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  • Every Pixar film since A Bug's Life has a teaser trailer with completely original footage that establishes the characters in a humorous manner. The teaser for Cars, for example, depicts Mater accidentally killing a bee and Lightning trying to calm him down.
  • In the actual Up trailers (which did feature scenes from the film), Carl blows a raspberry at the assisted-living guys shortly after his house lifts off. This is replaced with him saying "I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!" in the finished film.
  • Finding Nemo duology:
    • One trailer for Finding Nemo showed the sharks helping Marlin and Dory find Nemo. In the film, the sharks only appear twice, one of their scenes being merely a cameo at the film's ending.
    • In its sequel, Finding Dory, the trailer has a scene of Dory sleep swimming, but this scene does not appear in the film. It was originally meant to but was scrapped. The behind-the-scenes material for it reveals that it was cut so late that it was a rare instance of a cut scene that had been fully animated and voiced before they realized the flow of the movie worked better without it.
  • Cars 2:
    • An infamous screencap from a Cars 2 trailer shows Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile, and Siddely escaping from an explosion, with a pair of villains in hot pursuit. In the actual movie, Lightning isn't in the scene, Siddeley is further behind and Finn is attached to Mater's tow cable, driving backwards.
    • Another screencap has Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Finn McMissile strolling through the streets of Tokyo. In the actual movie, Finn is never driving with those two cars there, and he doesn't even know who Lightning McQueen is until their encounter in London at the end of the film!
  • Brave:
    • The original teaser showed Merida riding her horse Angus into the forest where she enters the ring of standing stones, is confronted by Mor'du the demon bear, and shoots an arrow at him. Clips from this teaser are re-used in other trailers, but the scene doesn't actually happen in the movie. It was presumably created just to sell the idea to the crowd.
    • Later trailers also featured a shot of King Fergus on horseback in the snow. This shot also doesn't appear in the movie.
  • The trailer for WALL•E has an interesting case. One of the last scenes shown is WALL•E shaking M-O's hand in the airlock after saving EVE from being dumped into space. The final film, however, has EVE saving WALL•E from being blown into space with a bunch of trash, and M-O shakes WALL•E's hand later.
  • The first trailer for Inside Out plays out as a short scene from the film, but with some of the dialog altered to avoid spoiling that Joy and Sadness are missing and the other emotions are covering for them.
  • The DVDs of both Up and Inside Out include a montage of animation and character skits created for promotional material. One of these (the scene with Joy and Riley pretending to play music instead of doing homework) was included in the film's main trailer.
  • Cars 3:
    • One particular scene from a trailer features Lightning on the simulator while Cruz looks up at him admiringly. In the actual film, Lightning is doing horribly at the simulator and accidentally destroys it. He is also depicted in his “pre-crash” paint job whereas he wears his electronic suit during that scene in the film.
    • A few other screencaps feature Lightning racing against Jackson while wearing his usual racing paint job, while in the film, he has his “pre-crash” livery during that scene.

    Other A-M 
  • The trailer for The Adventures of Pinocchio features some scenes not shown in the movie and Pepe's voice is done by Wallace Shawn rather than David Doyle.
  • In the trailer for Aladdin and the King of Thieves during the "Welcome to the 40 Thieves" song Aladdin is seen with a bloody arm from his fight with Saluk, the blood is edited out in the film. However, you can see it when he clutches his arm after being cut.
  • A trailer for Arthur Christmas has Arthur hanging from Evie (Grandsanta's sleigh), yelling "No child left behind!" as he's determined to get a gift to the child forgotten by Santa. This line is not in the film and instead has Arthur screaming. There is also a scene in one of the trailers of Gwen waking up and looking in her empty stocking only to be disappointed that was also cut.
  • The trailer for Atlantis: The Lost Empire prominently featured random scenes with Vikings sailing through a thunderstorm, and later being sunk by a sea monster. This made it look like the Vikings were the main characters, but it was taken from the film's original prologue, which was replaced with the more plot-relevant depiction of Atlantis' destruction. Thus, no Vikings appeared in the actual film.
