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"Eww, I stepped in loser."

While most characters depicted in Death Battle (as well as its sister show DBX and former spinoff 1 Minute Melee) are impressive fighters in their home universes, that doesn't always translate to success in their appearance on the show. Unfortunately for the fighters listed here, they didn't just fail to find victory (and indeed, some of them have been victorious on occasion), but they instead failed miserably more often than not.


As this page deals with the results of the fights, spoilers will obviously be unmarked.

  • Micheangelo in the TMNT Death Battle. While Wiz will typically try his best to provide a fair and balanced analysis of the traits and qualities of each participant, he wasn't subtle at all about hiding his Bias Steamroller against Mikey. He considered him to be the worst of the four turtles with an impractical weapon and capped it off by hoping he doesn't actually win the fight. Come time for the fight, he's killed off within the first minute.
  • Charizard was the first combatant to lose twice in a row (outside of rematches or remasters) in the main Death Battle series. Making matters worse, both losses were by fairly large margins, though his first loss was mitigated by the fact that it came as part of a Battle Royale, and was largely because of how quickly he killed the third combatant in that fight.
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  • Shadow not only lost twice, but in both cases he died within three minutes of the start of the fight. Neither Vegeta nor Mewtwo had much difficulty with dealing with him, and in the case of the latter Shadow suffered one of, if not the, most humilating causes of death in the history of the show, having his memory wiped so that he forgot how to fight back before being impaled by a giant spoon. In addition, he's yet to win a match in either of the spinoffs, having lost in his sole appearance in OMM to the same Vegeta who defeated him in the main show.
  • Much like Charizard, Mega Man Classic has also fought twice (with one of them being a Battle Royale) and come up short both times, but in both cases he was utterly outclassed by his opponents to the point that he didn't really have a significant advantage. Unlike Charizard, however, his Battle Royale loss didn't do much to save his dignity, as (unlike the three-character Pokemon Battle Royale), he placed fourth out of the five combatants (only triumphing over Mega Man Volnutt, who was largely treated as a joke in the episode) and emphasis was placed on the fact that X was literally built to surpass him in every way; and even then, X got extremely curbstomped by MegaMan.EXE and Geo Stelar. Somewhat mitigated in the fact that he at least scored a kill assist and put up a pretty good fight against an opponent hundreds of years ahead of himself technology-wise: even managing to go out by dragging X into a small black hole with him despite being heavily damaged to the point of barely functioning. Even though it wasn't enough to take his successor down for good, he definitely maintained some cool points, there. Mega Man Classic has also fared better in the spinoffs, with a victory in OMMnote  and two victories in the DBX arena, but it hasn't done much to improve his standing in the eyes of the audience.
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  • Captain Marvel has been brought back twice like many other Death Battle contenders, and like most, she was brought back only to be completely destroyed. Carol's fight with Android 18 was a stomp; given that 18 was simply faster and stronger and had ways to avoid Carol's power absorption abilities regardless. However, her fight with Shazam proved even more of a mismatch for her, as Shazam was stronger than 18 in every way. The only arguable plus in her second fight was that she at least got to go out fighting and with a more dignified and visually spectacular end, as opposed to the utterly humiliating death 18 gave her.
  • In a case of an entire franchise getting painted by this brush, the Street Fighter universe as a whole has managed to gain this reputation, due to said franchise having one of the highest number of losses in the show (at seven, as of Balrog VS. TJ Combo, and only outdone in terms of losses by Marvel Comics, who have had nearly twice the number of total combatants and a much higher number of wins), having the longest losing streak of any franchise in the show (six losses in a row starting with Shao Khan VS. M. Bison, before being broken by Ryu VS. Jin; twice the length of any other streak, winning or losing, in the show's history until DC achieved seven wins in a row across Seasons 5 and 6), and only having a total of four victories to its namenote . Not helping this in any way is the fact that, prior to Season 5's Ryu VS. Jin, all of the Street Fighter universe's victories were achieved back in Season 1. Making things worse, almost all of their losses were against characters from rival fighting game series, with Street Fighter being on a three match losing streak against Mortal Kombat (and, to the embarrassment of Street Fighter fans, being the only series that Mortal Kombat had won against until early Season 4, where Sub-Zero beat Killer Instinct's Glacius), losing both rounds against King of Fighters, and losing their first round against Killer Instinct before finally notching up a win in their first fight against Tekken. And for one last kick in the teeth, most of their losses haven't been close, either— only Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui and Balrog vs. TJ Combo were remotely close calls, and even those two fights had a six year gap with lots of curbstomping sandwiched between them. It wasn't until Ryu defeated Jin that Street Fighter fans finally caught a break, and it took almost five years (August 2nd, 2013 — July 4th, 2018, going off of the YouTube release dates) before their losing streak was finally broken. They've also largely struggled on OMMnote , and while they've found slightly more success on DBX, it's hardly made a dent in their overall win/loss record.
  • The likes of Shadow the Hedgehog, Dan Hibiki, Dr. Eggman, Guile, Luigi, Shovel Knight, Bomberman, Silver the Hedgehog, Gambit, Kenshin Himuranote , Gaara, Kratos, Son Goku, Tifa Lockhart, Raphael, Juri, Pikachu, Daredevil, Dio Brando, Wario, Superboy, Charizard, Captain Marvel, and Edward Elric have all failed to pick up a single win in any of their appearances so far. Luigi has it the hardest, where he not only lost in Death Battle and One Minute Melee to the same opponent (Tails), but he failed to win his DBX fight against Mario, which ended in a draw. The Eternal Understudy just can't seem to catch a break, sadly.
