangster Squad ends with the main character (John O'Mara) walking into a crowded movie theater, where he is ambushed by four assailants who are standing behind the screen with tommyguns and begin firing as they walk through it. This scene is not in the film, as it was removed and refilmed (in a different location) due to the 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.
  • The trailer for the 1997 George of the Jungle movie had a different shot of Ape playing chess, a pan from the tranquilizer dart to Ape's grimacing face (the movie cut directly from the dart hitting his arm to Ape's reaction), and the Tooky Tooky Bird riding on a plane (the movie felt that an Art Shifted sequence of him flying with his wings from Africa to San Francisco sufficed). Also, Ape and the Tooky Tooky Bird have different voices in this trailer and George had a different reaction to the news that Ape was captured by the poachers.
  • Several examples from this trailer for The Godfather Part III. Some different versions of scenes that were in the film, some that were not in the film at all.
  • Godzilla (1998)'s trailer campaign is infamous for not featuring any footage whatsoever from the film for months leading up to its release — instead, it had several sequences where people in New York (including a tour group in a museum, a fisherman and a group of people counting down until New Year's Day 1998) are surprised and horrified when Godzilla appears. None of it was ever included in the film proper, and was only intended to be used in the marketing.
  • None of the stuff in the initial teaser trailer for Godzilla (2014) makes it into the film (not the centipede kaiju, not the city that was demolished, no shots of people climbing on the outsides of ruined buildings). There's also no speech briefing the soldiers about their HALO jump, and no scene of Godzilla roaring as the shelter doors close on the subway (which is instead replaced with the initial clash between Godzilla and the flying MUTO. The HALO jump also is given a shot of Godzilla and the winged MUTO fighting, instead of Godzilla walking around the city. The "Can you kill it?" conversation also never takes place.
  • The Golden Compass takes this to extremes, because a large portion of the film, including the climax and entire ending was cut before release.
  • Some trailers for Good Burger had a man request a "Good Shake", which was followed by Ed literally shaking him. This scene never appeared in the film proper.
  • The trailer for The Good Son features Henry and Mark walking down a path to the woods singing "Great Green Globs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts", they do not sing it at any point in the film.
  • A French trailer for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly included a sequence where Blondie romances a girl, and Tuco watches on him. That was cut after the initial screening and footage is apparently lost (the special edition DVD tries to restore as much as it can).
  • The Green Mile: The teaser trailer with Mr. Jingles running through the prison, sitting on the arm of the electric chair and greeting Edgecombe as he makes his inspection is never used in the film.

  • Halloween (1978): An alternate version of Lynda on the phone to Laurie was shot for the trailer, because PJ Soles's blouse was open in the final film. So in the trailers and publicity stills, she is wearing a bathrobe instead.
  • From the Halloween: Resurrection trailer:
    • Nora outside screaming "get out of the house!" - which was likely shot just for promotional reasons, as in the film Nora never realises Michael is in the house.
    • Jen standing against a wall and Michael's arms burst through it, grabbing her.
    • Bill sees Michael's reflection in the mirror, turns around and sees nothing before being attacked.
  • Halloween (2018): According to the producers and interviews with the stars, approximately 30 minutes of scenes and shots were cut out of the final product, some of which can be seen in the trailers, including:
    • Dana seeing Michael's mask in the shower (implied to be Aaron messing with her).
    • A shot where Michael would have walked into view from behind Sheriff Hawkins when he finds Vicky's body.
    • Laurie calling out to Michael as she roams the house while activating the gates in the final act.
    • Several shots indicating the final confrontation was changed, including a bloodied Laurie appearing behind Michael and running to attack him while wielding a knife, Allyson yelling for someone (presumably Michael) to "get away" while standing in front of Laurie's vehicle, and Allyson holding Laurie while they're sitting on the ground near a truck.note 
    • Michael walking towards the camera and slashing at it at the end of the third trailer, which was likely only shot for marketing purposes.
  • The trailer for Hannah and Her Sisters has a quick clip of April and David chatting at an art museum that doesn't appear in the film.
  • The theatrical trailer for Hard Target shows Van Cleef saying "Look at it this way. You gonna get to meet Elvis" while kneeling over dead body of Roper after his men killed him on street. This short dialogue scene is not in any known version of the movie.
  • Disney's trailer for The Haunted Mansion shows Eddie Murphy coming up against a possessed suit of Japanese armor, which didn't end up in the movie, as it was cut from an existing scene. Another scene had Murphy meeting Madame Leota and saying "that's great, what is that?", and later saying to her "don't you make no dark spirits come out, wait till I leave before the dark spirits come out!" Neither line of dialogue made it into the movie.
  • The trailer for The Haunting (1999) contains:
    • Eleanor and Theo opening up doors to find a brick wall behind, preventing them from leaving.
    • A line from Theo before she learns the truth about the experiment - "as soon as I turn out the light, my heart starts pounding."
  • This trailer for the 1968 movie Head - starring The Monkees - titled "NY Action", consisted entirely of shots that diden't make it to the finished product, including glimpses of offcuts and clapperboards.
  • Highlander: Endgame is an especially dastardly case. Several scenes were shot specifically for the trailer, like the villain being cut in half lengthwise and reforming, which all hinted at a completely different (and probably much, much better) story.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: In the trailer, the Earth explodes in an Earth-Shattering Kaboom, but in the movie, the Earth disappears quietly.
  • Hitman: in the trailers, you can see shots from the original railway station scene that was thrown out and replaced by the infamous swordfight when the director was fired.
  • The Hobbit film trilogy is a big offender.
    • In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the scene of Bilbo passing by the shattered sword Narsil in Rivendell is not present in the theatrical edition of the movie.
    • A scene from the first and second film trailers in which Gandalf fights and interrogates a corrupted Thrain in his visit to Dol Guldur never happens in the films, though it is in the second one's extended edition.
    • The third films features the dwarven company driving a bandwagon across a frozen river, but nothing of this remotely appears in the film - again, not until the extended edition.
  • A Hocus Pocus trailer included a brief shot of the Sanderson Sisters being pushed into a pool, presumably during the high-school scene. In the film release, it never happened.
  • Home Alone:
    • The trailer for the film included an alternate scene with a store manager asking Kevin questions of him shopping alone. In the movie, it's only the cashier asking him questions.
    • It also has a scene of one of Kevin's sisters at the bottom of the stairs saying they're going to be late for the airport, and an audio snippet of a news report about the wet bandits.
    • The trailer for the first sequel showed one of Kevin's traps involving a bunch of tools falling on Harry. The trailer has Harry No-Sell most of the tools (with only a change in expression to show for it), only for a massive wrench to knock him down; in the movie, Harry collapses when the first set of tools fall on him, with the wrench falling as a mere punctuation mark on the scene.
  • Most trailers for Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco showed Chance stealing a hot dog from a vendor's hand. This was cut from the final film. A photo of it is even on the VHS case.
  • Hook's original teaser trailer is an interesting case. Not only are the shots where Captain Hook takes off a mechanical magnifying glass and attach the titular prosthesis to his hand not in the film, but the music was composed specifically for the trailer by John Williams, and doesn't appear in the film proper.
  • In the trailer for the live-action How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Cindy sees the Grinch in his Santa Claus suit making off with the tree, and says "You're the—" and then the Grinch interrupts with "I'm absolutely not the Grinch, if that's what you're thinking." This exchange was nowhere in the actual movie, and was probably specifically filmed for the trailer.
  • One trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 showed President Snow, Peeta and Johanna as part of a series of commercials aired on the in-universe Capitol TV, with Johanna wearing a blonde wig. None of this footage appears in the film.