  • In a fairly bizarre example, the commercials and trailers for Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero consisted of clips from Mr. Freeze's previous appearances on Batman: The Animated Series. Presumably they hadn't finished their animation yet.
  • The original trailer for Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas had a brief scene where the Beast's rose floats through the glass towards Belle. No explanation is given in the trailer, and the scene is not in the final movie.
  • Two teaser trailers for Bee Movie have a live-action Jerry Seinfeld dressed up as a bee. In the final part of the second teaser, he converts into his Barry B. Benson cartoon character.
  • The teaser trailer for Big Hero 6 follows the Pixar trend of showing a comedic gag — Hiro struggling to fit Baymax into a suit of armor, only to have the armor pop off Baymax right after he finally gets it all on — that's nowhere to be found in the actual film. Hiro does suit up Baymax in armor in the film, but no armor-popping happens there. It also shows him in a lab at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, while the movie changes the location to his garage.
  • In a trailer for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, there was a scene where Professor Poopypants pops up behind Mr. Krupp's back and yells "Surely, he's got it!", which never happens in the final film. Also, some shots were altered to avoid spoilers.
  • Trailers for the 2005 Disney film Chicken Little almost always included this joke:
    Buck: Son, there's something I want you to know.
    Chicken Little: What, Dad?
    Buck: In about three seconds, I'm going to scream like a little girl.
  • Most of the trailers for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs have Gag Dubs over real movie dialogue.
  • Despicable Me features Gru giving an Oh, Crap! expression when he was about to be attacked by kids (which includes the boy he gave the balloon he popped). The final film has him noticing the three girls from earlier.
  • In The Emoji Movie, Poop's line in one of the trailers, "Okay son, what do we do after we go potty?" was changed to "That's because I believe in you!" in the actual film.
  • In the trailer for The Emperor's New Groove, after Pacha and Kuzco accidentally get tied around a tree branch, Pacha mutters, "Or not," in reference to a line he said right beforehand ("Don't worry, your highness! I got ya! You're safe now!"). This wasn't in the movie.
  • Epic: Nod dangling from Mub's eyestalks after dangling from the branch. Also, Mandrake's line "I'm going to destroy the forest, but I'm only going to do it once".
  • In the original trailer for Felix the Cat: The Movie, the Duke of Zill has a less threatening looking design.
  • In Flushed Away, the pair of butler hamsters seen in the trailer are not in the film itself. They originally were, and were named "Gilbert and Sullivan". They do appear in the video game adaptation.
  • Frozen:
    • The scene of Kristoff shouting "Now we just have to survive this blizzard!" and Anna replying "That's no blizzard; that's my sister!" with Elsa then conjuring up a blast of snow on top of the mountain is completely absent from the film. It's actually from an early animation test back when Elsa was the main villain. The animators ended up using elements of it for the Marshmallow chase scene in the movie, but to do so had to completely reanimate and redub parts of it because it clashed vastly with the final characters' designs and personalities (Marshmallow has tree limbs for arms, Anna is afraid to jump off the cliff and lacks her Skunk Stripe, etc).
    • As with the Pixar films, the first teaser is a self-contained skit (in this case, of Olaf the snowman trying to get his carrot nose back before it's eaten by Sven) not meant to be in the movie, although some of the animation is reused for one of the final scenes.
  • One of the first trailers for The Grinch has a scene in which the Grinch gets annoyed with his alarm clock playing Pharrell Williams' "Happy". In the actual film, three Christmas songs play instead: The Jackson 5's cover of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", a Christmas-themed rap song and the Ray Conniff version of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas", which also plays later in the film when we see the same alarm clock being crushed by a dresser.
  • Home:
    • An early trailer featured Pig snorting like his namesake in his sleep. This isn't seen in the film.
