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Mind Rape / Toys

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Examples of Psychic Assaults

  • In BIONICLE, Tren Krom tends to inflict this when he searches someone's mind for information, as it also gives the victim glimpses into Tren Krom's mind. The fact that he tends to assault his victims with his long, red, fleshy appendages while doing this only adds to the disturbing subtext.
    • Toa of Psionics are also capable of doing this, and it's implied that they can cause permanent brain damage with their powers.
    • The Makuta species has many mental powers, too, and where a Toa of Psionics may stop, they will gladly push further. When Teridax unleashed his full powers on Karzahni's mind, it reduced the latter into a vegetable on two legs. Yet Karzahni was the one most famous for his soul and mind-crushing visions. Makuta evidently like beating others at their own game.
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    • Speaking of Karzahni, he liked to do this with his Mask of Alternate Futures when he was feeling particularly sadistic, even managing to get one over on Teridax by showing him a vision of a future where he lost and Mata Nui awoke none too pleased. The result was actually enough to get Teridax to scream in horror...until he recovered and decided in a rage to pay Karzahni back with interest.
    • Onewa once managed to do this with his Mask of Power, which normally only gives him Mind Control, after he was pushed into Unstoppable Rage when Nokama was dying after saving his life. The narration explicitly describes the act as him focusing the mental energies of the mask into a spear to ram right into his opponent's mind.
    • Hakann of the Piraka has this as his special third power in the form of "mental blasts", and he loves using them on his enemies to make them writhe in pain before slipping into unconsciousness. After he temporarily stole half of Brutaka's power, he was capable of frying a person's mind and killing them with it. Of course, once his leader Zaktan showed him the inherent weakness of said power when he dropped a large boulder on him...and Hakann, having been blasting Zaktan with them at the time and acting on instinct when the attack came at him, remembered too late a mental blast doesn't work against an opponent with no mind to blast and gets crushed by it.
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    • Gali Nuva experienced one after being hit by Dalu's Sensory Overload-inducing weapons. Her sight became so advanced that she actually peered into other universes, all of which she just couldn't take in at once, and eventually broke into a furious craze, attacking her partners and running off into the wilderness. Thankfully, Axonn was there to cleanse her mind with his healing powers.


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