  • Most of the shots in the first trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence (such as every shot on the moon) were either heavily altered in the final film or are replaced with alternate takes.
  • The trailer for The Indian in the Cupboard features a closeup of Darth Vader as he gets distracted by Omri's presence. The actual movie only had a single shot of the group of toys he's part of staring at Omri.
  • The trailers for the Inspector Gadget movie featured some jokes that either became deleted scenes or only appeared in flashbacks.

  • A viewer in New Zealand successfully claimed a refund for his cinema ticket because a particularly spectacular explosion in the trailer for Jack Reacher wasn't in the film.
  • James Bond:
    • The trailer for The Man with the Golden Gun featured scenes from the showdown on the beach between Bond and Scaramanga that were cut from the final release: While Bond is chasing Scaramanga on his island, he throws a Molotov cocktail and shoot it to explode into a ball of flames. The duel was shortened, as the producers felt it was causing pacing problems.
    • Thunderball has a scene where Fiona Volpe undresses Bond, who replies "The things I do for England" (the line was reused on You Only Live Twice).
    • Quantum of Solace: The clip of Bond walking up a desert slope and brandishing the MP5 he wields at the beginning of the film (during the car chase) appeared in multiple trailers, the theatrical poster and the front cover of most home media releases, but appears to have been shot specifically for marketing purposes, as it appears nowhere in the film itself.
    • Spectre: Bond storming out of M's office and through the building, having been reamed out and suspended is in the teaser, but not the film.
  • Jonah Hex has a rather cruel one (for fans of a certain actress). Some versions of the trailer show a glimpse of a sex scene involving the character played by Megan Fox. Not only is the scene not in the movie, but it wasn't even included as a deleted scene on the DVD.
  • Jurassic Park:
    • The first teaser trailer has an entire sequence showing excavators discovering a piece of amber with a mosquito preserved inside, then cutting to a shot that of a laboratory that zooms into a microscope so the audience can see the microscopic cells in the mosquito. It appears this sequence was only filmed for the teaser, as it doesn't appear in the movie proper and the park is already established by the time John Hammond approaches Dr.'s Grant and Sattler for their expertise.
    • One of the trailers shows Ellie Sattler pulling a leaf off of a tree as the jeep drives by after she and Grant first arrive on the island. This scene is missing from the actual movie, though she is still seen holding the leaf when the jeep stops to view the first dinosaur.
    • The shot in the teaser trailer for The Lost World: Jurassic Park of a T-Rex approaching the camera and roaring before stomping its foot into dirt never appeared in the film proper.

  • The Bruce Willis comedy The Kid (2000) had the same scene in both trailer and movie, but played very differently. In the scene, Russ' younger self tallies up his life situation: "So, I'm forty, I'm not married, I don't fly jets, and I don't have a dog?" In the trailer, Rusty hollers, "I grow up to be a loser!" like any kid throwing a temper tantrum. But in the film, he just plops on the couch and sighs, "I grow up to be a loser," in the most disappointed voice you ever heard.
  • The trailer for Kill Bill Vol 2 featured a mysterious black man doing some fancy moves with a pole. This character did not appear in the film, but does in a deleted scene on the DVD release.
  • The trailer for Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005) had Naomi Watts' character screaming as a normal part of the acting role, and then everybody hears Kong's roar from far off and they look toward the jungle with worried faces. Similarly, one scene showed the characters trekking through a bog with a reptile-thing following silently behind, no such bog scene was shown in the film itself.

