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Sometimes happens in Fan Fics, either in the case of site purges, Screwed by the Lawyers, or Old Shame.

  • The Script Fic Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has a minor example - the episode "Eggs for Calvin!" is first released on a holiday episode compilation DVD before being shown on television proper.
  • Another Calvin and Hobbes related one is two stories, Calvin And Hobbes Forever and Calvin, Susie and Hobbes. The second is a sequel to the first and the plot revolves around Calvin, now in his 20's is an unsuccessful writer who, with help from Susie Derkins and his old friend Hobbes, begins to get his life together, however, many crazy things happen along the way. Many other comic characters from other comics, such as Riley and Huey Freeman, Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy, Garifield and Jon, Jason show up along the way. The first story was finished, however, the sequel and the original story suddenly vanished one day with no trace without ever finishing...
  • Red Aigh wrote a deleted chapter for the book The Wind in the Willows that gave a brief romance between Rat and Mole shortly after meeting then continues on with the rest of the book normally. The author later explained he wrote the chapter in response to several online theories that the main characters (male bachelors that eventually live together) were intended to be homosexual by the original author.
  • Jewel of Darkness: When the Titans fight Susano again during the Rivalry Arc, they all refer to an unseen second encounter during the Jump City Arc that ended with a crazy Marine dragging him into another dimension. The author even refers to this chapter as "The Lost Episode", stating it was cut for pacing purposes, and that it'll be eventually published separately.
  • All The Babysitters Club fanfiction by melcia was deleted and doesn't seem to be located anywhere else online. This is especially bad news for fans of her "Forever" series.
  • With the deletion of the BZPower Forum Archives in 2013 following a hacking incident, all BIONICLE and LEGO fanfics on the site from 2001 through 2011 are lost forever. This also includes the Play By Post Role-Playing Games such as Dino Attack RPG and BZPRPG.
  • All but half of Cori Falls's Pokemon fanfiction and all of her Yu-Gi-Oh series has been deleted along with her websites, much to the disappointment of anyone who was a genuine fan of her writing (usually for nostalgic reasons) or liked reading her stuff for other reasons.
  • Due to site regulations, technically making it banned, we cannot read about the warden raping Yukari in Gensokyo 20XXI, though Amoridere did write a chapter about it, as well as a sidestory, The Warden's Lover, that one could read on Mibba and Archive of Our Own, where it was rated NC-17 and, in the latter, explicit. However, she has since deleted it but, if you ask her, she may give you a copy, otherwise, you can't find it online.
  • Narrowly averted with The Simpsons fan archive, Simpsons Realities; though the site itself has gone offline for an as of yet unknown reason (and the last update seems to have been from 2007), it can be accessed through the Wayback Machine, saving such Simpsons classics as Lisa Fitzgerald. The fanart, however, is a different story.
  • A frustrating example is A Sailor Moon Romance (originally called Central Command Headquarters), a once popular Sailor Moon fanfic archive. The site had suffered a major crash in 2007, and for various reasons (it was getting too expensive to maintain, activity was steeply declining), the site's manager Andrea Hui decided to let it die. Author Dejana Talis said that she would be working to restore the archive to the best of her abilities. Unfortunately, the site's new incarnation, One Song Glory, only has a limited amount of stories restored and hasn't been updated since 2008. The original site can be accessed through the Wayback Machine, but only a few stories have been archived.
  • Kill la Kill AU's part one of Wish is missing on YouTube because of a copyright claim by Victor Entertainment, which resulted in the authoress taking it down and later on reposting it on Dailymotion, however, the original video can be seen on tumblr. As she commented, "Better that than argument." To elaborate further, Wish has spoken dialogue (sans speech bubbles) against a music background, which ruled out "audioswapping" (another alternative) because that would remove the dialogue, otherwise, she would have had to edit the video file and upload it again. The second part, however, is still on Youtube
  • The Land Beyond Time, based on The Land Before Time, was a Science Fiction story written by The Oracle. It has been deleted from because it was written in script format and there are no extant copies on other forums.
  • The author of Time Gate X (a The Land Before Time Science Fiction thriller) has never explicitly stated why they deleted the fic from but speculation and hints from the author himself point at Old Shame.
  • Silver by Regina Demonica is an Icthy-centric war story about how Icthy, Dil and Strut ally with the Great Valley dinosaurs to prevent Jadeclaw from finding the real Stone of Cold Fire. It was removed from sometime in 2012 with no explanation as to why.
  • Two popular Harvest Moon fan-sites - HM Farm and Ranch Story - had fanfic sections in the 2000s. Ranch Story removed its section in the late 2000s while HM Farm's simply losing bandwidth.
  • Unstable Equilibrium was a popular Alternate Universe The Legend of Korra fanfic that was abruptly deleted. In it, Asami's father Hiroshi died instead of her mother Yasuko. Asami ends up an Equalist behind her mother's back. She is told by Amon to get close to the Avatar, but unfortunately Asami ends up falling for Korra.