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    Psychic Assaults 
  • In 1/0, Ghanny is forced to enact Corporal Punishment on Junior despite being a ghost, so Ghanny possesses Junior and gives him a "mind wedgie" that leaves him a gibbering wreck for six hours.
  • In this page of Triquetra Cats, Blaze's adoptive (yet genetically similar) older sister is subject to a Mind Rape by a Hand of the Dragon vampire with illusionist powers.
  • The "Wayang Kulit" arc from Sluggy Freelance combines this with a Vision Quest, forcing Torg to kill all the women he's ever loved (or who have ever loved him) and gradually transform into a demon. It all ends up for the best, teaching him not to blame himself so much, but it's done in the most sadistic way possible.
  • Shockamancy in Erfworld appears to work by planting horrible images in the victims' minds, if one judges from the names used in this Shockamancy-scroll incantation.
    • At the end of the prequel comic, as part of a deal Jillian goes under a magical procedure to cure an addiction. Part of the deal is that the contractor or healer Charlie or Betsy may tamper with her memories and personality as they see fit, but the latter assures her the former can't do anything without her consent. But it turns out Charlie doesn't really care about anything except removing one very specific part of her personality. Betsy, on the other hand, tears apart Jillian's brain and turns her into a completely different person. Trustworthy, huh?
    • Maggie describes what Charlie does to Lilith's mind as obscene. It is apparently so monstrous that even the observing Wanda is paralyzed with horror and she has seen and done a lot. He breaks Lilith's mind piece by piece and converts the pieces into manifestations of himself. He comes to the brink of destroying her mind entirely until Wanda and Maggie intervene. While Wanda is able to restore some of Lilith's mind, much remains lost.
    • The Great Minds are the leaders of all Thinkamancers and keep the true power of Thinkamancy a strict secret. When one of their own is excommunicated to Baddie status, they are put under a Geas. If said Baddie violates the Geas's terms, it will grab their reasons for doing so to report to the Great Minds and rip their mind into shreds in the process.
  • Archipelago: Vaniji does this at first in brainwashing people (accompanied by pseudo-soothing words), until he encounters a mind that had experienced so much trauma and despair that it turned it back on him.
  • A hero-on-villain (or at least Jerkass) version in this episode here of FreakAngels, when Arkady makes Luke experience the memory of her drug overdose.
  • Homestuck, naturally, plays with this. Feferi's lusus, Glubgolyb, is a several cities-sized monstrosity that she has to feed other lusus, or else it would raise its "voice" above a whisper. Doesn't sound too bad? It would result in the death of every troll, starting with the lowbloods on Alternia, the lowbloods off Alternia, and slowly working its way up the hemospectrum until Feferi herself dies. It eventually happens, and Sollux - the third lowest troll on the spectrum - dies a very, very grizzly death. He gets better.
    • A more classic example occurs late into Act 6, where Aranea uses powers on Jake to—allegedly—"help" him realize his potential as a Page of Hope. And to drive it home, poor Jake is quite visibly distressed by the situation.
  • A possible explanation of whatever this is in 8-Bit Theater.
    • What's truly creepy is that Garland, the seemingly most harmless member of the four, was the only one left standing afterwards, and he only seemed confused, rather than mind raped. Then again, he's had to deal with FOREST IMPS for so long...
  • Both The Last Days of FOXHOUND and The Cobra Days interpret The Sorrow's ability to make a person "experience the sorrow of those they have killed" as this. Whereas in the game it's fairly straightforward (Snake is confronted with the ghosts of everyone he's killed in the game so far, who shout accusations at him, and he has to struggle past them) the former shows The Sorrow as dragging a person's mind to the other side and letting their victims have their way with them, and the latter shows it as him gripping a person and forcing them to experience the dying feelings of everybody they have killed at once.
    • The Sorrow in The Last Days of FOXHOUND only did the former on Mantis, however: Liquid and Octopus were tested in the same way as Snake. Of course, he does run into the snag that the three people he tries it on are a Sociopathic Hero, a Blood Knight with Laser-Guided Amnesia and a Technical Pacifist: Mantis quickly realizes that all the people he's killed is ultimately water under the bridge, Liquid can't remember any of it and just takes all the carnage as a sign of how badass he is, and Octopus' test is completely empty because he's never killed a person in his life.'
    Sorrow: This test clearly does not work anymore.
  • In The Life of Nob T. Mouse, it is heavily implied that Grandfather Time did this to Frederick, which is why he is now a total nutcase, and causes Frederick's Punctuated! For! Emphasis! moment on their second meeting.
  • Okay, quick review of a part of Read or Die canon you'll need for context: along with the abilities that person had, an I-Jin also has some special ability. Now. In And Shine Heaven Now, the I-Jin of Reginald Jeeves has the ability to do this to someone by directly altering a person's mind. Which is what he does to Walter to turn him evil (as opposed to the reason in canon).
  • Failed in Dragon Ball Multiverse. Syd hoped to win against U13 Vegeta by swapping genders with him and hoping the "psychological impact" would leave him with his guard down. His response?
  • In Roommates the Shadow Child's main weapons are "I'm Not Afraid of You" declarations and "The Reason You Suck" Speech, which cause the target to relive his darkest memories about despair, hopelessness, etc.. The kid is an Anthropomorphic Personification of Disbelief, who weaponizes his very nature and is terrifying. You know what's the worst? He never goes away.
  • In Concession Joel tends to enslave or attempt to kill people by bringing them into the astral plane, where he and his sister's ghost have tentacles that wrap around their victims astral forms and invade orifices. One of the cleaner examples.
  • Zebra Girl: Jack is the subject of one when he is hit by the bullet goblin. The insect is feeding on his fluids and magic, and we have a chilling representation of it attacking Jack's inner psyche.

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