  • La La Land has a deliberate version of this. One of the shots from the trailer shows Mia and Sebastian dressed up and walking down a street at night hand-in-hand as they pass a jazz club. This scene does appear in the actual film... but with Ryan Gosling (who plays Sebastian) replaced with Tom Everett Scott, who plays Mia's husband (David) in the epilogue sequence. The shot was deliberately changed to preserve the twist in the epilogue.
  • The trailers for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider had Lara say, "This is where I start to have fun." This line doesn't appear in the film.
  • The original teaser trailer for Last Action Hero shows Jack Slater driving up to the camera as the picture gets larger and larger and news reports mention a hostage situation. He gets out of the vehicle, gun drawn, and walks around the front of it before saying (in response to a police captain asking him to turn in his badge), "Sorry, not yet. Come back later," before the logo smashes into view. Although the film does begin with a similar scene, it uses completely different footage and has Slater walking over vehicles (without talking) instead.
  • The Last Airbender had a shocking amount of scenes shown in trailers but not actually making it onto the movie. The entire first trailer was not in the film (since it was filmed as a teaser trailer not meant for the movie), including: the Water Tribe holding lanterns, Kyoshi Warriors (missing from the entire movie, in fact), and many lines of dialogue. This has lead to rumors of an original cut that was 25 minutes longer and only being trimmed down a few weeks before premiering.
  • The trailers for The Last Witch Hunter contained a kiss between Kaulder and Chloe, but not in the final film. It's been suggested it was cut due to the twenty year age difference between Vin Diesel and Rose Leslie.
  • Theatrical and TV trailers for Lethal Weapon show few deleted and extended scenes that were never released in full on any DVD or Blu-Ray release of the movie; Murtaugh saying "New Partner?" after he gets thrown to the floor by Riggs when they first meet and when he is told that Riggs is his new partner, Riggs and Murtaugh driving in the car and Murtaugh telling Riggs "Don't kill anybody" and Riggs repeats the same line, couple shots of short deleted scene where Murtaugh is shooting his gun at target range alone, Riggs beating up two guys who try to rob and kill him while he is in the bar (original introduction scene for his character), and Riggs saying additional line "Nobody can touch me" after Murtaugh asks him is he really that good as he says he is.
  • The LEGO Movie has a trailer with Morgan Freeman's character reading the phone book, that is not in the movie.
  • The Lord of the Rings:
    • The trailers for The Two Towers and The Return of the King both feature scenes of Arwen that didn't make the final cut- the former were moved to the third film for pacing purposes and the latter scenes (of Arwen standing on a bridge and hugging Elrond) didn't feature at all. Also, the scene of Éomer cradling Éowyn's unconscious body in Return didn't appear in the theatrical cut, but was restored for the Extended Edition.
    • Also seen in several trailers but cut is Merry apparently pledging his sword to Théoden.
    • The teaser trailer for The Two Towers that appeared as an Easter Egg on The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition DVD which featured (for about a second) a clean-shaven Aragorn.

  • Major League's ads feature an exchange where Taylor and Vaughn argue about a ball the latter hit during a game, and Taylor telling him the ball wouldn't have gone outside Yellowstone National Park, much less the length of the stadium. Though this scene has been inserted into the film for edited TV airings and appears in at least one of the DVD versions. It was also repeated in the sequel.
  • The DVD release for Man on the Moon includes several deleted scenes, two of which turned up in the trailers.
    • After Jerry Lawler's match with Andy ends with Andy being carted away on a stretcher in a neckbrace, he comes to backstage with a smile — to the shock and anger of his parents, who thought he was actually hurt. Andy assures them that nothing he does in public should be seen as real. While keeping this scene in would have better set up how the family reacts to his cancer diagnosis in the third act, the filmmakers wanted to hold off on The Reveal that the Kaufman-Lawler feud was Kayfabe all along, so it was cut.
    • As Kaufman's star descends, he performs his classic "Foreign Man" set at a comedy club to the audience's pleasure — but Zmuda's in the crowd heckling him and making fun of his desperation to please audiences again, leading to Kaufman running him out of the room. (This is an adaptation of a set Kaufman and Zmuda performed at the Catch a Rising Star club's 20th anniversary show.) Again, this is all staged, and Shapiro is frustrated that Kaufman won't stop antagonizing his audience. This was cut because the similar "celebrity cyst" bit did a better job setting up Act Three.
  • Men in Black:
    • The entire teaser trailer for the first film. The footage of Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) introducing the MiB as he walks down the main hallway, along with Jay's signature line ("...and we dress in black.") was never included in the film proper. It was filmed specifically for the teaser.
    • The theatrical trailer for the original had Jay looking at one of the BFGs he and Kay used to shoot down the Edgar Bug's spaceship and asks, "You know how to use these things?" Kay replies, "No idea whatsoever," then proceeds to cock his gun. Jay reacts by glancing at Kay.
    • The trailer for the third film featured a graffiti alien that does not appear in the final cut.
  • The theatrical trailer for Midnight Run shows several scenes which were not included in the final cut. For example, shortly after Jack has captured Jonathan for the first time, there is a scene where they are driving down a city street at night, and Mardukas tries to escape from the car, causing Jack to point his gun at Mardukas and tell him to make himself comfortable, to which Mardukas responds "I'm very comfortable." Another scene involves Jack, Jonathan and Marvin in the car trying to escape from the helicopter, and Jack turns around and yells "They're gaining on us," to which Mardukas responds "Of course, they're gaining on us, they're in a helicopter." A third scene occurs when Jack and Mardukas get the lift from the Native Americans, and as they are traveling along the road a Native American asks them if they travel a lot, to which Jack and Mardukas look knowingly at one another.
  • The trailer for Miss Congeniality contains part of a cut scene where Gracie Hart attends her (widowed) father's (second) wedding:
    Mr. Hart: Honey, are you a lesbian?
    Gracie: Dad, (laughsnorts) I wish...!
  • Mission: Impossible: A shot of Ethan and Claire kissing passionately is shown in the trailer (and indeed in the brief excerpts from the film at the start of the film itself) but doesn't feature within the movie.
    • In the trailer for Mission: Impossible II, Anthony Hopkins tells Ethan, "Well, Mr Hunt, the mother of all nightmares is on the loose". This doesn't happen in the film.
    • The trailers for Mission: Impossible – Fallout included three scenes not featured in the final film. First is when Ethan was infiltrating the nightclub on a "Mission: Impossible" Cable Drop, only for it to snap and cause him to fall. Another scene where Ilsa finds a truck with bodies, and a third one was during the helicopter chase where Ethan was about to crash his helicopter into a truck.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) had a number of deleted scenes shown in the trailers, such as most of Keith David's scenes (in the final film, only his voice can be heard) and additional scenes with Vince Vaughn and Kerry Washington, among others. In actuality, over one hour was cut from the film (going down from over three hours to just over two hours in the process) and an entire subplot with Terence Stamp and Jacqueline Bisset as terrorists also got cut. The final film is nothing more than Brad and Angelina shooting at each other.
  • The Muppets:
    • The trailer advertised a scene featuring the Muppets in jail with Danny Trejo which didn't appear in the movie. It's included as a deleted scene in the Blu-ray release though. The scene was later reworked for the sequel Muppets Most Wanted.
    • The trailer also included a scene where the logo is blown up with explosives. Fozzie notes that it looks realistic and the effect must've been expensive. This was actually a real scene in the movie, where Gonzo blows up his factory, but the logo had been superimposed on the factory to make it appear as if it was the logo that was being destroyed.
    • One ad for the film begins with a Logo Joke involving the Disney vanity plate. Kermit and Animal are looking out at the castle - while Kermit turns around and says, "Will you look at that?", Animal laughs after the remark. This gag isn't included in the film or before/after-credits vanity plates.
  • The trailer for My Best Friend's Wedding includes a scene where one of the bridesmaids says to Julianne: "We thought you're a lesbian."