    • Several clips from Almost Home were used in the trailers, but not in the film itself.
  • The scene in the teaser trailer for Hotel Transylvania 2 is in the final film, but plays out slightly differently. Also, Mavis and Jonathan's son Dennis has a slightly different design.
  • How to Train Your Dragon:
    • A variation. The scene where Astrid finds out about Toothless had her saying "you're so busted" in the trailers. In the film, she says nothing.
    • In a more different vein, one scene in the trailers had Hiccup insulting Toothless and Toothless hitting him on the head in response. This happened in the film, but in two very different instances.
    • TV spots for the movie often included Gobber exclaiming "There go my undies!" as the Red Death dragon shows itself (presumably as a Brick Joke to an earlier moment where he responded to Stoick saying "all hell is going to break loose" with "so will my undies" as they approach the dragons' island). He never says this in the final movie.
  • In an ad for Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Cindy says to Jimmy "If we blow up, whatever's left of me is kicking your butt." Not in the finished film, but it did appear in a junior novelization. The TV adverts edited "kicking your butt" to "kicking your can", so much effort put into a deleted scene.
  • Perhaps one of the most significant examples would be The Land Before Time since various trailers and TV spots for the original film had snippets of animated footage that weren't in the final film at all, but are much talked about with fans as they are from scenes that were cut out due to concern that the film would be too scary for kids (many of these scenes were ones that apparently involved Sharptooth).
  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole:
    • One part shows how Noctus tells his owlets a story of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, with Soren not wanting his father to stop telling it. Eglantine asks what happens next, and while Soren tells it, Kludd scoffs "They win and go back home, lalala, the end! Now think of something real", leading to Soren responding, "They're real." In the final movie, it's replaced with Kludd scoffing at how Soren's head is filled with stories and dreams, to which Soren responds with "There's nothing wrong with dreams."
    • Another has Grimble saying "You're going to need to go a long way to find the guardians." When Soren asks in surprise that they're really real, Grimble responds, "Oh, they're real, all right." In the final version of the movie, they cut it down to Soren just asking in reply, "Da's stories are true?"
    • At St. Aggies, Gylfie tells Soren, "We're each other's family now. We'll find them together." This line and scene were not included in the actual movie.
  • Lilo & Stitch has four "Inter-Stitch-Als" where Stitch crosses over to the films of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King (1994).
  • Megamind:
    • In the teaser trailer, Megamind describes that he is evil's secret, incredible totally handsome weapon and that he makes bad look so good.
    • In the first trailer, Megamind's father completely tells his son that he is "destined for greatness". In the final film, the last word was obscured.
  • For Minions, the scene where a king is accidentally impaled by his own sword is not included in the montage of the deaths of the Minions' various bosses in the final film.
  • The first trailer of Moana has Maui the Demigod explain who he is, does a little dance around a campfire and then cuts to Moana being confused. This scene is not in the movie. Not only that, but the scene also has Moana's pet pig Pua sitting beside her, he never actually goes with her on her journey and is barely in the movie at all. Perhaps this scene was made exclusively for the trailer?
  • Monsters vs. Aliens:
    • Trailers include a shot of the monsters doing a Power Walk, which was left out of the final cut. Also, the newscaster's comment about America being "the only country UFOs ever seem to land in" is said on location at the landing of the robot probe, while in the movie he says it in the studio during the second UFO sighting.
    • Not only that, the theatrical poster showed a dozen alien ships adorning the sky above the characters. The final film only has one.
    • There is even a scene in the first trailer in which Gallaxhar contacts the President and his workers demanding Earth be handed over to him. For some reason he contacts them through a television screen rather than project a giant hologram of his face.

    Other N-Z 
  • The trailer for Olaf's Frozen Adventure had these alterations:
    • Most of the lines in the trailer come from the "That Time Of Year" musical number. For example, Olaf doesn't poop a fruitcake out in front of Anna and Elsa. He does this at the house of a woman, and Anna's reaction is from the scene where Kristoff sings "The Ballad of Flemmingrad" when he reveals a troll statue and asks her to kiss it.
