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  • And Shine Heaven Now:
    • It's revealed that Walter and Alucard did this to Jeeves when he was mortally wounded in World War II, since he could not fall into the hands of the Nazis and Jeeves refused to be turned into a vampire. Officially, he's listed as MIA, presumed dead.
    • Walter himself ended up mercy killed when he was brainwashed by the I-Jin of Jeeves to work for Millennium. His brainwashing could be broken only temporarily, his choices were death or being forever binded to Integra. He chose death. To make it even sadder, his own daughter had to do the deed.
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  • In The Beast Legion , upon defeat Gorgorath pleads to Xeus to free him from his cursed existence.
  • The Sovereign of Sorrow, from Captain SNES: The Game Masta, apparently wants to do this to everyone.
  • In Cuanta Vida, BLU Medic does this to BLU Sniper after Sniper is Driven to Suicide after losing his lover and then his eyes. He claims to have done this at the Sniper's request, but a little while after that he tries to do it again when the BLU Scout gets a crippling injury on his leg; "a Scout that can't run is a dead weight". The Scout was not consulted about this beforehand, and fortunately the BLU Spy is able to intervene.
  • Deep Rise: In a civilization of immortals, this is more often than not the way to go.
  • In 8-Bit Theater, Black Mage mentions that he killed his own brother, who was blind. When questioned about it, he responds that it was an act of mercy, and it would've been far more cruel to let his brother live after what BM had done to his eyes. Black Mage gets points for the most sadistic and needlessly elaborate "mercy kill" of all time; he trapped his blind brother in an uneven room filled with sharp corners and tiger pits. Then pushed him into one of the tiger pits when it looked like he was going to make it across.
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  • Parodied in Exterminatus Now, Alien Shout Out ahoy.
  • Mr. Rovainen from Girl Genius does it preemptively.
  • Goblins:
    • When an owlbear savages several prison guards working for Dellyn, he orders his men to capture it alive, intending to subject it to several months of torture as punishment. When none of the guards are looking, one of the prisoners reaches out of his cell and Neck Snaps the beast.
    • Done unintentionally by Saves-A-Fox. In an attempt to Screw Destiny, she killed the fox she was supposed to save, and later found out it was actually suffering from a disease that sounds suspiciously similar to rabies.
  • In Homestuck, in the Troll's session, this situation comes up between Tavros and Vriska. Vriska is beaten within an inch of her life by Aradia, and Tavros manages to get her to her Quest Bed, which will ensure her resurrection and ascension to higher power. She then asks Tavros to kill her himself, doing it quickly so that she doesn't have to die a slow, agonizing death of bleeding out. Tavros, however, is unable to bring himself to do it, and runs away crying. Vriska never really forgives him for this "moment of weakness".
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  • Subverted in The Last Halloween. It turns out that Robert is a monster who killed his human only after being asked to do so to end his human's suffering. The problem is, the aforementioned suffering was Robert's fault in the first place.
  • In Men in Hats, Aram uses this as an analogy to justify shredding Beriah's report:
    Aram: See me shredding the papers? This is the only humane way to deal with them. Like putting a dog to sleep instead of letting it run around with a tumour in its brain.
    Beriah: ...Is that why Scruffy's gone?
    Aram: No, that dog was just ugly.
  • This strip of The Order of the Stick.
  • Spoofed in Paranatural. When Mr. Spender is attacked by a bat monster, it digs its teeth into his shoulder. A teary-eyed Isabel attempts to put him out of his misery, prompting Spender to scream "ISABEL NO MERCY KILLS!"
  • Penny Arcade"A Ring And A Prayer".
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • After hearing that Zoe is supposedly spending her days with torturous wounds that will never heal, Riff states that he is going to do this to Zoe.
    • Gwynn gets revenge against a cruel zombie named Jane, and Jane is eventually reduced to nothing but a disembodied head. Torg eventually recovers her head and uses it for his usual pranks, causing Jane to beg for death. After a Heel Realization, realizing that zombies are tormented souls and not playthings, he finally decides to give her one.
  • In Tales of the Questor, Quentyn's horse Ember has been gutted and had its back broken by a dragon, and cannot be saved, only spared.
  • Thunderstruck offers a straight example, with a good ol' Neck Snap being the method used.
  • In The Zombie Hunters, the "Mercy" zombies perform arguably the creepiest Mercy Kill ever. They only approach sick, wounded or dying humans, and follow them, protecting them from other more violent breeds, until they collapse. Mercies then deliver a single bite to a vital artery, and hold the dying victim, gently stroking their hair and cooing softly. They'll even remain with their victim for hours after they turn. Website materials state that some traumatized survivors seek them out as a form of suicide, hence the name. These same supplementary materials recommend that human rescuers euthanize many survivors of Berserker zombies, who love to torture and beat their victims before biting them.


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