  • National Treasure:
    • The trailer for the first film contains some deleted scenes in one of the trailers, such as showing a bunch of rooms on the back of the Declaration of Independence when Ben puts on the spectacles, instead of Heere at the Wall, as well as a stone pathway that has fire along the bottom edges.
    • A scene from one of the National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets trailers had Riley leaning over the edge of the balance trap and looking down at skeletons, a scene that wasn't in the movie. The trailers also included several lines of dialogue that were cut or changed, though the scenes themselves remained.

  • The Omen (2006) has a sequence made specifically for its teaser, featuring Damien sitting on a swing at a playground beside a large black dog, and turning to look at the camera in unnerving silence for several moments before it cuts to black.
  • The Osmosis Jones trailer includes the line "Disease is the crime, and I'm the cure!", that was a likely reference to Sylvester Stallone. Sadly, that line never appears in the film.
  • The theatrical trailer for Out for Justice shows two deleted scenes; Richie shooting inside the clothing store from which he took his new shirt (in the movie he wears one shirt in first few scenes then all of a sudden he wears different one) and a scene where the police captain tells Gino that body count is going up.

  • The Pagemaster's trailer ends with a shot of Mac seeing a sword descending from the ceiling and grabbing hold of it. In the actual movie, the only time he wields a sword is very briefly while fighting Long John Silver, and not in the same context as the trailer.
  • An extreme case is Paranormal Activity 3. Many, if not most, of the trailer scenes were not in the theatrical release.
  • The Parent Trap: The remake has a rather infamous version in which they predominantly feature a subplot about wishing on a star that was completely cut from the final film.
  • In the trailers for Patriot Games, Admiral Greer (James Earl Jones) is shown saying "There hasn't been a terrorist attack on American soil.", which was cut when the producers realized it sounded too much like an invitation or a dare..
  • Dreamworks' Paulie, which was surprisingly somber for a film about a literal talking parrot, was marketed as a zany comedy and most trailers included a scene where the parrot flies next to another parrot and quips, "Saaay, do you realize we're both naked?" It's never said in the movie. Another scene heavily run in the trailers had a scientist holding up a card for Paulie and saying "What is this?" Paulie responds "It's a flash card, you idiot!". It wasn't in the actual film.
  • Payback:
    • The trailer shows a shootout with a disguised hitwoman in a subway station. This comes from the original ending, which was changed but reappears in the Director's Cut.
    • A version of the trailer which is skewed towards presenting the film as an action-comedy contains two more scenes that do not appear in either the theatrical or directors' cut, including Lucy Liu kissing and then punching Mel Gibson, and a close-up of the dog growling followed by Gibson's reaction to it. Additionally, a shot of Gibson's girlfriend slapping him to try and bring him round is redubbed with a punch to imply that she's trying to knock him out.
  • In the trailer for Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, there is one scene with somebody firing a minigun, which was not in the film nor in the deleted scenes.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • In the trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, there was a rather humorous trailer gag where they were on the island with cannibals about to leave, when someone says "What about Jack?" Cut to a scene of Jack running away from about 50 cannibals. Will says, "Never mind Jack, let's go!" In the movie, Will's line was changed to "Time to go!" and they waited for Jack to board the ship, which is significantly less funny.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides trailer had a brief scene where Jack is slapped by a mermaid. This was cut from the final film.
  • Planet of the Apes:
    • The trailers for Planet of the Apes (2001) contained the line, "Get me the space man", which doesn't appear in the film.
    • Rise of the Planet of the Apes:
      • The official trailer shows clips from a sequence where Caesar rescues the female ape Cornelia (later his wife) from the Gen-Sys facility while breaking the other apes out of captivity. This scene isn't included anywhere in the final cut or as a Deleted Scene, and the following film (Dawn) has Caesar and Cornelia already established as being together. Additionally, several exterior and interior shots of the Gen-Sys facility were trimmed from the film and only appear as shots in the teaser.
      • A shot of Will driving away from Gen-Sys as it explodes (and looking remarkably calm) was also featured at the end of the official trailer, but doesn't appear in the finished product.
    • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:
      • What may have been the original opening shot of the film (a slow pan back from Caesar's eyes as he stares out into the forest with the rest of the apes as they're hunting, and signalling them to move in) was included in the theatrical trailer, but was changed for the finished product. There were also additional scenes of life at the ape village, including Caesar looking on the newborn Cornelius, Caesar hugging Blue Eyes, and some of the apes milling around and going about their daily tasks.
      • The theatrical trailer ended with a shot of a battleship approaching the Golden Gate Bridge. According to the filmmakers, this was part of an alternate ending that would have transitioned from the apes retreating into Muir Woods to the arrival of the battleship in the distance, presumably meant to symbolize that a military threat was incoming. While War for the Planet of the Apes begins with a similar setup (soldiers are hunting the apes in the woods), it doesn't explicitly follow on from this deleted sequence, which hasn't been officially released since then.
  • Two scenes from Point Break that were deleted from the final cut but were shown in the theatrical trailer are:
    • Bodhi and Utah are in Bodhi's truck. Utah is shooting with a gun on the left side. Bodhi says, "This is gonna be a great day, Johnny!"
    • Utah meets Harp at his office with his surfboard. Harp is angry and says, "You are not here to pick up girls, Utah." Utah replies, "The original term is 'babes', sir!"
  • Predators featured Royce, Adrien Brody's character, being targeted by several dozen Predator laser sights. In the movie they are only being hunted by three, so the scene itself is absent (though Royce gets later a similar scene with the last Predator's laser sight).
  • The teaser trailer for Psycho is a strange case. Although it includes a typical explanation/set-up of the film's plot by Alfred Hitchcock, the teaser ended with Hitchcock dramatically whipping a shower curtain open, where it is revealed that Lila Crane (played by Vera Miles) is standing inside, and she screams as the title smash-cuts in. This shot was made specifically for the teaser, and as audiences know (due to it being The Un-Twist) these days, Marion Crane is the character that is attacked and stabbed in the shower.
  • The teaser trailer for The Punisher (2004) shows Frank Castle monologuing as he stands in front of a table of weapons, with the final shot being Frank himself in his signature skull-shirt and long leather jacket (this is also the image seen in the official movie poster). In the final film, no such scene occurs, and Frank only assumes his trademark look at the very end, when he's standing at a bridge looking out.