    • During the scene in which the sled catches fire, Olaf wore a towel and was singing "Jingle Bells". The line he says to Sven was also shortened.
  • Subverted with The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! when trailers included a scene where the Pirate Captain boards a ship and demands treasure, only to find out it's actually a leper boat. This scene was planned to be in the finished film as it was, but it was redubbed to instead take place on a plague boat after leprosy charities complained. A real shame, since it stops making sense once the original joke concludes and the passenger's arm drops off, to say nothing of how the scene became an Enforced example of a Hong Kong Dub.
  • A sneak peek for Pocahontas included on the 1994 VHS release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs includes an easy-to-miss fully animated clip of Radcliffe standing pompously before a bunch of gold-colored leaves and flowers get thrown in his face. No such scene happens in the final movie, and there's really no place in the final movie where it would make sense in context, either.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet:
  • Trailers for Raya and the Last Dragon included a scene shortly after Sisu turns into a human for the first time wherein she comments how the shorter distance between her head and her bottom will "really help with digestion". The line does not appear in the movie proper.
  • One of the trailers and most of the TV spots for Rio 2 has a scene with pair of turtles, one of them holding the other by the hands and spinning them around in the air. The speed becomes so much that the turtle being spun is sucked out of its shell and sent flying, to the shock of the birds. Whilst the turtles do appear in the film, this scene is absent because of the Fruit Fly Incident.
  • Two or three fully animated scenes shown in the trailer for Rugrats in Paris aren't even seen in the actual movie. A few lines might not have made the cut as well. One scene that shows up in the trailer was animated differently in the actual movie, when Spike urinates on the Eiffel Tower's cornerstone; in the trailer it happens during the daytime, whereas in the actual film it happens at night.
  • Shark Tale had a clip in a trailer where Don Lino says "You tell my boys I'm gonna pay a visit."
  • Sherlock Gnomes had a lot of these, including Mankini jumping into a puddle and farting, Benny leading Sherlock to the next clue, Gnomeo saying “No ship, Sherlock”, the gnomes running away after hearing they’ll be smashed, and Mankini dancing in front of some gnomes.
  • A scene in a trailer for Shrek the Third apparently showed a scene where Shrek can been seen accidentally scaring children at an elementary school while reading them a story. Such a scene actually did not appear in the movie at all. It did, however, appear in one of the tie-in storybooks.
  • The Simpsons Movie had a lot of footage in the trailers and TV spots that didn't make it to the final print. To wit:
    • The first theatrical trailer had a scene with Reverend Lovejoy and Marge examining the surveillance footage of Abe's meltdown at the church, with Lovejoy later exclaiming "Here's the money shot!" On the commentary track, the filmmakers stated they felt the scene was pointless, and not needed.
    • The same trailer also had additional footage of Dr. Hibbert, Apu and Chief Wiggum fleeing Mr. Burns' hounds that was not included in the final cut, including a part where Wiggum and Apu conferring as they run for their lives.
    • In the final theatrical trailer, there's a scene of Kent Brockman reporting on the turmoil at Springfield before a Molotov cocktail explodes near him, causing him to flee. This scene was cut, but was added as a bonus feature on DVD and Blu-ray.
    • Likewise, one of the final TV spots for the movie had the townspeople raiding the DMV where Patty and Selma work. This was part of the scene above and included along with additional deleted scenes as a bonus feature in the DVD and Blu-ray release.
    • The final theatrical trailer and some TV spots had Moe and Barney panicking after the power goes out while watching a news report of the power outage. In the final movie, the power outage has the scene goes black for a few seconds before the power goes back on, with some of Moe's alcohol stolen and no panicking whatsoever.