  • Amy Rose might have won on the main show, but she's also the first character to lose twice in a row on DBX.
  • Batman can be considered this. While he has appeared in the most Death Battles and One Minute Melees, but aside from his fights against Iron Man on One Minute Melee and Captain America in the main show, all these matchups always come up with him being destroyed with barely a chance of victory. Even worse, he was the first character to have lost on all three shows, and is one of only four charactersnote  to have lost twice in DBX. During the Death Battle Cast, the hosts have explained Batman's situation in Death Battle — while Batman is an all-inspiring hero, he's always pitted up against superhuman beings, while Batman, even while he is classified as a Super Human, is just a Human being who is at full human potential. Eventually, him being a normal human being is all he can give against beings who could crush him within an instant if they wanted to.
  • Ken Masters isn't that far from Batman. He does have a victory to his name in OMM, but he has suffered losses in all three shows as well: in particular, losing to the same opponent (Terry Bogard) twice.
  • Goku, in a similar vain as Batman, hasn't been able to pick up a win as of late due to him being pitted against foes who have supposedly limitless strength, while he only has so much to give. Not helped that to date, his only tenuous link to a victory was joining in the fight between Gohan and Superboy to effectively beat up a child.
  • Metal Sonic hasn't had the best record on these shows. While he was the technical winner in his first appearance and he gave Classic Mega Man a run for his money in his DBX debut, he has lost in all three shows and his technical win barely counts given that the original fight was between Dr. Wily vs Dr. Eggman. His OMM didn't even have him compete because he was ambushed and decapitated by Turbo Mecha Sonic within seconds, while his original opponent, Bowser Jr., put up more of a fight. His actual Death Battle against Zero was among the bigger curbstomps in Death Battle history, where Zero had him beat in every category: or at least had an answer to everything Metal Sonic could do. It got to the point where even a best case scenario for Metal Sonic would still be him taking a loss.
  • Link may have won his fight on the main show, and he's won a One Minute Melee against the same opponent, but he's also lost in both of his appearances on DBX (the third character to do so, after Amy Rose and (technically) Liu Kang) and lost his first match in OMM as well.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge. While his first match was generally accepted (if criticized for poor research that has since been acknowledged) he was still completely outmatched against Sol Badguy. His One Minute Melee was also considered poor (he had his alternate colors and was using powers he has never used in canon, instead bearing resemblance to Ichigonote ) and to top it off, his Death Battle X against Ruby Rose was mass-criticised for being a blatant shill for RWBY that ended with Ruby pulling off a Curb-Stomp Battle where Ragna used nearly none of his abilities and barely even landed any hits at all. To top it off, whenever Ragna shows up in Nick's Top Tens, it's mostly to be made fun of.note 
  • Mega Man Volnutt not only had the misfortune of coming dead last in the Mega Man Battle Royale, but, unlike Venusaur in the previous Battle Royale, his feats and arsenal are so lacking compared to his opposition (including the two Mega Men that chronologically came before him) that Boomstick spends most of his analysis mocking him. In the fight proper, he spends most of the early parts of the battle Out of Focus due to lacking an Upgrade vs. Prototype Fight opponent to pair off with, is generally depicted as being a mild nuisance to the other Mega Men at best along with being completely out of his depth, and dies with next to zero fanfare as a side effect of the duel between Classic and X. When his one, barely significant advantage (namely that, due to his weapons not being digital in nature, MegaMan.EXE couldn't Uninstall them) is brought up in the post-fight analysis, Boomstick treats it like a participation trophy.
  • Weiss Schnee was already considered one in her home series, but her loss against Mitsuru only compounded it further. The fact that she was shown to be heavily outclassed didn't help her case.
  • Edward Elric comes off as this in his battle with Aang. Strength, speed, intelligence, experience, endurance, versatility, Edward ends up completely outclassed in every possible category just by Base Aang alone, with the post fight analysis showing that Ed's only chance of remotely catching up to Base Aang would be through sacrificing his life force for power, but it's proven that such power would be short-lived and still not come close to enough, and that is before bringing the Avatar State into the fight, with literally the only thing Ed has over Aang at all being that he's slightly taller. In the fight itself, Ed not only completely fails to land a single hit on Aang, but, due to starting the entire fight because he thought he heard a short joke, and escalating things with his giant cannon, he came off as less of a hot-blooded hero and more of a villain, willing to murder what he thinks is a child, (since Aang still looks 12 despite being 112) and completely destroy a small town over a short joke that wasn't even directed as him. As such, when the Avatar completely vaporizes him with ease, using a level of power he didn't even need to win, it comes off less as a thrilling, if tragic, conclusion to an epic fight, and more a hero going completely overkill on a hopeless mook, and justifying that Ed deserved it.
  • Much like the aforementioned Street Fighter franchise, the Power Rangers universe has picked up a bad reputation for being this. Not only did Power Rangers become the first franchise to go 0-3 in the main show note , but their losses came at the hands of three separate rival giant robot/Kaiju franchises (Gundam, Voltron, Godzilla) rather than a recurring opponent that they just couldn't seem to beat, and none of the losses were particularly close (at least, outside of the fight animations). Tommy Oliver in particular has become the subject of much derision, given that two of the series' losses were in fights where he was piloting the losing machine. The only upside Tommy has, and basically the Power Ranger Series in general, in Death Battle is that in his fight against Mechagodzilla, he's confirmed to have survived, making them the first confirmed series to lose without dying. Although, this can be interpreted as pity for having such a terrible record.

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