  • The Ring's trailer had a line from Samara that fans loved: "Everyone will suffer." No one knows what happened to it.
  • R.I.P.D.: "You're dead," and "I don't know which eyes to shoot you between," didn't make the final cut. The "don't tense up" line also gets changed to "relax body."
  • The theatrical trailer for Road House shows some deleted scenes; Dalton grabbing some guy for mouth and telling him "Don't be rude!", Wade sitting on couch drinking a beer and saying "So says the fighting philosopher", Carrie Ann sitting in car with Dalton asking him "What's the matter, Dalton? Don't you like women?" and Dalton says "Best i ever had was wonderful", Dalton saying "I'm not afraid of him" in the scene where he talks with Doc before Emmet's house explodes, Wesley in bar after Red's shop has exploded and before fight scene telling Dalton, Red and others; "I guess you'll be having that fire sale now, huh Red?"
  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights: The trailer shows Robin Hood opening a sniper rifle case, assembling an arrow and firing it with Improbable Aiming Skills as it dodges past trees and hits a tree that splits in half. This is not shown in the film.
  • RoboCop
    • Robocop 2's trailer features an alternate take. At the end of the trailer, Robo exits his burning vehicle and immediately fires several rounds before saying "Peace officer", in a dark bit of irony. In the film proper, though, the context is different (he guns down a criminal and another holds his fire, while Robo says the "Peace officer" line), along with a different take used.
    • While all the scenes in the trailer for Robocop 2014 are in the movie, the sound effects on RoboCop's voice in the trailer were never used in the movie.
  • The trailer for Rope contains footage from an extended opening in which David chats with Janet in the park before getting killed by Brandon and Philip. (The actual movie begins by zooming into Brandon's and Philip's apartment to show them committing the murder.)