  • Sing featured a trailer scene with Rosita and her piglets (all of which somehow fit into one car) bobbing their heads to the opening riffs of "Eye of The Tiger". In the final film, this scene appears nowhere. However, this animation was later recycled for a McDonald's commercial.
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut has its teaser trailer with a computer making Eric Cartman breaking the fourth wall with him yelling "Who the hell are you people?"
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:
    • The first teaser trailer ends with Peter B. Parker and Miles Morales sitting in a subway station at night, with Miles asking the older Spider-Hero how many others like them are out there. This scene doesn't appear in the final film, with one of the film's animators noting that the sequence mainly served as a character acting test.
    • The trailer also features a scene of Miles bounding off taxis that, in the final film, is performed by his universe's Peter Parker.
    • The second trailer contained a scene where Peter B. Parker compares Miles' universe to a soggy french fry and his own universe to a normal french fry, which wasn't used in the final product.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie:
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water:
    • The slo-mo shot of the hot woman that Patrick appears to ogle over (when it's just an ice cream he wants) is not in the film. A bunch of alternate takes of uncut scenes can be seen in the trailers, including Patrick's head with a hole through it. The girl commenting on the superheroes saying, "They must be in spin class!" is not in the film, nor is Mr. Krabs' line "That pirate's gonna destroy our world!"
    • Despite being featured in the trailer and a few TV commercials, Slash never appears in the movie.
    • In one scene, Burger Beard throws a six pack of soda can plastic rings at Squidward. He gets caught up in them and exclaims "What is this diabolical thing?!" This is Truth in Television, because marine animals do get caught up in these rings and other pieces of manufactured garbage. However, none of this appears in the film proper.
    • The "Thank Gosh It's Monday" musical number doesn't appear in the film at all. A few details, such as the establishing shot of Bikini Bottom, imply that it's an early version of the opening, and the gag of Patrick using his belly to talk reappears in the actual opening.
  • Tangled:
    • The trailer has a scene in which Rapunzel beats up Flynn with Prehensile Hair, and one where she chucks him out of the tower. These never happen in the movie. The scene where Rapunzel chucks Flynn out of the tower is even present in the credits to a degree, but not in the movie.
    • There's also a third scene, where Flynn calls up to Rapunzel "Let down your hai-" only to have a load of hair suddenly dropped on him, complete with Maximus laughing/whinnying. Like the above two, it's nowhere in the film.
  • One of the trailers for Tarzan has a brief shot of Tarzan being thrown aside by Kerchak against a tree branch (during the scene where Kerchak attempts to attack Clayton), the extended shot in a behind-the-scenes featurette shows Tarzan landing to the ground after he was thrown against the tree branch. In the final cut of the film, the shot was trimmed to show Tarzan landing to the ground after being thrown aside, possibly to make it less violent.
  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies:
    • Many trailers have a scene where Aquaman and some dolphins appear, causing the Titans to make silly faces in reaction. This never happens in the actual film, though the same dolphins show up during the sequence set to the song "Shenanigans".
    • Later ads and trailers have a scene where the Titans are trying to catch Batman, and he makes puns based on actual Batman films, with Starfire responding "Wow, there's just no stopping the Batman!" after the third attempt. In the actual film, Batman does not say movie titles during this part because he's being controlled by Slade, though Starfire's line is kept.
    • Lil Yatchy was advertised to appear in the film and there even was a clip where he sang with the Titans. The song they sing does appear, but not Lil Yatchy himself, as they actually sing this song to the Justice League after the Titans beat them in defeating Balloon Man.
  • The promo for Transformers: The Movie consists mainly of test animation that went unused. Some major differences include Ultra Magnus having a different colour scheme (the same as his Diaclone counterpart), Hot Rod and Arcee being on the same shuttle (the Autobots being on different shuttles is a plot point), an alternate version of Kup telling the Dinobots a story, and Snarl being more prominent instead of making quick cameos.
  • Some scenes in the Trolls trailers are different from the actual film to avoid spoiling certain things such as Poppy being the queen.

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