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Memetic Molester / Webcomics

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  • In-universe example: In Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, there was a debate over whether it would be more frightening to be raped by Christopher Walken or John Malkovich, and how it might be possible to stop them.
  • Homestuck
    • The fandom gave this treatment to sober!Gamzee. The rapefics were already hitting the web just a few days after his Face–Heel Turn. More recently, he's also become something of a Memetic Molestee, due to his genetic connections to even scarier people (see Hivefled) and a canonical Mind Rape at Aranea's hands.
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    • Doc Scratch seems to be going this way too, due to his interactions with Rose and Jade. The revelation that he is part Cal probably helped... This has persisted even after the revelation that he is not anatomically correct. It then gets even worse in the 08/07/11 updates. Apparently 1. he's been keeping Aradia's ancestor the Handmaid locked up in his apartment, 2. she's lost her furniture privileges before, 3. she does not want to be there 4. she's been raised by Doc Scratch her whole life.
    • Eridan also gets this treatment, due to in canon being a Jerkass who tries to get with anyone who'll take him with a massive Entitled to Have You complex, not to mention that he kills the girl who rejects him with his behavior in fanon often being upgraded to this trope. Later receives a Fandom Nod with his ancestor, Cronus, who takes the fanon portrayal of Eridan and runs with it making Cronus an actual molester who actually hits on Eridan himself, even though Eridan is in fact his genetic fathernote  due to how troll reproduction works.
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    • To a much lesser extent than the above, Terezi also gets this treatment in some fanart due to her habit of licking things, since after going blind she learned how to taste colors.
    • The Condesce also gets this treatment, possibly for kidnapping Roxy.

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