  • The Santa Clause:
    • This trailer for the original film contained scenes of Scott shaking a doll and conversing with someone in front of a playground. They pretty much don't occur in the film at any point.
    • The second film has a teaser trailer featuring Scott narrating a humorous sequence of a cardboard Santa (in a snowglobe) falling off a house and crashing into the ground below, before dropping the snowglobe and yelling for an elf to pick it up. Notably, not only was this sequence not used in the film, but the official title was changed before release. The film's subtitle, "The Escape Clause", was dropped and eventually used for the third film in the series.
  • The trailer for Saving Mr. Banks included a clip of Walt asking Mrs. Travers, "Mary Poppins was a real person?", falsely suggesting that she shared her recollections of her aunt with him.
  • Scary Movie 3 trailers had Hulk and The Matrix parodies, but the only way to see it was on the DVD's special features/alternate endings, and a different Matrix parody was featured in the film proper.
  • Scooby-Doo had a teaser trailer that looked like it was a Batman trailer but you eventually get to see Scooby's shadow.
  • One of the trailers for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World showed a clip of Kim Pine saying "That...was...epic." She never says this anywhere in the movie. There was also a clip were Scott was shown to obtain an "item" of a skateboard.
  • The trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events features a shot of Emily Browning looking directly at the camera and saying "We're very concerned". This does not appear in the movie, and was shot as part of costume/lighting tests, according to DVD special features.
  • The trailer for the 2000 version of Shaft featured two scenes not present in the movie. One was a fight scene between Shaft and Wade. However, Executive Meddling made Peoples Hernandez more of an antagonist than Wade, so this didn't make the final cut. Another scene missing from the trailer had Shaft and his partner talking about Diane and Shaft saying, "If something happens to her, it happens to me."
  • Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes (2009):
    • One of the trailers shows Irene dressed in only a corset, and another shot of Irene complaining that Holmes and Watson has been 'flirting like this for hours'... among others. Sadly not included in the DVD.
    • Several of the scenes with Irene only in a corset in her bedroom with Holmes appear to have been the original version of a scene from the movie. In this version, when Holmes meets with Irene, they have a fight before sleeping together. When they talk in bed after, Irene gets the information she was trying to get out of Holmes and handcuffs him to the bed, leading to the "under this pillow lies the key to my release" bit. In the released version, Holmes winds up naked and handcuffed to the bed after Irene drugs him.
  • In the trailer for Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), Laura (Julia Roberts) appears at Ben's back door and says through the screen, something like "Fire department!" in response to his burning the dinner. Although this take wasn't in the released movie, the scene was, and an alternate take (with a different joke) was used.
  • A notable case occurred with the teaser trailer for Smokey and the Bandit 3, in which Buford is seen imitating General Patton and outlining his plan to catch the Bandit -- by dressing up like him. This is the only remnant of an early version of the film, which was supposedly titled "Smokey Is The Bandit". In the final film, Snowman assumes the role of the Bandit, and Buford never dresses up either.
  • Soldier's first trailer features footage of a soldier floating in space with a destroyed helmet and blown-out eye socket, and a shot soon after of multiple ships being blown up over the surface of a planet. Neither of these shots appeared in the film, and it was revealed later that the latter was an effects test for a scrapped sequence involving "The Battle of the Tannhauser Gate", a Continuity Nod to Blade Runner.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), setting aside the first two trailers' use of an early design for the title character that was thrown out and replaced after massive backlash:
    • Sonic doing some stretches and running down a highway in the desert, setting off an EMP wave. While he does run along a desert highway in the movie, he does so while holding a tortoise, none of the footage from the trailer is used, and he never releases an EMP while doing it.
    • Sonic says "Basically, it looks like I'm gonna have to save your planet" when Tom is grilling him for information in his truck prior to the chase sequence with Robotnik's tank. Nowhere to be seen in the final cut, to say nothing of how little sense it makes in the context of the movie. Tom's "I want answers" line also uses an alternate take.
    • Sonic quipping "Look at this! I took nine million steps today" during the Bullet Time sequence on the roof of the Transamerica Pyramid. In the final movie, he just taps his foot silently.
    • Several scenes from later trailers depict Sonic running around Green Hill Zone as a teenager. These come from an alternate ending where Sonic returns to his own world; in the final film, the only scenes set on Sonic's planet have him as a child.
  • The Spider-Man films have had numerous examples of this, some of which were caused by massive shifts in the plot midway through production.
    • Spider-Man:
      • Early trailers for the film (the E3 "Webshooters" trailer and early promo reels) show footage Peter working on a set of mechanical webshooters in his bedroom. This is removed in the final product, as Peter is shown to have organic webshooters (similar to what his comic counterpart had at the time).
      • Peter does a backflip on to the hood of a car in his wrestling outfit; the scene is digitally altered in the trailer to show Peter wearing his Spider-Man outfit instead.
      • One trailer shows a bank heist with robbers escaping in a helicopter, only to get caught in a giant web between the World Trade Center towers. The trailer was released two months before the September 11th terrorist attacks, and it has never been re-released since then. The scene does not appear in the movie due to concerns it resembled the WTC attacks, although the WTC can still be seen in background shots and a reflection in Spidey's eyes during a Montage.
      • Many of the trailers end with a shot of Mary Jane saying "Wow!" after Spidey saves her during the first fight with Green Goblin and drops her off at the rooftop terrace. This shot isn't present in the film itself, and she simply stares as he swings off after her rescue.
      • One TV spot features two brief shots that never made it into the film: A shot of two kids in a crowd with one of them shouting "Awesome!", and another of Peter holding what looks like two strands of webbing while putting up his finger to his lips indicating he's telling the kids to keep a secret.
    • Spider-Man 3 had multiple trailers featuring several lines from Mary Jane ("We have to forgive ourselves, or everything we ever were will mean nothing"), along with a shot of her sitting and looking sad in Peter's apartment. This was reportedly part of a sequence that would occur just before the final battle with MJ visiting Peter again and working through their issues. Conversely, several trailers had more shots of Peter in the black suit catching criminals, which weren't used in the film itself.
    • The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has a stunning one-minute sequence of Spider Man swinging around in the city, shot entirely in first person perspective, which can be seen in the trailer only.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2:
      • The film cut out several scenes that were prominently featured in the trailers, including the scene where Harry Osborn tells Peter that Oscorp has been spying on him.
      • There was also a voice-over of Norman Osborn telling Peter "We have plans for you, Peter Parker" in a menacing tone, as well as another line where Harry asks "What about Peter?", only for Norman to ominously respond "Not everyone has a happy ending." In the actual movie, Norman dies in the first act, and never meets or even discusses Peter.
  • The trailer for Stardust features a brief clip of all three of the evil witch sisters having restored their youth. In the film proper, only one of the witches, Lamia, becomes young.
  • Star Trek:
    • The trailer for Star Trek VI includes Romulan ambassador Nonclus saying "There will never be a better time". This scene was not in the theatrical cut of the movie, but has been included in all VHS and DVD releases.
    • The scene with Shinzon mentally attacking Troi in the turbolift is present in the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis but was not in the finished film.
    • Star Trek (2009):
      • The first teaser trailer has a sequence of workers building the Enterprise, and was created solely for marketing purposes. The Enterprise is shown still under-construction in the final film, but this is in a long shot as Kirk rides his motorcycle up to the perimeter of the shipyard and stares at it.
      • Nero's "The wait is over" phrase from the trailer never made it into the final film, but is available as a deleted scene, when he breaks Ayel out of Rura Penthe.
  • The infamous swinging buzzsaw scene from the trailer for The Stepfather remake.
  • The trailer for the remake of The Stepford Wives includes a brief "goodbye" scene that appears to have been taken from the original ending sequence.
  • Strange Days had a teaser that doubled as an in-universe advertisement for the virtual reality headsets sold to prospective customers, and narrated by the Lenny Nero character. None of the footage from the teaser appeared in the final film.
  • The original teaser trailer for the 1994 Street Fighter adaptation (which itself has a Logo Joke with the globe in the Universal logo showing a montage of clips from the film) ends with Bison's hand grabbing the globe, and him yelling "Damn you, Guile!" before throwing the globe at the screen. No such scene occurs in the film itself.
  • The English dub trailer for The Streetfighter contains a few scenes that didn't make the R-rated cut, including a portion of dialogue during Terry Tsurugi's confrontation with Gijun Shikenbaru over a delinquent payment for the former's latest caper (the line surprisingly wasn't readded into the X-rated version when New Line released it on home video later on).
    Terry Tsurugi: You'd better give up. I'm a master, and you're going to lose this game!
  • The trailer for Streets of Fire had Ellen saying "You gonna stay for the show? It's really good," and a different take of Raven saying "I want Tom Cody!'; the latter is notable as it appeared to be in his hideout that in the film was burnt down.
  • Suicide Squad (2016) had a large number of scenes lopped out in the editing room due to reshoots and Executive Meddling over its dark tone. Many deleted scenes and takes were present in the teaser and trailers. Apparently this trope was so offensive to one viewer that he is suing Warner Bros. and DC Comics.
    • A number of shots from the Comic-Con First Look teaser (including the restaurant scene, Diablo blowing out a match in his cell, Harley miming the usage of a shotgun with her baseball bat, Deadshot seemingly commanding Flag's unit and Harley strapped down on the table at Arkham with a different mouthgag) aren't present in the film itself. Likewise, Joker's final line in the teaser ("I'm just gonna hurt ya... really, really bad.") uses a different take than the one in the final product.
    • Several trailers show more of Rick and Dr. Moone's relationship, including June smiling at him on her bed, a sequence of Rick examining the dossiers for the group as June strokes his hair, and a shot of him pinning her to a file drawer and kissing her.
    • Enchantress mockingly says a line to Waller during the defense committee meeting ("Let's do something fun...") that appeared in the character promo and one of the trailers, but isn't present in the final product.
    • An extended scene of Joker interrogating Captain Briggs ("Alpha") at the casino, including a line that was only said in the trailer, "I can't wait to show you my new toys."
    • The initial portion of the bar scene, where Harley acts as bartender and asks everyone what they want (Croc and Boomerang have a beer, Katana gets whiskey and Diablo asks for water, to which Harley replies, "That's a good idea, honey") is seen in the official trailer. The scene in the final cut begins with the drinks already poured. The Extended Cut finally included this extended scene.
    • There are several quick shots in the trailers of Katana being possessed by a green tendril, opening her eyes (with her pupils being very dilated) and later looking on as her sword absorbs souls.
    • A shot of Joker pilling the pin on a grenade with his teeth, while his face is partly covered in dirt and ash, then saying "Bye-bye!" as he flees. This was reportedly part of a deleted sequence in which Joker confronts the Squad at the subway station and attempts to convince Harley to escape with him, but she refuses on the grounds that she needs to help her friends. This causes Joker to cover his escape by throwing a grenade at the team.
  • In the Superbad Trailer, Seth Rogen's character remarked that the name McLovin sounds like "A Sexy Hamburger." This line was never said in the film. There's a reason for this. Seth Rogen was fresh off the success of Knocked Up and they wanted to promote him a lot. This was one of the few takes they had of him not dropping a Cluster F-Bomb.

