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Memetic Molester / Theatre

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  • The Wolf in Into the Woods. There are several reasons for this; the fact that he seems much older than Little Red Riding Hood (due to the actor playing him), the weird "walking in place" thing he does on stage, him singing a song about consuming Red and one other thing... HIS FURRY PENIS IS VISIBLE DURING THE ENTIRE SONG!
    • The original version of Little Red Ridding Hood did have a distinct sexual vibe to it, the wolf was in many ways a sexual predator.
  • Inverted with Florinda in The Rover. Almost every male character tries to rape her at some point, although most of them didn't know it was her at the time, so they're Easily Forgiven. They only thought they were raping a peasant girl, so that's okay.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Beadle Bamford. Granted, he does spend most of his stage/screentime with canon rapist Judge Turpin. Also, he's really really creepy in the movie. Then there's his cane, which he can make longer or shorter because it folds up. Ew... (And Turpin is, in some circles, a memetic Anthony-rapist. Also creepily movie-canon.) Turpin basically calls Anthony a slut when he first meets him. Being a sailor, he Really Gets Around. This scene also has a pretty heavy Turpin-creeping-on-the-physically-small-longhaired-pretty-Anthony vibe, at least in the film. Showing a victim porn (which is basically what he's doing) is a tactic of real life molesters. Not to mention his disturbingly excited look when he watches Judge Turpin rape Sweeney's wife.