  • A trailer for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby has a brief shot of Sacha Baron Cohen's character proclaiming, "I'm coming for you, Ricky Bobby!" while shaving his legs in a bathtub. Guess where that scene ended up?
  • There's a part in the Ted 2 trailer where Ted, John, and Sam are being pursued by some villains in a car, only for the villains to get plowed by a truck, causing their car to explode, yet it's nowhere in the film. It does appear in the unrated version.
  • In the original trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), there is a shot of the turtles rising up from what looks like a swamp. The shot was cut from the final release but is part of a longer scene that was later used near the end of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.
  • Terminator:
    • A trailer for Terminator 2: Judgment Day showed awesome footage of a Terminator endo-skeleton being built and coated with bio-flesh. This is not in the film. Just there to show the fans how Skynet does it, and was made specifically for marketing purposes.
    • In the second and third Terminator Salvation trailers, Marcus is shown in the "throw a chair through glass" scene... but if you look in the background there's a skinny body on an identical table to the one he was repaired in. This would have implied a big change in the plot, since he was supposed to be the first and only resurrected human-into-Terminator prototype. The second trailer has a scene with John Connor in a sewer being surprised by a T-1 rising from water.
  • The trailer for This is Spın̈al Tap was a skit in which Rob Reiner, having no actual footage to show, introduces a short about a European cheese festival.
  • The initial trailer for This Is the End has two "special shoot" segments that aren't seen in the movie itself. The first shows Seth Rogan and James Franco (as themselves) discussing the predicted end of the world before going into a montage of them passing the time engaging in ridiculous activities. The second sequence shows Rogan, Franco and the supporting cast of the film (again, as themselves) sitting down for breakfast and talking about the importance of etiquette during the apocalypse, before someone starts knocking loudly at the front door and one of the characters shrieks.
  • Kate Upton climbing out of the pool in The Three Stooges trailer wasn't in the movie.
  • The trailers for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy include a dialogue exchange ("They've killed our man in Istanbul") that doesn't appear in the film. Another missing shot, of Toby Esterhase puffing smoke from his pipe, suggests that a scene at the Circus was either removed or edited down.
  • The trailer for James Cameron's Titanic (1997) featured a few scenes cut out of the final film including one with Jack punching Lovejoy.
  • According to the film’s producer, the opening scene of the first Tom and Jerry trailer is this: it was part of a longer scene in which Tom and Jerry wind up destroying their home, causing them to get kicked out and go to the city. This got cut out as it slowed down the film.
  • The Transporter's trailer featured Frank deflecting a missile, which was, sadly, left out of the final release.
  • The first Transformers had a teaser trailer featuring a sequence where the Mars Rover is confronted and destroyed after coming across the Autobots. In the final film, no such sequence is seen (though the mission described in the teaser is brought up in the movie and shots from the end of the trailer show up as photographs) and the Autobots are shown to have journeyed directly from Cybertron to Earth.
    • The first theatrical trailer includes numerous shots not present in the final cut, among them being a death scene filmed for Jorge, which is present in both novelizations. Jorge's actor Amaury Nolasco confirmed that Jorge survived, but he hasn't shown up in any subsequent film.
  • TRON: Legacy's first teaser trailer consisted of a sequence where a user is chased into the outskirts of the city by CLU, who destroys his bike and derezzes him soon after as Kevin Flynn watches from his apartment high above the skyline. In the finished film, no such scene occurs (the only thing comparable is Sam and Quorra fleeing to the Outlands from CLU's henchmen), nor does any shot of Kevin looking out the window at a downward angle appear. It is likely that all the footage was filmed purely for marketing purposes.
  • The trailer showed for True Romance the bath scene and a scene of Vincenzo in an elevator, both of which were cut from the film.
  • An MTV Movie Awards skit parodied this by having Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo spliced into footage of the climax of Twister. Things were flying at them and Ben was calling what was attacking them on the radio, finishing with:
    Ben: "We have the tire; that was in the Coming Attractions, but not in the actual movie!"
    Janeane: "Yeah, I hate that!"

  • In the earlier teaser trailers and TV spots of the film Ultraman Saga, There was footage of Ultraman Dyna fighting the monster, Earthtron. However in the film, their actual battle lasted less than 1 minute.
  • A kiss between Michael and Selene was shown in the trailer for Underworld, but doesn't appear in the film.
  • In Used Cars, one scene has Barbara get asked to prove her car lot has over 200 cars on it. In the movie, Rudy whispers to her from the audience to lie and say yes, because he has a contact he can get them from in a hurry. In the trailer, to show how "honest" he is, he explicitly says to her, "I want you to get up on that stand - and lie." This scene does not appear in the film.

  • The trailer for Walk Hard showcased a deleted subplot involving Dewey's third wife, Cheryl. This ended up creating a very rushed third act in the theatrical version.
  • The first trailer for War of the Worlds features a neighborhood waking up to the sounds and lights of the invasion but none of it is featured in the film.
  • Wayne's World had a... unique teaser trailer, which was designed to parody The Addams Family (and played before it) by making the audience think that it would be starting with the theme song in a graveyard, only for it to be revealed that Wayne and Garth are sitting on a couch in said graveyard trying (miserably) to sing the song. After they joke about what the audience would be expecting, they proceed to plug their own film and muse over whether they can win an Academy Award for their acting. This scene was shot specifically for marketing purposes, and doesn't even appear in the film or the official DVD!
  • Some trailers for Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a scene where Eddie Valiant runs around wearing an animated pig head, yelling, "I'm a PIG!" It came from a deleted scene, shown on the DVD.
  • The Wizard of Oz had part of a deleted victory procession through Emerald City shown in some re-release trailers.

  • X-Men Film Series
    • The teaser for the original film has alternate shots of Wolverine swinging around the spike in the Statue of Liberty's crown, and has him using his hand to grip the spike and swing back around after Sabretooth throws him away. This was changed for the final product to the memorable one-shot take of him using his claw to grip onto the spike and swing around before launching back up and holding a battle pose.
    • X-Men Origins: Wolverine: One of the earliest trailers includes a brief shot of a young African girl with white hair, who's clearly mean to be a young Storm. Her single scene was cut and can only be seen on the DVD.
    • X-Men: First Class: The movie doesn't include an inspirational line of dialogue from Charles Xavier who tells Erik Lehnsherr that "A new species is being born. Help me guide it, shape it, lead it." Moreover, there is no Meaningful Look between the two of them as they walk towards Alex's prison cell.
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past:
      • A brief moment where Peter Maximoff's little sister tells Logan she's a princess (and he replies with "I'm the Wolverine") does not appear.
      • A scene where Bobby Drake and Magneto are seen freeing Rogue is also missing.
      • In the third trailer, there's a scene where Wolverine talks to Mystique and calls her a cold-hearted bitch, which offends her. This is not in the movie, and they never interact with each other in the final cut.
      • During the plane ride to Paris, we don't get to hear the younger Erik say, "We've been given a second chance."
    • X-Men: Apocalypse:
      • The teaser trailer has an alternate shot of the Mansion destruction (namely, the female student with the fish that Quicksilver rescues), complete with books flying towards the camera. In the finished product, the angle is flipped and Quicksilver reaches her with room to spare, pausing in front of her to rescue her fish and place the fishbowl into her hands. Likewise, the location of the shot itself is much larger than its appearance in the film proper. The official trailer also shows more footage of the destruction, including a shot of books flying off shelves and an empty library.
      • The official trailer has a shot of Hank reacting in shock and fear to something. It is likely that this is from the sequence where Charles is kidnapped by Apocalypse, as there is no other point in the film where Hank reacts in fear in the same way.
      • One of the TV spots has Scott, Jean and Kurt sitting in a mall's food court, with the latter drinking a milkshake and being horrified when the others tell him he has "brain freeze". There's also a shot of the group (along with Jubilee) happily walking through the mall. These shots were part of a longer mall scene that was cut from the finished product.
      • Another TV spot has an alternate shot of the dog Quicksilver rescues. Notably, this shot shows that the dog is eating the last slice of pizza, while in the final cut, Quicksilver steals the rest of the pizza before rescuing the dog.

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